How to Clean Your House or Apartment Quickly and Effectively


Cleaning is one of the most tiring and time consuming job that we feel bored to do. There are certain reasons behind it. For instance, we don’t get out hands dirty which is not possible if you clean something; cleaning our house doesn’t pay us; cleaning job takes a lot of time and takes away our weekends, etc. There are many ways to keep us motivated in cleaning our house and doing other stuffs regularly.

In present times there are many latest inventions which are very useful and cost effective. Even if you use them you have to manage some of your time to spare. Those machines make your work easier and time saving. We have discussed about few easy tips that will get your cleaning job done fast.

Make a Schedule

Scattered anything is not good, especially if it comes to cleaning. Making a schedule for cleaning work will help us to get involved in a regular basis. At the end this schedule will make cleaning a habit. But at the beginning you might have difficulty in following them but you have to stick to your plan. After few weeks it will come automatically. At first you can keep 2 hours in every weekend for making your house and other stuffs clean. Slowly, depending on the amount of work and necessity you can be more frequent.

Motivate Yourself

In order to get rid of the boredom you need to find a motivator that will inspire you forget your pensive mood. For example, you can listen to music while cleaning, or set a plan to give yourself a reward after the job is done, etc. The eating lovers can keep some delicious food as their reward. These motivational methods work pretty well to get yourself engaged to your boring work.

Dress Accordingly

There have different dresses for different works. These dresses actually increase your confidence level in doing your cleaning job. You can wear some nice, comfortable and easily washable dress so that doing your cleaning work becomes achieving a success for you. You also can buy a new set of clothes that you would like to wear while doing your task.

Wear Personal Protective Equipments

You should wear your personal protective equipment not only to protect yourself from any hazard but also to get your work done easily without repeating any process. Wearing different equipments makes the work easier, comfortable and effective. Some of such equipments are proper gripped boots, gloves, goggles, helmet, trouser, vest guard, etc.

Simplify your Supplies

If you use different cleaning solutions for different cleaning works it will be very annoying for you to get that specific product over and over again. You can simplify or reduce your cleaning materials and use one simple thing for different cleanings. For instance, you can divide your cleaner in four ways, abrasive cleaner, bathroom cleaner, degreasing cleaner, evaporating cleaner. So you can easily select the tools by judging the type of your work.

Store Equipments in Proper Place

You will see that the experts usually keep their cleaning tools in proper stores so that it becomes very easy to find them when necessary. Keep all your brushes in one place, cleaning solutions in one place, machines in one place for your convenience. Not finding the appropriate tool or material at the time of cleaning will cause you lose interest.

Arrange Your Movements

Professionals do not move around in the cleaning room when they are performing their task. At first they make a tentative plan in their head and finish cleaning one by one. For instance, they clean the mirrors, wipe the counter, scrub the sink and polish fixtures before taking place in the bathroom sink. So you have to arrange your work wisely so that you don’t have to move frequently to the same places. Staying in one place you can work a lot at a time.

Clean Before you Clean

Before you start wiping or cleaning your floors or other stuffs pick up all the small objects that are lying there. Sweep the area with a broom and then start cleaning to get a better result. The small objects that are lying make the cleaning job difficult and tiresome. Sometime the small objects such as pins, needles, fragmented glasses hit your feet or hand causing injury. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up these small particles.

Work in a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. So make a team for your cleaning task to do easily. You can have a conversation, play little pranks and enjoy with your partners while cleaning your stuffs. You will end up cleaning your rooms while having fun. The best is to get your family members involved in the work. It will help you to spend some good moments with them and to teach them about their responsibilities. Especially the children can learn a lot while working together.

Use Machines: You should use different machines to get your cleaning job done effectively and quickly. There are different machines for cleaning, for example, washing machine for cleaning clothes, vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors, pressure washer for cleaning car or patio, dishwasher for cleaning dishes, etc. To clean your car manually it will take you at least an hour. But, if you are using a pressure washer within 15 minutes your work will be over. Apart from the fast cleaning it will make your car even better looking than cleaning without a machine.

Stay Clean is a desire of us all but we don’t want to spend much of our time in it. The above tips will help you clean your home and house stuffs very easily and keep you motivated. Always remember, you cannot clean anything without getting your hands dirty and spending some of your time. In this busy world it’s really difficult to bring out some time. But staying clean is one of the most important things in our lives. A clean environment means a healthy life. Pest control company can help your garden from any pests. We really recommend about that one.