Feel The Serenity with These 20 Simple Industrial Room Design Ideas


roohome.com – The cold appearance with dark color tones makes industrial have its own fans. The exposed brick wall, exposed pipes, metal materials, and wood, which are characteristics of the industrial design itself, are able to give a more attractive impression to the room. This is why a lot of people prefer to apply industrial design to their home interiors. By making it look simpler, the house will also feel calm. That way, you will feel more comfortable to relax and rest there. It is just that, you really need to organize or decorate your room very well. And, through an article entitled “Feel The Serenity with These 20 Simple Industrial Room Design Ideas”, we will help you in having your dream industrial room. So, let’s check it out!

1. Bright Simple Open-Plan Industrial Design

industrial design
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Apply the open-plan concept to your small house or apartment. By removing the wall as a barrier, your house or apartment will feel more spacious. It is just that, you can only apply one interior design there. As in this one idea that applies industrial design for the living-dining room.

The dominant white color and maximum natural lighting make the small room feel more spacious and comfortable. It also clarifies other colors in the room, such as the brown color of the couch and wooden chairs. The minimalist furniture and minimal decoration make it look very simple. Even so, the presence of several plants managed to erase the firm and rigid impression in the room. Plants also function in refreshing the look and atmosphere that can make you feel more comfortable.

2. Modern Look with A Distinctive Outdated Look

Simple Industrial Room Design
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The modern furniture design presents a modern side in this industrial room. The application of a minimalist concept also brings a different impression and makes it more attractive. On the other hand, this also makes the atmosphere feel calmer. Moreover, coupled with the application of neutral colors such as brown, white, and black.

Indeed, in this room there is no visible wood material. However, you can feel enough warmth from the brown couch. It looks so simple with the throw pillow in the same color as the couch.

And, what’s even more interesting is that there is an outdated look in this room. From the glass partition, we can see the kitchen from the living room. There are exposed brick walls with a distinctive outdated look. It looks stand out due to the whitewashed wall and the maximum natural lighting from the exposed large windows.

3. Vine Wall Make It Fresh

vine wall
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Applying a simple concept can indeed make a room calmer and more comfortable. It’s just that this can be annoying in terms of appearance. It can make the look of the room become stiff and boring. And, if this happens to your room, then you can add a special touch to the walls.

For the industrial room, we advise you to give a natural touch, such as plants. Decorating the wall with vines is an interesting idea for you to try. The green color on the walls will bring freshness to the room. Not only that, but it can also make the room feel more alive.

4. Minimalist Industrial Living Room Design

minimalist industrial living room
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White is used as the main color to make the room bright. The exposed window area allows sunlight to enter freely and illuminates the living room very well. It makes the exposed brick wall in the room look stand out. The texture and red color of the bricks catches the eye.

The application of a minimalist concept brings perfect serenity into the living room. The room is only filled with two couches arranged like the letter L, a coffee table, rugs, and a few small indoor plants on the floating wall shelves.

5. Simple Industrial Bedroom Design

simple industrial bedroom
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This industrial bedroom has a darker look. But, it still looks alive and right from the white ceiling and the natural lighting as the main lighting. The exposed brick wall completely fills the room. Orange color and also the texture has become a decoration in the bedroom itself. With this, you no longer need wall displays to enliven the bedroom. So, it can seem simple and calm.

If you do not want the bedroom to become stiff, a large pendant lamp is the right solution. Or, you can also apply dark green to the vanity area. Decorate the wall with a round mirror and also give it an additional lamp with yellow lighting that can bring warmth to this room. Also present a little freshness with a flower in the vase.

6. Comfortable Simple Industrial Reading Nook

cozy industrial reading nook design
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This reading nook look so simple with the use of furniture that is only needed. There is only a black chair equipped with a small table beside it. With black color, it looks firm and stands out in the room. Also, there is a green rug which is not only a decoration to add to the aesthetic value of the reading nook but also becomes a visual barrier between the reading nook and other rooms.

Although the appearance seems so simple, it looks attractive enough with some wall displays that are neatly hung right behind the chair. The black and white color from the painting looks so beautiful filling the exposed brick wall.

