Why Changing Cabinet Doors is Better than the Whole Cabinet?


When remodeling a kitchen or setting up a new one, cabinets are elements that can make or break the entire design. That is no surprise, considering that most of the wall space in the kitchenette is occupied by them. Therefore, making sure the cabinets look decent and add visual appeal to the overall space is essential. That is why homeowners go for a full-scale cabinet remodel to enhance their aesthetics.

Changing cabinets entirely is quite a hassle on its own. That is why most homeowners prefer custom cabinet door styles available in Canada.

Frankly, just changing the cabinet doors is enough to change the design. Moreover, it costs a fraction of what changing the entire cabinet setup would have cost.

In this article, you can read more about this elaborately.

The Expenses of Replacing Cabinet Doors

If you are considering refacing the cabinet doors, the first thing that needs to be ensured is whether the cabinetry is in good condition. Look inside the boxes and carefully check for water damage, mold, or other structural issues. If yes, then those are to be fixed before installing new doors.

Usually, two main costs are associated with replacing old cabinet doors, i.e., the cost of buying the product and installation charges.

Homeowners spend around $5,823 on average for a complete replacement of cabinets in Canada. For custom ones, the cost can rise to over $10,000. Compared to that, it takes less than $500 to change the doors. Therefore, the cost is significantly less than upgrading the whole cupboard.

Changing the Doors vs. the Entire Setup – What’s the difference?

In simple words, there is no difference between the two. Only replacing the doors will give an identical look as replacing the whole setup, nonetheless. Moreover, it takes less than half of the cost, which is also a plus point.

Moreover, changing the entire setup is much of a strenuous renovation process. Sometimes, it can even cause damage to the countertops and flooring.

So, if your kitchen remodeling is only about changing the aesthetics and adding functionality, there’s no need to change the entire cabinetry. If the boxes are damaged with mold or anything else, then only consider upgrading the whole thing justified.

Browsing through different Door Styles

Deciding what new doors to purchase, buyers can come across several options from different sellers. Choosing the door should be based on what matches the existing style of the cabinet boxes.

The most common options are –

  • Edge-banded slab doors
  • Cope and stick doors
  • Mitered doors
  • Arched doors
  • Glass doors

To have a consistent look in the whole kitchen, consider styles that have flat panels. Even the raised panels are quite popular among buyers.

The Sizing Process

Before buying the products based on materials and door styles, buyers also need to ensure the size. Sizing kitchen container doors need professional guidance. If the new doors need to be exactly like the old ones, sizing will be easier.

Final Thoughts

Canada is home to 38 million people. The relative humidity levels in the country stay mainly on the higher side, about 70% on average. So, if you are buying custom cabinet door styles available in Canada, laminate them to protect them from moisture damage. Depending on the material, it takes around $75 to $200 per foot.