4 Things to Avoid When You’re Renovating your Kitchen


Homeowners spend $13,288 – $37,551 in kitchen renovations.  The kitchen is the epicenter of the home; no wonder people do not mind making such financial investments in kitchen renovations. The project demands time and finances, so you want to do it correctly right off the bat.

A kitchen renovation mistake is annoying because you either have to live with the error or spend more money and time correcting it.

Here are four common but easy to avoid mistakes that people make when renovating their kitchen:

1. Failing to Plan

The first step towards kitchen renovation is identifying the purpose of the project. To help you decide where to focus on during the renovation, ask yourself how the current kitchen fails you. Does it have insufficient space? Is the design outdated? Is the counter space insufficient? Do you need to redirect the kitchen traffic? The above objectives are valid. Work with an expert in kitchen renovations to help shape your expectations and to streamline your plans.

Secondly, you need to draw up a realistic kitchen renovation budget. Split the available resources among the needs. Budgeting saves you from spending too much on one area then facing a deficit in another critical area of the project.

When planning the layout, consider the appliances you have or want to buy. If you consider the appliances after the project is complete, you may be disappointed if they do not fit in the available space. Buy, or get the measurements for the appliances first, then plan the layout around the dimensions.

Planning saves you from the headache of unexpected expenditure along the course of the project. If for some reason you encounter unforeseen costs, be prepared to make adjustments to your budget. Cut back on spending where possible or put some expenditure on hold until you have enough resources to cater for it.

As you allocate money to countertops, cabinets, flooring, amongst others, remember you get what you pay for. However, expensive does not always guarantee quality and durability, so be careful about your spending.

2. Compromising on Functionality

Kitchen renovations should aim at enhancing its functionality. The kitchen layout and design determine its functionality. Consider the location of cabinets, fridge, ovens, sinks, doors, and other kitchen appliances when drawing the layout. Consult a professional in gas and plumbing when planning the renovation.

Functionality does not undermine the aesthetic value of a kitchen, but rather, the two should complement each other.

Do you consider your current kitchen cabinets too many or few? For a small kitchen, having many cabinets means compromising on space or another aspect of the kitchen. In other instances,  more cabinets mean forgoing natural light. If you have a few cabinets, do you have alternative storage? So, what are you willing to give up?

Your renovation should cater to your short and long terms goals.

Materials in the showroom do not always look the same when you install it in your kitchen space. Consider your kitchen space and design when buying the materials. Buy a few pieces and test how they blend in your kitchen. This is one of the reasons why you should hire a kitchen remodeling company so they can assess your kitchen and suggest what would work best for you.

Natural light and ventilation make spaces fresh and bright. Some people compromise on natural light so that they can have more cabinets-storage. Consider vertical windows and artificial light if you must cover up your windows with cabinets.

Kitchen space can enhance it’s functionality or create dead space depending on the layout. Professional kitchen renovators can help you plan your space to maintain functionality without compromising on the design. Some tones of color influence the visual effect in a room. When you use the right colors, your kitchen looks big, even if it is small.

3. Focusing on Short Term Goals

The internet is full of pictures of the latest kitchen renovation projects, which feature the latest trends. Unfortunately, if you are looking for timeless kitchen renovation designs, stay away from trending designs as they disappear as quickly as they trend. If you mimic the designs, your kitchen will look outdated very soon.  Draw inspiration from the latest trends and pick aspects that enhance your preferred design but do not copy the entire design.

As you remodel your kitchen, do not forget the rest of the house. Protect the other rooms from debris, splatter, and dust from the renovation. You do not want to start planning another renovation project even before your kitchen renovation is complete.

When buying materials such as countertop materials, consider their durability. Consider how you want to use the surfaces as you select the material. Hardwood is classy, but it is not a good option for surfaces that will come in contact with water. Some expensive materials are big on the aesthetics but very poor in durability.

4. Overlooking the Value of Professional Renovators

Kitchen renovations require expertise, selection of the right materials, and design. Even though you are a DIY enthusiast, resists the temptation of renovating your kitchen, especially if you are not experienced in renovations. Look for a reputable kitchen renovation company, and explain your ideas to one of their experts. If, for some reason, you still want to complete the project on your own, allow the experts to fine-tune your idea.

Kitchen renovations do not happen every year so, you need to be satisfied with the project results because you will live with it for some time( or until you are willing to invest in the renovations again).

Would you like to work with a professional kitchen renovation company? Do your due diligence to identify a company you can entrust with the project. Consider their past projects, reviews, professionalism, expertise, and accreditations and certifications.

Wrap Up

Kitchen renovations give your home new life: it is an opportunity to add functionality, aesthetic value, and to inject personality in your kitchen. Working with an expert in kitchen renovations opens you up to designs, information, and materials that you may not have considered but are excellent choices for your project.

You may have the design you want for the kitchen, but you need a professional to help translate the design into an actionable plan. Plan for your kitchen renovation, lay out your goals, focus on functionality, and work with experts for a successful renovation project.