Luxurious Living Room Design With Modern-Classic Interior

Modern classic living room design
© Sebastien Perez – We all know that everyone wants to get the luxurious living room design. But, everyone had different taste and opinion about comfort and luxurious impression. Based on this statement, we would like to give the different style of living room that looks beautiful and luxury. So, you are free to choose which one that you prefer.

Industrial living room design

The first living room concept is applying the industrial style. There are four living rooms with the different color scheme that you might love. It also puts the different furniture design that creates the different feel also. You need to take a look at the design and suit it with the style that you like, and the available space that you have.

Modern living room design
© Aurelien-Jagla

The first and the second room that was applied the industrial style have some similarities. Both of theme applies the brick wall and the steel element on it. The first room is more simple than the second room. The second rooms put some decoration that makes it looks fashionable.

Luxury living room designs ideas
© Circo Solarte
Unique living room design
© Iliyan Stoyanov

The third and the last industrial living room are applying the whimsical decoration. It looks so stylish with the accent that was applied on it. You can see the whimsical art decoration on the wall of the third design. In the last design, there is a large window with the old-style and decorate by the indoor plant. It looks so curious and dramatic.

Unique living room interior design
© Quattro-Studio

Modern living room design

The luxurious living room design below applies the modern style and decoration. It looks elegant and feminine. It can see from the soft color scheme and lighting feature that was set in it. Both of them are applying the modern and simple furniture. It perfects for people who want to be more practical.

Luxurious living room design
© David Brun
Elegant living room design
© Patyk

Unique living room decorating ideas

The last concept is applying the unique decor style in the living room. But there is a similarity and difference between the first and the second room. The first and the second room below show the beauty of the light decor. But, both of them, have the different media to provide it. The first room use a natural light and the second room, get it from the electricity light.

Industrial living room design
© Lukas Korner
Luxurious living room concept
© Shree R

From all the concept above, which one that you thing is the luxurious living room design? Hopefully, it can add the references to realize the comfortable and luxurious living space.