Is Your Cleaner An Independent Contractor Or An Employee?


Cleaning and maintaining our homes and offices has never been more
crucial in today’s busy society. However, many cleaning companies recruit cleaners as independent contractors, instead of employees.


To avoid payroll taxes, which can range from 20% to 35% of labor costs.
This also has social implications as these companies do not contribute to
taxes that support the community.

This decision of hiring independent contractors will impact operations, law
enforcement, and service quality. Most importantly, it will impact you, the consumer greatly. This blog explains why employing cleaning services with their own employees
is a better choice for you as a smart consumer.

Knowing the Difference Between Employees and Independent Contractors

Before discussing the benefits of employee-based Chicago maid service, like
Fresh Tech Maid, we must distinguish between independent contractors and
employees. Some firms or persons are recruited to operate without becoming
employees. Those are independent contractors. They usually select how to
work, provide their own goods and materials, and administer their firm. In this
way, employers save 20% to 35% of payroll taxes, a strong incentive for
employers to do so.

In contrast, employees work directly for a cleaning company that controls the
work details, provides the necessary equipment, and often trains them
according to company standards, resulting in a stronger sense of belonging
in the company and better service.

Legal Implications of Misclassification

Legal issues may seem far away from customers, but they have a direct
effect on the quality and dependability of the services offered. Companies
that mistakenly label workers as independent contractors could face legal
problems, which could interrupt their work and make it harder for them to
provide consistent services.

As a customer, picking a business that correctly labels its workers as
employees will keep things stable and lower the chance of service

Criteria for Figuring Out Classification

What kind of worker someone is depends a lot on things like power and
freedom, financial plans, and how the parties are related to each other. Most
of the time, employers tell their workers exactly what they need to do and how
they should do it.

Independent workers, on the other hand, have some freedom and generally
decide how to do their work, which shows more inconsistency in delivery

Benefits of Hiring Employee-Based Professionals

1. Consistent Quality: Employee-based Chicago maid services are typically
chosen because of their proven track record, combined with their dedication
to consistently delivering outstanding results. They know what works best for
you – whether it means regularly scheduling appointments, utilizing
advanced technology, or focusing solely on eco-friendly methods. This
consistency ensures that you receive nothing short of perfection from your
cleaning companion.

2. Trust and Loyalty: Unlike some self-employed professionals, employeebased cleaners are committed to building lasting relationships with their
clients. Over time, this trust translates into repeat business opportunities and
seamless communication throughout the entire process. You’ll feel
comfortable knowing that your concerns will be taken seriously and
addressed promptly during any given job.

3. Accountability: Employees’ dedication to their employer generally results in
an increased sense of accountability and responsibility regarding service
provision. There is an increased likelihood that concerns will be attended to in
a timely and effective manner.

4. Social Impact: Partnering with an employee allows you to support local
economic development efforts and contribute to greater social justice
through shared responsibility and accountability. The organization’s
dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce demonstrates
respect for diversity and inclusivity, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

5. Environmentally Responsible Practices: Some of the most renowned
house cleaning services in Arlington Heights area focus on minimizing waste
and implementing eco-friendly methods to keep your living space clean and
healthy. Whether it’s using biodegradable cleaning products, reducing energy
consumption, or incorporating natural pest control techniques, businesses
with employees businesses strive to promote healthier environments for all

6. Professionalism: Companies invest in their employees’ professional
development, which includes proper training in the use of cleaning agents
and customer service. This investment makes a noticeable difference in how
they interact with clients and manage their duties.

Best Practices for Customers

To ensure you benefit from hiring employee-based cleaners, consider the
● Research the Company: Look for companies that openly share their
employee training practices and standards. Positive reviews and
testimonials can also indicate reliable service.
● Understand the Service Agreement: Be clear on what the service
includes and what guarantees the company offers. Understanding your
agreement can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure satisfaction.
● Communicate Your Expectations: Providing clear and concise
instructions or feedback can enhance service quality and ensure your
needs are met.
● Ask about training: A company can not train individual contractors
legally, so training can be one way to determine whether the company
hires employees or individual contractors. Ask about the duration and
the scope of training to ensure that you get the best services.
● Ask if the cleaner will wear company branded uniform: by law,
independent contractors cannot wear the branded uniform of the
cleaning company who sells you the cleaning service. Government
regulations prohibit cleaning companies to do so, because the cleaners
are not employees of the company. So, ask about what kind of uniform
the cleaner will wear. If the cleaning staff does not wear the company’s
uniform, they are highly likely not employees, but independent


When looking for Independent Contractors or Employees in the Cleaning
Industry opting to employ cleaners as employees instead of using them as
Independent Contractors might result in greater service quality, more
oversight of work procedures, and less legal liabilities. Despite the higher cost
in terms of human resources, incorporating cleaners as workers may have a
substantial impact on a business’s stability and success.