Stunning Amenities You Need in Your Indian Luxury Villa


If you want to own a villa, now is the right time. The real estate industry in India has taken a rise for the better, which means housing developments are very desirable for those wanting to buy or invest in this sector.

However, building a villa from scratch isn’t easy, there are some amenities people expect that come with the title of villa. When you approach a reputable builder in Coimbatore, you’re going to want the list of facilities ready to go for the design. After all, good luxury design is all about the little things, and proving that care was put into design.

So, let’s look into what amenities you should have.

The Trending Villa Amenities Must Have

Regardless of age, or location, these are the amenities people look for when they want to buy or rent a luxury villa.

Great heating and cooling systems

A state-of-the-art HVAC system is something that you must have for the comfort of people in your villa. It will keep your villa warm in the older months and cool in the warmer months. Not only does a HVAC system keep your space temperature controlled but it also circulates the air, improving air quality and has filters to help anyone suffering from allergies and keep pests and bacteria out.

Security features matter

Our villa will ideally be an incredibly safe space for you and your loved ones. With this in mind, you need to do everything you can by having the right safety solutions in place. This can be everything from smoke detectors, motions ensuing lights, deadbolts, fire extinguishers, carbon detectors and even a watchman may be a good idea.

Gym facilities

There’s nothing more convenient than having a cutting-edge gym right outside your door. This guarantees that you will be meeting your health goals, with no excuses about the traffic or the weather. This also allows you privacy to work out without strangers around. Many busy individuals love having a gym right at their fingertips as it allows for optimal time management. 

Children’s play areas

Whether you have children or not, adding a play area into your space is one way to keep it ready for the future. If you plan to sell or rent in the future, this may be one amenity that attracts many families to your villa. It’s a nice addition and gives parents space of mind to know their children are playing safely nearby. Even if you entertain frequently, this is a good choice.

Outdoor activities

In an area with as nice of a climate as Coimbatore it would be a shame to skip outdoor activities. With as much space as you have in your villa, a safe swimming pool with design at the forefront and an outdoor entertainment area attached to this pool with BBQ facilities is a great way to move people outside to enjoy the nice weather. This can be simple or you can add in a hot tub, or interior/outdoor pool or even a stylish waterfall.

Lounges for games and relaxing

It’s a well known fact that Indian’s love a good trip to the cinema and Coimbatore is no different. That being said, public theatres can be very noisy, and if you want a more private experience, a home theatre is a great option. Ad in a lounge and gaming setup, and it’s ready to go!

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