20 Cabinet Table Decors: Great Decorations to be The Main Spot in The Room


roohome.com – A cabinet table is a piece of additional furniture that you can use as an interesting spot or to add to the aesthetic value of your room. You can use this piece of furniture in the entryway, living room, or dining room. Some cabinet tables have drawers that you can use as storage to create a cleaner and more minimalist room. For the upper area, you can put some decorations that can make the cabinet table look stand out in the room. And, in this article, we have provided 20 Cabinet Table Decors you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. White Nuanced Decoration

cabinet table
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The wooden cabinet table brings a natural impression to the room. So, it will be good to maintain this natural impression. Use white nuanced decorations, starting from table lamps, vases, books, and so on. Adding a green plant there can add a natural impression as well as provide freshness to the cabinet table area.

This one decoration would be better to be applied to a white room. Or, you can also place a cabinet table on the side of a whitewashed wall. So, with this, the white nuanced decoration will look more alive in the room. It is also good for maintaining the harmony of the appearance of the room itself.

2. Kitchen Appliances

kitchen appliances
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You could not just place kitchen appliances in the kitchen area. You can also put it and use it as decoration for the cabinet table. And, this becomes the next of 20 Cabinet Table Decors you can follow.

Use kitchen appliances that are not too big, such as instant coffee machines and microwaves. You can make it look busier by adding some interesting decorations such as a picture, several bottles of coffee and sugar, and so on.

3. Small Decorations

small cabinet table decors
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This cabinet table looks so sweet with its simplicity. Small decorations look so beautiful on the table. There are white books showing the neutral side of this spot. The books are also stacked to make a small candle appear taller. This is also a great way to make the cabinet table look aesthetic.

Although very simple, a small plant manages to make it look dazzling. The green color of the plants seems to blend with the other decorations and also the wooden material of the cabinet table itself. Even though the plants used are small, they succeed in bringing freshness which makes this area feel more comfortable to look at.

4. Something That Can Give Freshness

fresh cabinet table decors
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Bring freshness to the cabinet table is the next of 20 Cabinet Table Decors you can follow. Here, you can use several plants. Decorate the top area of the cabinet table with a green plant with a simple appearance. Use a white vase which can make it look more natural.

There are two drawers in the cabinet table which are used to add aesthetic value and freshness to the cabinet table. The drawers are decorated with green wreaths. The minimalist design fits perfectly with the wooden cabinet table.

5. Contemporary Touch Look So Simple and Attractive

contemporary cabinet table decors
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This contemporary gives a simpler, sweeter, warmer, and calmer look. Shades of brown and gray are perfect for the calm room. Cabinet with a dove surface looks so pretty when exposed to sunlight coming through the window. Above it, a very pretty little decoration adorns the table.

There is a small plant that is used to add freshness and a natural impression to this spot. The plant succeeds in bringing other colors in a natural way so that it is easily accepted by contemporary design. Also, small plants go a long way in making the wood decor on the walls appear more natural.

6. Mirror on The Table

mirror decors
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For a simple cabin table, also use simple decorations. That way, it will look parallel and nothing will weigh against it.

The round mirror is the most suitable decoration for a simple cabinet table. The wooden frame has a color that matches the top cabinet table so that the appearance of this spot is harmonious.

The round mirror presents curved lines which really help soften the appearance of the cabinet table area. That way, even though the cabinet table looks very simple, it will not look stiff.

7. Black and White Pictures

black and white pictures
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Make the cabinet table an interesting spot and the main focus of the room. Take advantage of the empty wall in the cabinet table area. Here, you can make the wall a medium to show off your portraits. Make your work look old and natural with a black-and-white filter.

In order to make your pictures look stand out and pretty when hanging on the wall, use a frame. For white walls, black frames are the most appropriate. The black color also gives a bit of a firm impression to the cabinet table but still looks natural.

8. Vintage Arch Mirror Design

arch mirror
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This small table is decorated with some big decorations which makes it look very tiny. However, this method actually makes it look more attractive and stand out in the room. Moreover, there is a vintage touch there.

The vintage arch mirror is a very fitting decoration for this cabin table. The gold frame brings another color to this area and makes it look even more charming. With a touch of vintage style, the cabinet table has an old look that takes you back to the 90s.

9. Table Lamp and Plant

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The black cabinet table with a minimalist design looks perfect to beautify the entryway. The black color gives a firm impression which makes it immediately visible to the eye when entering the house. There is also a turkey carpet which is a friend of the cabinet table in filling in the entryway.

What makes the cabinet table look aesthetic is the table lamp with its unique design. The stalk is spiral shaped which makes it look so attractive. So, when the lights are turned on, the light will make it look more dramatic. Yellow lighting is the most appropriate for this table lamp. It can make the black color look calmer and warmer.

10. Put The Mirror on The Table

mirror on the table
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If you want to decorate the cabinet table in an easier way, try relying on mirrors. The large round mirror is the most appropriate for you to choose.

Usually, you will hang the mirror on the wall. However, in this one idea, make a mirror look attractive in a different way. So, instead of hanging it on the wall, you can put it on the table and lean it on the wall.

Add other decorations to help the mirror beautify the cabinet table area. You can make this area more natural and fresh with green plants. And also, decorate it with a table lamp to make it look beautiful at night.

