20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior


roohome.com – Decoration is the key to a room looking filled and beautiful. That way, the room does not seem empty. Even minimalist designs still have displays that have the same concept to sweeten and eliminate the stiff impression of the room. There are plenty of room decorations that you can choose to beautify your favorite room. Starting from exorbitant prices to very affordable ones, from limited editions to those that can be found in any store, and many more. However, among the many decorations, using simple decorations is much more tempting. Here, we have provided 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior

1. Freshness in The Corner of The Room

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The corner of the room near the window is the right spot for you to bring freshness. The large plants there will fill the corners of the room well. And, the spot that gets sunlight will greatly influence the freshness of the plant itself. As we know, plants are living creatures that need sunlight to photosynthesise. And, by placing it there, the plant can still survive. The green color of the plants will look fresh and help freshen up your room. This is the first of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior that you can follow and apply.

2. Pile Up Books on The Floor

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If you do not have the budget to buy a small coffee table to fill the side of the sofa in the living room, then just use the books in your cupboard. Pile up the books starting from the largest size at the bottom and working your way up to the smaller size. Stack the books until they reach the height you want. Use the top area as a place to put your snacks and a cup of hot chocolate.

This method also makes it easier for you to make your living room a relaxing place to read. You can take the book you want to read effortlessly. Very interesting, right?

3. Scent for The Air

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The next of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior is to smell the air. Use aromatherapy candles for the room. The fragrance of aromatherapy candles will make you feel relaxed there. Or, you can also use beautiful and fresh flowers in the garden behind your house. Choose flowers with colors that match the interior. And, the most important thing is that the flowers must have a scent that you like.

Aromatherapy candles and flowers not only scent the air in the room but also become a display that can add aesthetic value. Especially if you can put both in the same container and place it in an area that is visible to the eye, such as a coffee table, bedside table, countertop, vanity, or cabinet table.

4. Leaning The Pictures on The Wall

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Do you still hang pictures on the wall? This method is very mainstream and also quite troublesome because you have to nail the wall first to be able to hang the pictures. There is another method that you can apply, that is by using floating wall shelves that are already on the walls of your room. You can put the pictures there by leaning them against the wall. Much easier and simpler, right? And also, the appearance provided is much more different and interesting to look at. Moreover, you can use other decorations such as small plants which can draw the eye’s attention directly to this decorative area.

5. A Large Christmas Tree

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Welcome Christmas by decorating the room with a large Christmas tree. Seeing that its size is quite large, place this Christmas tree in a spot that is not disturbing, such as the corner of the room. This can also be an option as decoration to fill an empty corner of a room. This is the next of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior.

Decorate the Christmas tree with various other Christmas ornaments such as Christmas balls. Choose colors that match the interior of the room for a simple and harmonious appearance.

6. Eco-Friendly Decoration for Kitchen

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Decorating a room does not have to be expensive. You can save your budget for your other needs. And, in beautifying the space in your house, you can take advantage of what is in your garden. Look for wooden branches in the yard. Use a branch as a place to hang the wreaths.

Be as creative as possible. Pour your creativity here, like hanging wreaths at different heights. Or, install an LED light on one of the wreaths for a more stunning appearance. So, when the wreaths are hung on the wall, there is a very beautiful twinkling yellow light there.

7. Cover Corner Lines in The Room

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Perpendicular lines at the corners of the room give a stiff impression to the appearance. However, all of this can be circumvented by covering this stiff line with a standing mirror. This is the next of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior that you can choose and follow. Closed perpendicular lines will give the effect of an endless room so that the room feels more spacious. Plus the reflection of your room in the mirror.

The standing mirror can also be an interesting spot in the room. It only needs a little touch in the form of a string light with yellow lighting. Install string lights on the edges of the mirror. It will look very beautiful at night and when the main lights are turned off.

8. Install String Light

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String light is indeed the easiest item to find. There are many stores that sell this item. And this brings string lights into the 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior.

Installing string lights is quite easy, you just need to determine a spot for you to make an attractive area in the room. Even though this item is very easy, the effect it gives is quite big. The light from string lights can change the appearance of a room dramatically.

String lights with yellow lighting are the most appropriate to choose. Yellow light can bring warmth and calm which can increase the comfort of a room.

9. Scattered Candles

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Bring deeper warmth into the room by using more candles so that you can use them as the main lighting at night. The yellow light from the fire burning in the candles is what changes the atmosphere of the room to become warm. And, not only that, candles also bring tranquility which increases the comfort of the room.

This decoration is very suitable for winter. The warmth from the candles will overcome the cold air. So, it is very appropriate to place candles in the fireplace area. That way, they can work together to warm the room and make it cozy.

10. Large Wreath for The Fireplace

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Make your Christmas day warm with a burning fireplace. Make the fireplace a source of warmth at home. And, to make it stand out in the living room, decorate the fireplace with several Christmas ornaments such as garlands, pinecones, string lights, Christmas balls, and wreaths. Don’t worry about decorating. You can fill the empty space on the wall above the fireplace with a large wreath. What you should focus on here is how to make the wreath a beautiful center of attention, for example, by hanging gold Christmas balls there, adding string lights to provide a beautiful twinkling light, or installing wall lamps with warm yellow lighting.

