Maintenance Tips for Your Water Treatment Systems in Kansas City, KS


Securing the right water treatment equipment is crucial to ensure your drinking water is not only clean but also safe. To keep your water treatment systems in Kansas City, KS, running smoothly, here are some maintenance tips that can be done yourself or with the help of a professional technician.

  1. Know Your System: Make sure you are familiar with the equipment in your system so you can recognize when something isn’t working properly. Knowing the different components and their functions will also help you troubleshoot any issues or know when it’s time to call a professional for maintenance or repairs.
  2. Clean the Salt Storage Tank: If you have a water softener, you need to ensure that the salt level is maintained and the tank is regularly cleaned. This will help prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in the tank and keep your system running at optimal efficiency.
  3. Change the Filters: To ensure your water has been adequately filtered, change out the filters as recommended by your system manufacturer. This will also help reduce mineral build-up on pipes and tanks, which may decrease performance over time.
  4. Check Water Pressure: Low or high-water pressure can cause damage to pipes and fixtures in your home or business. Make sure to check pressure levels periodically to make sure they are within an acceptable range for your area. If you find the pressure to be too high or low, contact a professional plumber or water treatment specialist right away.
  5. Monitor Water Quality: Unfiltered and untreated water can carry contaminants that may be harmful to drinking and other uses. Regularly monitor your water quality with test kits or a professional service to ensure it remains safe for use.
  6. Have Regular Inspections: Professional inspections of your system will help identify any problems early on and allow for prompt repairs before they become more costly and time-consuming. It is recommended that you have an inspection every six months to catch any potential issues before they become major problems.
  7. Check Your Water Softener Installation: It’s important to make sure your water softener installation in Overland Park, KS is up to date and functioning properly. Look for signs such as visible corrosion or mineral build-up on the pipes or tank and check if there are any loose connections or leaks. Make sure all components of the system are tightly secured and sealed as needed.
  8. Monitor Usage: Track the amount of water your system processes and make sure usage patterns are consistent. High or low levels of usage can indicate a problem such as blocked pipes, scaled-up tanks, or an issue with the water supply.
  9. Check for Leaks: Inspect all parts of your system for leaks especially around fixtures and joints as this can lead to costly repairs if not addressed quickly.
  10. Regularly Calibrate the Control Valve: The control valve is part of a water treatment system that regulates water pressure, flow rate, and total dissolved solids (TDS). It’s important to make sure it is properly calibrated as this can affect the performance of your system.
  11. Clean Water Fixtures: To ensure optimal performance from your filtration systems, clean any water fixtures such as sinks, tubs, and showers regularly to avoid the build-up of dirt and debris which may affect the function of your equipment over time.
  12. Remove Sediment Build-up: If your water is hard, it can cause sediment build-up in pipes and tanks. This may reduce the efficiency of your system and lead to costly repairs if not cleaned regularly.
  13. Check for Algae or Bacteria: The presence of algae or bacteria can indicate that your system needs to be serviced as soon as possible. Contact a professional immediately if you suspect there are any issues with the quality of your drinking water.

Following these tips for water treatment system maintenance will help ensure your equipment is running efficiently and effectively. If you need assistance with the installation, maintenance, or repair of your water treatment systems, contact Quick Relief Plumbing at (913) 207-0779 today. They can provide professional advice on how best to maintain your system and keep your drinking water safe.