Common Problems That Require Home Restoration


Home restoration isn’t always something that you have to deal with, and often whenever the need for restoring your home arises, the problem is very large. A fire, a flood, a massive weather event, or other issues that come suddenly and out of nowhere. However, sometimes the biggest problems that cause home restoration problems can actually be pretty common.

Here are some of the most common problems that, while small, can often require a full home restoration.

Wood Rot

Whether the moisture comes from a leaking pipe, or excess rainfall on the roof, the wood components of your house can be very vulnerable to wood rot. Since wood needs to be constantly exposed to moisture in order to rot, chances are your wood has been constantly exposed to lots of water as well, and wood rot can spread. If you see a piece of wood rot, then you can bet that other parts of your home are rotted away too.

Often, this requires replacement of the affected wood and that is when you call in a group like Restorerz Emergency Services, so you can make sure that the entirety of the rotted wood is removed and the leak is fully patched up.


Along with wood rot from leaking pipes, often another massive problem with your home being exposed to water is the acquisition of mold. Mold can lead to stale smells in the home, can lead to damage of the affected areas, and can also cause health problems in the home for the people who live there.

Mold isn’t something that you can clean out yourself, and once again you need to work with professionals in order to have it professionally removed from the home. Additionally, professionals will be able to fix the leak that is causing the mold.

Smoke Damage

Even if a small fire erupts in your home, is put out quickly, and causes no real damage to the majority of your house, the biggest problem that can happen is often the smoke damage. While the fire might be contained and also put out quickly, the smoke particles of the fire can get inside your house’s walls and fabrics, releasing a smoke odor for a long time after the fire has gone out.

Smoke can get as deep as your vents and your electrical systems, and they are also very toxic to your health. If you have family members who are asthmatic, pregnant, or who have other problems breathing, they will have problems as the soot and smoke coat the home.

Smoke can’t be cleaned without deep cleaning and professional restoration, so call on a service right away to get the area cleaned up. Because you don’t want to walk into your house and always smell the pungent smell of smoke even weeks or months after a fire in your home.

Electrical Problems

If you live in an older home, you might find that you have outdated wiring, panels, and faulty outlets in your home. Not only can faulty wiring be a hassle in your day to day life when it comes to your electrical consumption, but it can also cause fires when faulty wiring is completely overloaded by modern electrical demands that it isn’t ready for.

Additionally, if you have an outlet that is faulty, or appears to be a loose outlet, then you need to focus on getting that fixed up. If an outlet doesn’t work, then you run the risk of an electrical shock or even an electrical fire due to the instability.

If your home’s electrical systems are old, then you need to get a full overhaul by professionals in order to reduce the risk of fires and other electrical issues. Plus, you might also find that upgrading your electrical system also allows you to increase the amount of stuff that you can plug into your outlets!

Bug Problems and Infestations

This can be a very common problem for people no matter where they are, but finding termites, ants, bees, or other bugs inside of the walls or in the darker areas of your home can be dangerous. Not only are some of these bugs dangerous to remove on your own, but they can also cause structural damage to your home.

Once you have the bugs either removed or killed by other professional teams, you need to contact a renovation team to inspect the various damages that they might have caused to your home. Termites and ants can cause damage to your walls and the structure and foundation of your home, and other bugs can pose a danger to the health and well being of your family.

When Should You Call Restoration Services?

Even with these problems happening, you might wonder if these issues are small enough to fix yourself, but a dedicated restoration service can often fix things that you simply can’t see. Things like mold, smoke damage, faulty wiring, and leaking pipes can often mask bigger issues with your home and your house. Especially if you are inside of an older home that likely has more problems than it lets on.

Even if the damage seems minimal, you should contact your local restoration company as soon as any type of damage is detected on your home. The longer that you wait, the longer the various problems that plague your home will become even worse and often more expensive to fix.

Additionally, you should also call a restoration company whenever you have any inclement weather in your area. If you have a major storm or another weather event, then you need to inspect your home and identify any problems that could have arisen as a result of that storm.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to any restoration service and get your house fixed up, because both your wallet and your home will thank you! Then once you have your home completely secured and restored from damage, then you can get started with making some serious improvements to your house!