11. Floor Lamp for The Living Room

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Take advantage of the comfortable sofa in your living room as a place to relax, whether it is sitting back, meditating, lying down, listening to music, or reading a book. Fill the sides of the sofa with beautiful decorations such as plants that can bring freshness or floor lamps that can be additional lights.

You can choose a floor lamp with a cup that leads directly to the sofa area, making it a comfortable place to read books at night. The curved lines from the floor lamp also sweeten the appearance of the room.

12. Show Off Your Memories on The Wall

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Making the walls plain can make your room minimalist. However, this can create a boring impression in the room. With this, decorate the wall area with something simple. Making a wall as a place to store memories is not a bad idea. This is the next of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior.

The pictures are made smaller, showing a white background on the outer layer. And, to minimize the number of colors in the room, white frames were chosen for the pictures. Hang pictures at the same distance to make the room look neat and clean. With this, the presence of pictures as decoration will not disturb the minimalist concept of the room.

13. Two Gold Sconces

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Want to beautify your room with displays but are worried about affecting the simple concept of the room itself? Then you can use items that are definitely in the room, such as lamps. There are two types of lights that you can use in a room, the first is the main light, and the second is additional light to sweeten the appearance.

Sconces are the most appropriate wall decoration for the minimalist room. You can use these additional lights to enliven the wall. Hang the sconces on the right and left sides of the picture. Choosing colors that match the pendant lamps can maintain a harmonious appearance in the room.

14. Chess Pattern

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Playing with patterns is a safe way to decorate a small room. You do not need to present other items which can take up space in the room and make it cramped.

Chess patterns can be used as an option. Black and white colors will blend with the interior of the room. These are neutral colors so there is no need to worry about clashes between colors.

A black and white blanket with a chess pattern looks so beautiful on top of white bedding or white bedroom shades. Black gives a bold impression to a neutral room and also eliminates the stiff impression of the appearance.

15. Layered Bedding

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The next of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior is to do a layered bedding. This is the easiest decoration to do for beautifying the bedroom. Start from the thin deepest layer. And, the thicker the outer layer of the bedding becomes. You can also layer different textiles, colors, and patterns for a more interesting impression there.

Layered bedding not only beautifies the appearance of the bedroom but also adds to the comfort of the room. Layered bedding will make your bed feel warm so you can sleep more soundly, especially in winter. And, layered bedding also makes the bed feel softer.

16. Small Tent for Your Kids

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It would be much better to choose decorations that not only enhance the interior but also make it feel more comfortable, such as installing a small tent for the playroom. The small tent with the right design and color will beautify the appearance. This is also a children’s play area that can make your child feel at home in their playroom for a long time. Children’s imaginations will work and make the tent as if it were their home.

Make the tent look more beautiful and comfortable by adding additional touches in the form of seat cushions, dolls, throw pillows, and blankets. And, at the top, install string lights with yellow lighting to add a warm feel to the playroom.

17. Soft Throw Pillows

throw pillows
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Make the main spot in the living room, which is the sofa, becomes a beautiful spot. Just decorate in a very simple way, namely by relying on throw pillows. This becomes the next of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior.

The throw pillows with beautiful colors will work well and effortlessly in beautifying the room. Choosing soft-colored throw pillows will also soften the appearance.

Match the throw pillows to the living room interior design. For a living room with a minimalist and neutral design, throw pillows with simple patterns and soft lines can be an option.

18. Himayalan Salt Lamp for Bedside Table

himalayan salt lamp
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As a place to rest, comfort and beauty in the bedroom go hand in hand. Choose displays that not only add value in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of comfort. One of them is the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Because of its small size, place the Himalayan salt lamp on the bedside table. Yellow lighting will bring warmth. Not only that, you can also use the Himalayan salt lamp as a night light.

Himalayan salt lamps are also very good for health. This light can move negative ions that neutralize toxins in the air we breathe. To know more about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps for health, you can click here!

19. Use Turkey Carpet

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If you do not want to use too many displays in your room, that is no problem. There are other simpler and easier ways to make a room look beautiful. And, one of them is by using Turkey carpet. The simple and distinctive motif can work well in the room. It is just that, here, you need to be careful in choosing colors. Choose a Turkey carpet with soft colors to maintain calm in your room.

Apart from color, size is also an important aspect that you must pay attention to when buying a Turkey carpet. Usually, Turkey carpets are large. Therefore, you need to measure your room first. Adjust the size of the room to the size of the carpet. Don’t let the size of the carpet you buy be too small or too big for the room.

20. Choose The Right Window Treatment

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Choosing the right window treatment is the next of 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior. Choose curtains that match the design of your interior. The safest way is to choose curtains with colors that already exist in the room. That way it will be easier to maintain a harmonious appearance on the display.

Play with curtains to add aesthetic value to the room. You can use curtains with suitable materials. For example, thick and flowing material for an elegant room, or thin and light material for a calm, neutral room.

Hang the curtains above the window until the bottom touches the floor. This is a trick you can follow to make a room feel more spacious. This trick can create the illusion of height on the walls of the room.

Final Words

Beautifying your room does not need to be a hassle for you. With decorations that are simple and easy to apply, the room can look effortlessly beautiful. It’s just that, indeed, the decoration used must match the interior of the room. That way, they can enhance the room well. And, the points above are 20 Simple Decorations That Will Enhance The Home Interior that you can follow and apply. So, good luck!