11. Rattan Baskets as Storages

rattan baskets
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Not all cabinet tables have drawers. So, if your cabinet table is like that (it does not have drawers), then you can add storage there. Choose natural storage places such as rattan baskets. For size, adjust it to the size of your cabinet table.

Here, two rattan baskets are not only a storage place for the cabinet table, but also a decoration that adds aesthetic value, a natural impression, and also the beauty of the cabinet table area.

12. Present Cloudless with A Colorful Painting

cloudless cabinet table decors
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Create a cloudless ambiance through a cabinet table. Choose a blue cabinet table with a natural touch like the picture above. And, on the table, you can use two plants with different colors to add another color to this area as well as provide freshness to make the room feel comfortable.

For the wall area, hang a colorful painting with a fairly thick frame. The ivory-white frame looks beautiful when hung on the white wall panels. The combination of vibrant colors from the painting manages to create a bit of a cloudless ambiance in the room.

13. Do It Minimally with A Small Plant

minimal cabinet table decors
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It is okay if you want to make your cabinet table look very simple. Some cabinet tables have indeed been designed as attractive as possible by utilizing drawers and other parts. However, if you want to bring a decoration that can add to the beauty of the cabinet table, then do it minimally. And, plants are the most appropriate decoration for you to choose.

You can place the plant in a wicker basket or other vase that has a natural look. So that when placed on the table, it can look unified and harmonious. Besides that, plants are also decorations that not only add to the beauty of the cabinet table but can also bring freshness which can make the room feel more comfortable.

14. Look Pretty with Beautiful Flowers

beautiful flowers
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For those of you who prefer a minimalist, elegant, beautiful, and feminine look, flowers are the decoration you can choose to fill your cabinet table. You can choose your favorite flowers. Several colors in the flowers will beautify and also make the cabinet area look more lively.

Make flowers look more beautiful by choosing the right vase. You can choose a vase with a minimalist design with colors that match the flowers. Or, you can also use a clay vase. This will really help in maintaining the natural impression of your wooden cabinet table.

15. A 3D Painting

3D painting
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Another decoration that you can choose to fill your cabinet table is a 3D painting. This decoration shows a texture that makes the appearance of the cabinet table look very attractive and aesthetic. And, to show off the texture of 3D painting, eliminate your desire to use frames. Here, you can immediately put a 3D painting on the table and lean it against the wall.

Because the texture of a 3D painting is enough to decorate and fill the cabinet table area, then you can do the next decoration minimally. You can choose a minimalist table lamp with a matching color which can make the cabinet table area beautiful at night. Also, lighting from a table lamp can make the texture of the 3D painting appear more clearly.

16. Put Your Magazine There

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For you women who like collecting magazines, this is the time for you to use your magazines as decoration. You can use it to add aesthetic value to your cabinet table.

Choose 3-5 magazines to place on the cabinet table. So that the magazines look neat there, use an additional holder made of rattan. It is really good for a wooden cabinet table or your navy wooden table. And, on top of the magazines, you can put an interesting item that will become additional decoration.

17. Large Square Mirror with Black-Framed

square mirror
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The plain wall of the cabinet table is filled with a large square mirror. With a thin black frame, the mirror looks standing out on the whitewashed wall. A touch of black is perfect for your white light wooden cabinet table. White and black are indeed the most perfect color combinations.

Because of its large size, the reflection from the room can be seen very clearly in the mirror. It is a great way to make your small room feel more spacious. And also, mirrors have the property of reflecting light. So, the bigger the mirror, the more light it reflects into the room. That way, the room will look brighter.

18. Look Soft and Pretty with Flowers Painting

soft cabinet table decors
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The cabinet table has a color that matches the walls, making it look very harmonious. With a soft pink color, the appearance of the room becomes soft too. And also, you can feel the calm of this area. So, to maintain the calm atmosphere of this spot, decorate the cabinet table minimally. You just need to use a table lamp and a chocolate plant with a vase that matches the cabinet table.

For the wall area, you can fill it with three flower paintings. Different flower images have different colors, bringing more color to this area and making it look enchanting without disturbing the impression of the minimalist in this area.

19. Vinyl Record Player

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Decorate your cabinet table with something that suits your hobby or likes. For those of you who like to listen to music and make music a friend of your activities, then you can choose a vinyl record player as a decoration for your cabinet table. Right next to it, you can add a small speaker which can make the sound from the vinyl record player bigger. This is also a decoration that will add an aesthetic value to the room.

20. Simple Sculpture

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Make your cabinet table look minimalist and contemporary. So, it will become up-to-date. Here, you can use a sculpture with a minimalist design. Choose a sculpture with a color that matches the cabinet table to maintain a minimalist appearance in this area. And, if you want to add other decorations for this room, a minimalist painting and simple plant is the most appropriate. And, this is the last of 20 Cabinet Table Decors you can choose from.

Final Words

The cabinet table is a piece of furniture that is often used to create an interesting spot in the room. And of course, this table is decorated with several items that can help it look more attractive. And, the points above are 20 Cabinet Table Decors that can make your cabinet table area charming and aesthetic. You can choose one or several of the decorations above for your cabinet table. However, also adjust the decoration to the theme, concept, and design of your room. So, good luck everyone!