Why it’s Important to Change Your HVAC Air Filter


Ever since Covid-19 hit the world, many people spend the majority of their time inside their homes. Although most homes have the occasional cross-breeze that allows fresh air in, it is estimated that indoor air pollution is at its highest today. What can homeowners do to prevent this serious public health threat? They can start by purchasing an HVAC air filter from a residential air filter supplier. More than owning an HVAC air filter, however, it is also good to change them regularly.

When it comes to cleaning the HVAC air filter in the home, many people put it off until there’s a major issue with the quality of the air. Don’t wait until everyone around you is sneezing to take action. Running your furnace without a filter is quite risky. Why should you change your HVAC air filter is what we’ll discuss in this article.

1. It Protects Your HVAC Equipment

Commercial HVAC filters and residential HVAC filters are required to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the system’s motors, fans, and other moving parts. They maintain the equipment clean and extend the system’s life. When your filters become clogged with debris, the free movement of air over the heat exchanger is obstructed. This can eventually result in equipment failure due to overheating.

2. It Improves the Air Quality in Your Home

Your air filters are important for ensuring good indoor air quality. They catch hazardous substances like dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, spores and pet dander. HVAC filters should be replaced every 30-90 days generally. Every month, inspect them and make a decision based on how dirty they are. Keeping these filters clean allows them to capture as much dirt and debris as possible, ensuring a healthy living environment.

3. It Improves Efficiency

When you frequently replace your air filters, your system will operate more efficiently. The air filter prevents dust and debris from entering the system and ducts. A clean filter prevents obstruction, thereby increasing energy efficiency and decreasing utility costs. In addition to routine inspections and maintenance, replacing the air filter regularly can help extend the life of your system. Those that change their HVAC filters will preserve the efficiency of their system with less wear and tear. This can help to delay the need for significant repairs or replacements.

4. It Ensures You Spend Less On Repairs.

Changing the HVAC filters in your system prevents damage that wouldn’t be necessary. Worn-out air filters lead right to other worn-out parts, like bad blower motors or compressors. Remember that changing the air filters isn’t the only thing you need to do to maintain your AC unit for it to last longer. A tune-up should also be done on your system at least once a year.


For air conditioners and furnaces, there is a large variety of air filters available today. Fibreglass filters, disposable filters, washable filters, and reusable filters are all common options. If you’re looking for the best air conditioner filter for your needs, it’s crucial to analyze the advantages of each filter. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of filter you use in your HVAC system.

Please feel free to call a representative from Custom Filters Direct. They’ll set up your next HVAC system maintenance appointment and ensure that your home is kept cool throughout the summer and your air is clean throughout the year.