5 Refrigerator Organization Hacks for Busy Families


The refrigerator offers an inexhaustible storage of food for all families, (especially for big families). However, it has to be managed and used efficiently, otherwise, you have to think of fridge removal. This will ensure that you always have fresh food, and don´t spend too much time searching for some item you need. The following five hacks help you have a better organization in your refrigerator:


One way to have better control over everything in your fridge is to put things in baskets, buckets or cubes. Baskets are small containers inside the same refrigerator where meals can be placed. You can place the most popular vegetables for your family on particular baskets, or merely organize them into the variety of food you will eat first.

By doing this, you will always have a better organization as you use the refrigerator. Of course, things will be a little confusing at the start. However, you just have to be disciplined and in just a few days, you won´t get lost in the refrigerator.


Another way to have everything under control in the refrigerator is to place stickers. You can put the stickers in the baskets, for example, so as to avoid the confusion of putting food in the wrong box. You can also put the stickers in different areas of the refrigerator. This way, your children will know where the milk is, and where they must place the eggs, as well as any food you are looking for.

This kind of organization can also be helpful when you have to make a shopping list. You don’t have to prod your head trying to remember what you have run out of, as you can simply track this from the stickers.

Use Glass Containers For Vegetables

Large families require a large amount of food. And that shouldn’t necessarily mean going on endless vegetable shopping sprees. Not when you can store some in glass containers.

A solution to these situations is to place them in glass recipients. This can help you save money on the food you buy. Other kinds of foods such as meat, fruit and some vegetables can also be stored in small insulating bags. This way, they take longer to spoil.

Food Accommodation By How It Is Cooked

There are different varieties of foods. We have food for microwaves, food for roasting and food that is served cold. It is imperative that you accommodate each food according to the way it is cooked. This will immensely help you to have some order in your refrigerator.

Check The Expiration Date

Every kind of food has an expiration date. Fruits and vegetables, for example, only last a few days and have to be prepared and eaten quickly.

Other types of condiments or dressings are kept for weeks, even months and these do not have as much urgency to be eaten.

Therefore, accommodate your refrigerator according to the expiration date of various foods. Foods that are likely to go bad soon should be kept in the front bowls or baskets. Those that have longer life spans can go at the back.

It is often difficult to keep order in large families, especially when it comes to food storage. However, with these hacks, you will realize that you can better organize your food, reduce the possibility of spoiling and of course, help you save time and money.