7. Fresh Simple Industrial Kitchen

fresh industrial kitchen
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With the dominant white color, starting from the floor, walls, ceiling, to the kitchen cabinets, as well as natural lighting, this kitchen looks fresh enough. However, the freshness in this kitchen feels thicker with the presence of green plants decorating the room.

There are no decorations for the walls, making the kitchen look simpler and more minimalist. Even so, the color and texture from the exposed brick wall managed to make this simple industrial kitchen look so attractive. And also, there is a black color from the dining chairs which gives a firm effect and eliminates the impression of stiffness in the kitchen.

8. Modern Industrial Kitchen Design

modern industrial kitchen
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The industrial kitchen can look so attractive with a clean modern concept. The black color with a gray tone is perfect for the wall. It looks match with the concrete flooring in the kitchen.

What is interesting in this modern industrial kitchen is the application of yellow as an accent. The yellow fridge really grabs attention and becomes the main focus in this room. There is also a yellow symbol and writing on the concrete flooring that looks like a street in the road. Not only that, but other interesting impressions also come from the ceiling. The exposed timbers on the ceiling look so pretty with a few black single spotlights.

9. Simple Industrial Home Office Design

simple industrial room design ideas
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When you enter this industrial home office, you will immediately be stunned by a statue in the corner of the room. This is the perfect area to place this white statue. The light coming through the large window hits the corner area of the room more. Also, the exposed brick wall features orange and red colors. With this, the white statue looks clearer and stands out in the industrial home office.

Because there is already an interesting spot in the home office, you no longer need other decorations. Make it minimalist. That way, the home office will feel calmer.

However, if you want to bring a more interesting look into this room, you can play with colors and lights. You can choose a green for the chair and a large pendant lamp with a simple design.

10. Modern Grey & White Bathroom

modern industrial bathroom
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Not only is white the main color of an industrial-style room. You can also choose other colors, such as gray. This one color can give a shady look to your industrial bathroom. That way, the atmosphere will feel calmer. You just need to make it simpler and minimalist so that calm can be present properly here.

Use black as an accent to give a firm effect to the bathroom. And, to minimize the feel of the walls in the room, present wood materials there. Install a hanging wooden vanity and also put a small table next to it as a place to put plants. Finally, create an exposed window without decoration to maximize natural light entering the bathroom.

11. A Little Colorful Look in Simple Industrial Room Design

simple industrial room design decors
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Usually, industrial designs are only decorated with neutral colors such as white, black and brown. But, if you want to bring an interesting look into your industrial room, it is fine for you other colors outside the neutral color group. As in this one idea that brings pink to the industrial living room. The pink couch looks so prominent. The minimalist design seems to blend with industrial design.

12. Rough-Textured Concrete Ceiling

concrete ceiling
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This one room barely looks like an industrial style. However, if you turn your gaze to the upper area of the room, that is the ceiling, there is a concrete ceiling which is characteristic of industrial design. The texture is deliberately made rougher so that it is different from other spots in the room. That way, it becomes a stand out and grabs your attention.

This room looks so cloudless and fresh with the application of bright colors such as white, soft green and yellow. The brightness in the room is made consistent by choosing light wood furniture. However, the gray color on the floor and ceiling looks to blend in with the bright colors in the room. So, the appearance of the room is still harmonious.

13. Functional Industrial Style Dining Room

functional dining room
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This dining room is not only a room to just enjoy your food. There is a bookshelf filled with several books which makes the dining room a room for reading or working. You can also make this room as a meeting room with your coworkers. With a very thick industrial appearance and the application of a minimalist concept, the atmosphere in the room is calm. But, there are other colors such as green, blue, and red that bring a little cloudless ambiance to the room that makes it feel fun for reading or meeting.

Even though none of the decorations hang on the walls, the exposed brick wall manages to make the look of this dining room attractive. One of the exposed brick walls is painted white so the room looks bright. So, there is only the texture left which looks so dazzling.

14. Colorful Industrial Apartment

colorful industrial design
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It is okay if you want to present vibrant colors in your industrial apartment. In fact, the vibrant colors can present a cloudless ambiance that makes your apartment feel more alive and fresh.

