Minimalist Small Apartment Decor Which Suitable For Young Adult

small apartment decor ideas
© Andrew and Alain Timonina – For those young people who lived alone in a small and minimalist apartment. Now you can decorate your small apartment with a minimalist style that is perfect for a young adult. This minimalist design decorated with styles are unique and interesting. Though your apartment is small you can decorate and make it a very cool look with a variety of ornaments and minimalist design concept. For it comes on we see how the designers design the minimalist small apartment decor.

Open Plan Living Room For Small Apartment Decor

Indeed if you have a narrow apartment sometimes we are confused as to what had to design it. For it here the designer given a small apartment decoration ideas to keep it minimalist. Particularly in the living room and bedroom, the designer makes the concept of an open plan. The bedroom and the living room are made only limited by side with a wooden board used as a curtain divider the bedroom. Bedroom concept is made like in a box made of rough wooden planks. Besides the bed, there is a living room that deliberately positioned adjacently. A color that is used in the concept of an open plan living room is brown and white with slight accent pastel colors more heat ambiance of your open plan living room for small apartment decor.

open plan bedroom design
© Andrew and Alain Timonina


minimalist living room design
© Andrew and Alain Timonina


minimalist apartment design
© Andrew and Alain Timonina

A wide variety of forms cute lights that adorn the living room in this apartment also looked very pretty. In fact, this light can we make with our creativity, we just need to make some kind of cute shapes that then we put a small light bulb in the middle of the form.

Kitchen Design In Small Apartment Decor Ideas

For the kitchen part of this, the designer designing this kitchen is very simple and minimalist. Wood accents on the wall opposite the base deal with the position of the bedroom can help to minimize the existing space. Lights to be used for the kitchen, you can choose a track pendant lights which is perfect for the part the kitchen design in small apartment decor ideas. Make your kitchen with white small cabinets to cover your kitchen.

kitchen design ideas
© Andrew and Alain Timonina
minimalist kitchen design
© Andrew and Alain Timonina

Monochromatic Pattern For Small Bathroom

Design in this part, you can inspire with a monochromatic pattern for small bathroom design on the wall. Does not have all the parts of the wall you should cover with this patterned tiles, but you can take just some of the sides to cover with a monochromatic wall pattern. The rest you can use a soft gray ceramic to enhance the beauty of your bathroom. In addition, to make it more memorable minimalist additional decorative light bulb shape that you can hang near a mirror.

apartment bathroom design ideas
© Andrew and Alain Timonina
monochromatic theme for bathroom
© Andrew and Alain Timonina
black and white wallpaper theme
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Overall from this detail of small apartment decor design above, are you interested? Just apply it now for your small apartment decoration ideas.