Simple Stuff to Decorate The Bedroom

980 – The bedroom is one of the important parts for the people. People will make the bedroom as a destination to rest. That is why some people will make their room as comfortable as possible.

Usually, people will make their room comfortable by decorating the room as they want. They also make the room as attractive as possible. To have a comfortable and attractive bedroom you do not need the expensive stuff. By giving a little touch to your room, you can get it.

You can use simple stuff to decorate the bedroom. I bet you can find these stuff easily. Here the simple stuff to decorate the bedroom:

Dream Catcher

Some people believe that a dream catcher can filter out dreams of nightmares that come when sleeping. With this dream catcher, some people hope to get good dreams and make their sleep calm. In addition, you can use the dream catcher to decorate your bedroom. There are so many designs of the dream catcher. You can choose the dream catcher that match with your room design. It can be used to fill in the blanks of your room.

Printed Photos

The other stuff that can be used to fill the blanks wall is the printed photos. You can attach the printed photos to the wall neatly or in a mess. You can make your room look aesthetics with this stuff.

Tumblr Lamp

Who does not know this stuff? Tumblr lamp is one of the most popular stuff. Many people use Tumblr lamp to decorate their room. Tumblr lamp will make your room look beautiful and attractive especially in the night. Try to choose the Tumblr lamp that will not make your room look not too much. Choose the Tumblr lamp that simple but sweet.


The other stuff that is no less popular than the Tumblr lamp is a plant. This stuff is a target item for people who want to decorate their rooms. The plant will make your room look fresh, attractive, and comfortable.

You can hang the plant by using the hanging pot or put the plant into the pot and place it on the hanging shelves. To make your room look sweet, you can use small plants. If you have a larger blank space in your room, you can choose the larger plants.

Night Lamp

To make the room look attractive and beautiful, you can decorate your room by using the night lamp. Try to choose the night lamp that has a unique design.

You can put the night lamp on the table. It will make your room look beautiful especially in the night. Other than that, the night lamp will make your room feel comfortable.