Signs That It’s Time to Change Blinds


Window blinds are an excellent window treatment to control light and privacy while enhancing the decor. Quality window blinds do enjoy longevity, but they do require replacements over a period of time. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to get new blinds.

When to replace your window blinds?

1. Warped Slats- Over prolonged exposure to sun, heat, and humidity, the slats become misshaped or warped. This creates a problem in the smooth opening and closing of the blinds. If there are two or three warped slats, you can replace them with new ones. However, if the majority of the slats are warped, there is a need to replace the whole blind.

2. Difficulty in opening – When a lot of effort is required to operate the blinds or if they are not moving, this may happen due to some issues. Either the lifting mechanism has some snag, or your blinds are wider than the cords. This is a dangerous situation as the blinds can fall anytime, causing injury to anyone.

3. Discoloration – colored blinds are susceptible to discoloration over time or if they are poor quality make. Dirt and surface stains, if not removed, can also lead to blind discoloration. If your horizontal or vertical blind slats are discolored, you can replace individual slats with the same colored slat or even add a different color to add a little drama to the decor.

4. Outdated design – when the blinds are old enough that it adds years to the construction, one should consider replacing them, like a new coat of paint brings liveliness to the walls, similarly replacing old blinds with a new one will add a fresh zing of life to the windows. It also increases the property value.

Check on the latest design in window blinds. Stained basswood blinds, bamboo, and woven wood are quite popular among homeowners these days. You can choose from colors like cherry, natural wood, and butternut.

5. New Windows – when you are moving into a new space or want to redo the windows, it is time to measure them and place an order. We highly recommend going for a professional measurement and installation unless you are a pro.

If you’re looking for window blinds in St. Petersburg, it’s recommended to search for local providers who can offer personalized solutions based on your requirements and preferences.