What’s The Difference Between Pressure and Power Washing?


Your home has been looking a little grungy lately, and you want to get it cleaned. You have seen people cleaning their homes with regular hoses, and you have also seen professional companies with sophisticated-looking wands and tanks cleaning homes in your area. You may be wondering what the difference is between different types of house cleaning and which kind is right for you.

According to the website https://www.gwspressurecleaning.com/, both power washing and pressure washing are used to clean homes. Pressure washing is generally used for the basic cleaning of the exterior of the home, and power washing is used to remove such things as moss, mold, algae, and grease. In some cases, a homeowner in South Florida will need to have their home both power and pressure washed.

What is power washing?

Power washing uses very hot pressurized water to remove dirt from a surface. Hot water is good for removing things like gum and grease from outdoor surfaces. It is also good for killing weeds and moss.

Power washing is most often used for big jobs such as office buildings or homes with a lot of moss and algae. Hot water is very powerful, and you may think it will clean your home faster and more efficiently than cold water, but it can also damage a home.

A professional will inspect your home carefully to make sure that things like shingles and windows are strong enough to withstand the pressure of the water, the cleaning chemicals, and the heat that can damage cracked windows and shingles.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing uses pressurized cold water and chemicals to clean your home. The water comes out of the cleaner’s wand with a powerful force. It can remove basic grease and grime from your home and other outdoor surfaces.

There is less chance of damage when you get your home pressure washed, and it is often less expensive. You should have your home pressure washed at least once a year.

Should I hire a professional or buy or rent the equipment?

You should hire a professional for power washing or pressure washing. The equipment is hard to handle in both cases. The water in either of these machines can be pressurized to as much as 2000 psi. Professionals are trained in how to stand and how to hold the wands of these powerful machines.

Power and pressure washing involve the use of dangerous chemicals. If you do not use the equipment properly, you can hurt yourself and those around you.  A home must be inspected for potential problems before either power or pressure washing can be used to clean it.

You can damage your home and end up costing yourself a fortune if you do not do everything properly. A professional company will have years of experience and trained technicians who will know how to use the equipment correctly. Be sure to check out a pressure washing company before hiring them and make sure they have references and a good reputation.

Pressure washing and power washing can make your home look great and keep you safe. Knowing which type of washing you need can save you money and time.