Tips & Ideas : Make The Bedroom Feel Alive and Fresh with Scandinavian Design

1284 – As a room to unwind and stress after a day of activities, of course, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. The look of the bedroom is an important factor affecting the comfort of the bedroom itself. Not only that, but the nuances of the bedroom will also affect the comfort of this room.

For those of you who want to bring a fresh feel to the bedroom, Scandinavian is the right design to apply. The display resulting from this design will look bright, simple, and modern.

If you are interested in it, here we have provided some ideas and tips to make the bedroom feel alive and fresh with Scandinavian Design. So, let’s check it out!

Color Selection

In presenting the design that we want into the interior of the house, of course we must first determine the right colors. And, in choosing the right color is not haphazard or careless. You have to know what colors are related to the design that you want.

Likewise with Scandinavian design. The colors used in Scandinavian designs are neutral colors that tend to be bright. And these are the Scandinavian colors you can choose:

  • White

white scandinavian bedroom
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The appearance of Scandinavian design is bright. Therefore, white is Scandinavian, which you can apply to your bedroom. Usually, Scandinavian white is used as the basic color of a room, like painting the walls with white.

The white color in the bedroom certainly makes the bedroom feel bright and spacious so it is not surprising that many minimalist houses use white as the basic color of their home interior.

  • Grey

scandinavian bedroom colors
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The next color used in the Scandinavian style is gray. In this design, gray is rarely used as the basic color of the room. Usually, the gray color is applied to room furniture.

For those of you who want to apply the Scandinavian into the bedroom, you can choose a gray bed sheet, a gray blanket, a gray rug, or a chair.

  • Beige

warm scandinavian design nuances
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The Scandinavian design will tend to feel warm and comfortable. With this, beige becomes the next color that is usually present in this design. In Scandinavian-style bedrooms, beige usually comes in the form of bed frames made of wood, wooden floors, and other bedroom decorations.

  • Black

attractive scandinavian design ideas
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Although not a bright color, black is a neutral color that is usually used by Scandinavian designs. By giving a touch of black on some bedroom spots, the bedroom will look a bit striking and more attractive.

simple scandinavian bedroom decor
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By combining the colors above in the bedroom, the appearance of the Scandinavian-style bedroom will look simple, bright, and a bit flashy. This is what makes Scandinavian one of the designs that most people are interested in. Scandinavian design in the bedroom makes this room look so fresh and feels alive (not monotonous).

Furniture and Bedroom Decoration

After choosing the colors to be applied to Scandinavian-style bedrooms, the next is to choose the bedroom items that you will use. Just like the color selection, the choice of furniture and room decoration is very important in realizing an attractive Scandinavian appearance.

  • Bed

black bed for scandinavian bedroom design
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As the main item in the bedroom, bed selection should be a concern. The appearance of the bed itself will affect the look of the bedroom.

To bring Scandinavian style to the bedroom, choosing a wooden bed is the right thing. You can let the wooden bed frame display its natural color, or you can also paint it in black to make it stand out.

After that, don’t forget to decorate the bed as attractive as possible. Layered bedding becomes an idea of where to make the bed look attractive. In addition, with layered bedding, the bed will feel softer and much more comfortable.

The choice of a white bedsheet makes the bed look bright. Adding duvet covers in gray gives a cool, soothing look. Don’t forget to add some pillows with simple motifs and of course neutral colors.

  • Wall Decor

elegant scandinavian bedroom
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Wall decoration is very necessary to make the room not look stiff. And for Scandinavian-style bedrooms, use wall designs that have simple but modern shapes.

Scandinavian has a simple appearance, so it’s easy to make this room look elegant and beautiful. By using several gold-colored wall displays, such as photo frames or painting frames, it is able to provide a simple elegant look so that Scandinavian-style bedrooms will feel alive.

Or, if you want a beautiful and calming strike, black frames or black paintings can also make Scandinavian bedrooms look more beautiful.

Using some memorable photos with the B&W theme can give a black and white feel to the Scandinavian-style bedroom wall.

  • Bedroom Lamp

simple lamp for scandinavian bedroom
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Each room certainly requires light to illuminate the room when it is dark. So that we can still do our activities smoothly. Currently, there are many types and shapes of lights that you can use. But for Scandinavian bedroom, of course you have to choose the simple lamp to make it look fresh. A simple pendant lamp can be the main lamp in the bedroom and you can hang it in the middle of the room. And if you want, you can add some additional lamps by hanging in on the wall.

The additional lamps also can be used as a bedroom decoration to make it look attractive. Additional lights made of iron painted in black will make the walls look so attractive.

  • Rug or Carpet

beautiful scandinavian bedroom with rug
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Although being an optional item, the function of the rug or carpet itself is very big. A room with a rug or carpet will look fuller and more comfortable. With this, it can be said that the rug or carpet has a great effect on the appearance of the room.

For Scandinavian-style bedrooms, choose a white or gray rug or carpet. If you want a rug or carpet with a slightly attractive appearance, you can choose a rug with a simple motif.

There are many benefits you can get by using a bedroom rug:

  • Make the minimalist bedroom feel more spacious
  • Sweeten the look of the bedroom
  • Bringing the warm atmosphere into the bedroom
  • Make the bedroom feel alive and fresh


As a modern design, Scandinavian has become the most popular design. The bright, fresh, and simple appearance is the reason why Scandinavian design is superior to others. In addition, in applying Scandinavian design to the bedroom is not very difficult. You just need to follow the ideas and tips above. So, happy trying !!