If you don’t want to make a colorful look too much, you can make it simple. Apply the vibrant colors only on the main items in the room. You can choose green, blue, and purple couches to fill the living room area. And, moving to the kitchen, decorate it with green cabinets and red dining chairs.

15. Sleek Industrial Dining Room

industrial dining room
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This dining room has a very good industrial feel. Exposed brick walls that are applied throughout the room, industrial pendant lamps, dining chairs made of wood and metal, as well as wood materials for the dining table and crate boxes.

Because the exposed brick wall is applied to the entire room, so it will look darker. Therefore, apply white for the ceiling is the right solution. It can make the dining room still look bright and not stuffy or cramped. There is also the natural lighting which enters very freely through the windows. It really helps in making this dining room bright and fresh. Not only that, other brightness also comes from several lamps such as pendant lamps which are hung above the dining table, the spotlight lamps, and a wall lamp.

The crate boxes that are arranged to be tall become a very unique decoration. You can use the upper area as a place to put your favorite fruits.

16. Monochrome Simple Industrial Room Design

monochrome design
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The use of two colors, or what is commonly called monochrome, is an effective way to make your room look simple. Black and white are the most appropriate colors to combine. White gives a bright effect while black does the opposite.

This industrial living room looks fresh and bright with white as the main color. It looks bright naturally thanks to maximum natural lighting.

Black as an accent gives an attractive and firm impression into the room. This color removes all of the stiff impression so that the room becomes comfortable. The black color exposed to sunlight exudes serenity which makes the room feel so comfortable for relaxing or hanging out with family or friends.

17. Bright and Natural Simple Industrial Room Design

natural simple industrial room design
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Large windows on the ceiling area and sliding glass doors are perfect for this industrial kitchen. These are the barrier and liaison between the kitchen and a small garden at home. So that you can see the freshness of your garden from the kitchen. It also transfers the freshness from the garden into the kitchen very well. Besides that, natural lighting also illuminates the kitchen very well.

The exposed brick wall does not only bring natural red to the room. It presents the texture that makes the look of the industrial kitchen so attractive. By hanging two paintings on, the wall will be perfect.

This industrial kitchen looks fresh, natural and firm. Even though natural light warms the whole room, you can still feel the cold nuances from the black kitchen cabinet.

18. Old and Bright Industrial Room

old room concept
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This industrial kitchen looks so clean with the predominant white color. This room gets very good lighting from the skylight. It makes the white brighter so that the room feels fresh and alive. In addition, the room is also far from disturbing the cramped and stuffy impression.

The black color as an accent gives a firm and cool impression into the kitchen. What’s interesting about this one idea is a foundation made of iron which has an old look. Rust on the iron is deliberately left to show a thicker industrial impression in the kitchen.

19. Attractive Black & White Mural Wall

mural wall
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The mural wall is the solution to bringing something artsy into the home. This can also be a solution for those of you who are confused about what steps to take in decorating a minimalist room. The color on the mural wall can be adjusted to the interior of the room so that it looks unified and harmonious. So, it does not interfere with the impression of the appearance and color of the room itself.

Black and white mural wall is the best for the industrial living room. Black is indeed a mandatory color for this design. This color brings a cool feel to the room.

20. Cozy Simple Industrial Living Room

living room
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This gray living room nuance has a shady appearance. With the application of a minimalist concept, it looks so calm. Even so, the room remains bright thanks to maximum natural lighting. It also removes the stuffy feeling so that the minimalist industrial living room becomes comfortable.

Black is used as an accent. Its messy application makes a firm impression enveloping the living room. The combination of black and gray makes the atmosphere in the room cooler. However, you can still feel a little warmth from the brown color on the sofa in the living room. So, the coolness and warmth in the room become a balance.

Final Words

The points above are 20 Simple Industrial Room Design Ideas. Simple decoration makes the appearance look minimalist. That way, the industrial room design has an atmosphere full of calm so you can feel more comfortable when relaxing there. You can choose some of the ideas above as a reference. In its application, adjust it to the area, lighting, and layout of your room. So, good luck!