Indoor vs Outdoor Water Filter: Which One Is The Best For My Home?


Water filters are becoming increasingly popular among Malaysians as confidence in water cleanliness is fairly low. Many businesses and households have opted to get a water filter despite the fact that the local government claimed that the water distributed is treated up to World Health Organization Standards.

So now, the problem boils down to this- which water filter should I pick? Many are deciding between an indoor water filter and an outdoor water filter. However, indoor and outdoor water filters are actually complementary products instead of just choosing one of them. PureGen Water recommends getting either a combination of Outdoor + Indoor water filters or just outdoor water filters.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Water Filters

Indoor and outdoor water filters have different roles to play in terms of water filtration. The dynamics of indoor water filters can be thought of at different levels – Outdoor water filters are able to remove big sediments, but will allow small particles to pass through. The small particles that flow through will meet the indoor water filter at the 2nd level – which ultimately removes the smaller particles.

Outdoor Water Filters

Outdoor water filters are also known as POE filters (Point Of Entry Filters). As the name states, it is installed outside your home at the water source. Outdoor water filters exist to ensure that water that enters your home has been through primary filtration and it’s safe for external uses.

Advantages Of Outdoor Filter

Outdoor water filters provide primary filtration, which ensures your water is borderline clean, yet not clean enough to drink. However, it still plays a major part in a few things in your home:

  1. It ensures your water pipe systems are not clogged with big sediments
  2. Makes sure that you are showering in clean water, especially for those with sensitive skins
  3. There are no discoloured waters flowing around your homes

Types Of Outdoor Water Filters

There are a few types of water filters available in the Malaysian market. Generally, the difference in effectiveness is not distinct, it’s just the difference in filtration method

  1. Sand Filter – Filter water using sand and gravel, some might even include activated carbon.
  2. Multi-Media Filter – Similar concept to sand filters, but uses more complicated media that are able to remove weird tastes and smells in the water.
  3. Cloth Filter – Filters water using different layers of cloth. Uncommon in Malaysia.

Indoor Water Filters

Indoor water filters play a role in secondary filtration. Secondary filtration usually occurs in water outlet distributions in the kitchen, for example, taps in the kitchen. Secondary filtration is important in filtering water till it’s safe for drinking, as it removes very fine particles or microorganisms.

Advantages Of Indoor Water Filters

Indoor water filters exist to provide further filtration until it’s safe for consumption. Indoor water filters are a usually small and compact system that is situated inside your home near the water outlets. There are various advantages to using indoor water filters:

  1. Ensures you are drinking clean water
  2. Compact-sized filters that look aesthetic
  3. High in filtration power

Types Of Indoor Water Filters

Indoor water filters have a huge market back in Malaysia, with many different innovations and options. There are a few types of indoor water filters that are available in the Malaysian market.

  1. Undersink Water Filter – It is a water filtration system that is installed under the sink, ensuring the water that comes out of the sink is ready to drink.
  2. Table Top Water Filter – A table top water filter is a filtration system that has a body and it’s own outlet. Clean water will be distributed via the outlet.
  3. Faucet Filters – Faucet filters are small water filter systems attached directly to the faucet.

Why Can’t I Just Get Indoor Water Filters?

So you might be asking – why should I even get an outdoor water filter then?

Believe it or not, getting a combination of an outdoor water filter + indoor water filter has been found to be lower in cost as compared to just getting an indoor water filter in the long run.

Indoor water filters are generally higher in maintenance as they are using cartridge systems that will need replacements over a certain period of time, which is quite expensive. An outdoor water filter is able to reduce the filtration work of the indoor water filter.

Think of it this way, outdoor water filter helps to get rid of big sediments, allowing indoor water filter to focus on filtering microorganisms and smaller particles, making it much more efficient and lower cost.