Girl’s Bedroom Design With Soft Color Shades Looks So Charming

bedroom design for girls
© Fajno Design – According to the character of the girl who started growing up. Like the girl’s bedroom design here, this kind of bedroom which not only for resting but also a place for learning, finding ideas, and a place for a sleepover with their friend. Some girls may be attracted to masculine design, but the others still like soft colors with a charming accent in their room.

Girl’s room needs a special design with natural lighting, Fajno Design uses playful patterns and sophisticated design to create rooms that are not the only girl friendly but also stylish, trendy, and gorgeous. The girls would be proud to be herself with a strong feminine side in their bedrooms.

Pink bedroom design
© Fajno Design

White room and natural light give perfectly lighting for girl’s room. You can put white curtain at the balcony door to minimize light and distraction at bedtime. Rattan furniture is also suitable to decorate this gorgeous room.

Girl's bedroom design
© Fajno Design

Unique tables and benches that facing out the window will be a fun place for learning. Putting some simple shelf can be an alternative storage for girl’s bedroom design.

Pink bedroom inspiration
© Fajno Design
Cute bed frame for girls room
© Fajno Design

Rattan lamp is enough to give light for nighttime. You can put a simple wall hanging to decorate and make it more charming.

pink dollhouse
© Fajno Design

Unique dollhouse with pastel colors will be secure storage for a girl stationery.

Cute girl's room decoration
© Fajno Design
Cute wallpaper for girl
© Fajno Design

Wallpaper with natural shades of gray is perfect for girl’s room that wants to create soft and stylish room.

White bedroom design
© Fajno Design

Minimalist rooms can be a stylish, trendy, and gorgeous girl’s room with natural light settings and select the right furniture.