Top Interior Design Trends for 2019


Out with the old and in with the new. With a new year around the corner, many of us are making resolutions – be it to step up our exercise regimen or update our home. If you’re resolving to do the latter in 2019, you’ll probably want to keep up with the interior design trends the new year is sure to bring.

While 2018 saw a return of the Boho Chic aesthetic, 2019 is reintroducing the Art Deco style and getting back to the roots of interior design. Bold intersections of mid-century and modern are abundant in 2019’s interior design trends. We’ll touch on the more specific elements of the new year’s pending trends.

In: Jewel Tones

Jewel tones give a room a mid-century modern feel, making it come alive with color. While matching touches are great, it’s important to throw in some bold hues for a more eclectic look. Accent walls painted emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red can breathe new life into a home.

Covering all your walls in a jewel tone will be overkill, but painting just one wall will make all the difference. It emphasizes that Art Deco look and looks great with some gold accents – whether they be picture frames or table lamps.

Out: All-White Everything

The all-white look looks fresh and clean, but it quickly becomes bland. While all-white décor may complement an upscale restaurant or small boutique perfectly, it’s not the best look for your home. Not only is the upkeep and maintenance extremely time-consuming, but white is not a color that calls for relaxation – which is what you should be doing at home.

If you have the all-white look now and are looking to make a change, you don’t have to toss everything out. However, you might want to consider a jewel-toned accent wall or some colorful artwork to add a splash of color.

In: Curved Edges

Aside from the fact that you won’t yell “Ouch!” every time you bump into your coffee table, curved edges are a nice touch because of the message they send. Curved coffee tables are reminiscent of the famous Isamu Noguchi design, and symbolize warmth and welcomeness. Furthermore, the slight curves of a rounded coffee table or rug give any room a subtle feminine touch.

Out: Sharp Corners

Sharp corners were once the trademark of the “modern” look. But as the times change, so does what is considered modern. Sharp edges give off a cold and unwelcoming feel. They may look good on some objects, but the consistent perpendicular lines strip a room of the spontaneity and intrigue it so desperately needs.

If you have a lot of sharp-cornered objects in your home, be they sofas or coffee tables, consider throwing some rugs with rounded edges underneath them to soften their impact.

In: Greenery

The feng shui effects of plants and greenery in our home are well-known. Featuring some greenery in your home, whether by incorporating potted plants or vases of flowers, can significantly impact your mental well-being. Plants make you more productive, boost your mood, and filter the air in your home.

Furthermore, when we’re stuck inside, a touch of the outdoors can make us feel a little more alive and prevent us from going stir-crazy. Potted plants in the corners or small succulents as centerpieces are an easy way to implement this trend.

Out: Decorative Vases

Throwing up some accent vases with nothing in them used to be very chic, but now it just looks like a lazy way to decorate. The new year is all about breathing life into your home, and these bland and uninspiring touches have the opposite effect.

There’s no need to throw your decorative vases out, as chances are you’ve spent a pretty penny on them. However, consider throwing in a flower or some bamboo to revive this otherwise dull feature.

In: Industrial Lighting

Copper wire chandeliers adorned with the warm glow of an Edison bulb are so in right now. They give any space, even an upscale one, a very chic look. Rather than making your home feel like a warehouse, they give it the feel of a cool Manhattan loft.

Whether you implement this kind of lighting as a series of individual low-hanging bulbs or one large chandelier, it’ll certainly make your light fixtures a conversation piece – something they likely never were before.

Out: Traditional Chandeliers

Goodbye chandeliers of the past. Dusty old traditional chandeliers with candelabras might be luxurious, but 2019 interior design is all about bringing out the most in common objects. It’s not plush or expensive, but it is stylish and accessible.

Furthermore, a traditional chandelier limits what you can do with the design of the room. It’s hard to give a room a more modern look when a huge chandelier is constantly impeding the aesthetic. Swap yours out for a more contemporary one.