Why You Need A Bioclimatic Pergola To Extend Your Living Room Into Your Garden?


Pergolas are great, but you know what’s better? A pergola can withstand the test of time and provide you with several better features while doing it, and such engineering marvels are called bioclimatic pergolas. In this article, we have compiled reasons for you to get a bioclimatic pergola.

Bioclimatic Pergolas Can Protect You From UVB Rays

UVB rays are the bad rays from the sun, B for bad; they harm your skin and cause cancer. Bioclimatic pergolas can block up to 95% of the UVB rays entering its domain, all while providing great transparency for you to see beyond it. This is done by panels installed in the pergola, which also act as a screen to prevent insects or unwanted visitors.

Bioclimatic Pergolas Can Provide Heating

In a cold environment, sitting in your garden may not seem worthwhile. Still, with bioclimatic pergolas, you get a built-in infra-red heating system which makes relaxing in your pergola much more desirable.

They Increase Your House’s Value

After all, a house with a pergola in which you can relax is surely desirable by the masses. This is especially true for bioclimatic pergolas as they are far superior to generic pergolas due to their features and technology.

Some Come With USB Ports

In this era, we all want comfort, and having to go to another room to charge is definitely not comfortable; bioclimatic pergolas overcome this problem by installing USB ports within for easy access to a charging station.

You Can Sit In The Pergola Even In The Rain

That is right, bioclimatic pergolas with motorized slats are extremely efficient at providing a great place to sit in the rain. These slats can be tilted to open or close, depending on whether it’s raining or not. When open, they allow the sunlight to filter through, and you get the delicious vitamin D in the comfort of your own extended living room. And when closed, they allow you to ponder without getting wet by the rain.

Bioclimatic pergolas also allow their features to be automated. Some provide remote controls to change their slat configurations, heating, and transparency, and they also come with a smartphone control option if you misplace your remote control.

They Can Adjust To Wind And Frost Changes

Some Bioclimatic pergolas come with wind and frost sensors which change the slat settings accordingly when a specific threshold is crossed. This means you don’t have to do much, except relax, in all weathers.

Privacy Is Well Protected

For privacy-conscious people, bioclimatic pergolas come with precisely refined walls instead of glass panels that allow no one to peek through. On the other hand, see-through glass panels all the way around and on the ceiling are also an option for those who love to see everything around them, and they also come with LED lights to illuminate well.


These LED lights also have some bioclimatic pergolas and can have a wide range of colors. And let’s be honest, LEDs just look really nice. The same automation system also controls these LED lights.The features we have listed sound great for a house, but you might be wondering what brand I should go for?

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