Are New Builds Your Next Real Estate Investing Niche?


New builds could well be the next niche in real estate. There are so many different options you can pursue in real estate right now, that actually devising your strategy can be difficult. Nevertheless, by doing your research and diligently planning, your real estate business could take off.

What are new builds?

A new build is a property that has just recently been created – as opposed to a refurbished or renovated structure. New builds are a fascinating option to look into. So many investors attempt to find ruined properties to fix up and flip, but you can really stand out by doing the opposite – buying a property from a constructor as soon as it’s ready.


New properties don’t have the same endless maintenance costs that older houses require. A brand-new property should free you from these worries and might even come with a constructor warranty. Aside from this there are other benefits too. New builds are often placed in prime locations making them easier to sell or rent. Plus, as there’s an increased supply, they’re easier to find and purchase compared to older properties. And they’re usually more energy efficient.


There are some downsides though. New builds usually cost more to start with – you’re going to be paying close to retail value. It can feel overwhelming to pay such a large amount initially, but it makes sense with the renting benefits. Another issue is that new neighbourhoods can take a while to sell and become active. It can be difficult to sell a house in a neighbourhood with few neighbours. Also, as there’s no history of previous sales and previous owners it can be tricky to negotiate a suitable price.

Tips for a good investment in new builds

Something important to remember is to ensure that your new build follows the regulations by using busbars. A brass, aluminum or copper busbar is a metallic strip or bar. They come in numerous shapes and sizes, which determine the maximum current (ampacity) it can carry in a safe and reliable manner. This also means it is crucial to install one that is most appropriate for your specific use.

Its role is to receive power from your supply point and then distribute it to output circuits. Unlike cables, however, there is typically no insulation involved. Busbars are often located in their own separate enclosures.

So could new builds be your next investment? While they require a significant investment they can pay off in the long term. Just remember to do your research and to follow regulations with busbars and you should be able to tap into this niche.