24 Teenager Bedroom Decors for Several Personal Characteristics


roohome.com – For Gen-Z or Millennials, the bedroom is everything. They can spend 24 hours in the bedroom. Therefore, comfort is the priority here. However, views about the comfort and appearance of the bedroom itself vary from person to person. This is because each person’s characteristics are also different. A comfortable bedroom must of course match its characteristics. Design and decoration must be made in harmony. And, in this article, we have provided 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors for Several Personal Characteristics. So, let’s check it out!

1. Look Minimalist and Manly

Teenager Bedroom Decors
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The minimalist and manly look is the first of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors. Yup… that’s right. The manly look comes from black which is the main color. In order to make the appearance to be not dark and the room remains comfortable, excess lighting is needed. This is why this room has several lights ranging from LED light on the wall and wardrobe, recessed lighting fixtures in several spots, and a standing mirror that leads to the bed area.

Spotlights that directly hit the mural make the pattern and color clearly visible in the room. There is an orange color which is very influential in enlivening the atmosphere of the room. So, even though it is minimalist, the bedroom is far from feeling stiff and boring.

2. Soothing Boho Bedroom

soothing teenager bedroom decors
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This idea will be suitable for those of you who like calm with dark nuances. Black as the main color is the key. Even so, the room still has a slightly bright impression from the use of light wood for the floor. And, the white bedframe also influences the brightness of the room.

To maintain the dark feel of the boho bedroom, the lighting chosen is not white lighting but yellow lighting. Also, the string light is the main light for this room so the lighting is not too perfect. For the window, there is a blind which is closed very neatly. It blocks the way light enters the room.

3. Feel The Calmness with Soft Forms

calm teenager bedroom decors
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Feel the calmness with the soft forms is the next of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors. This is very suitable if you have calm and simple characteristics. The room is only filled with two colors, those are white and light gray with beige tones, although the shades used are different. The combination of these two colors is very consistent, starting from the walls, ceiling, to the bedding. And, if there are other colors there, then these colors come from natural elements in the form of plants. The natural green brings freshness into the bedroom which adds to the comfort of the room. However, so that the green color does not disturb the soft concept of this room itself, only three small plants are used. And, the placement is scattered.

4. Make It Aesthetic with A Freshness

fresh teenager bedroom decors
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It would be better to choose decorations that not only focus on aesthetics but also on the comfort of the room. And, of the plenty of decorations you can choose, plants are the most appropriate. This is the safest decoration because it can fit into all types of room concepts and interiors.

Plants can change your ordinary room to be aesthetic and fresh. Place plants in several scattered spots so they can freshen up the room fairly. To save space in the bedroom, just use small plants and place them in spots that are visible to the eye. Or, you can also hang it on the wall or ceiling.

5. A Warm Pallete

warm bedroom
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The next of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors is a warm palette. This is suitable for those of you who like calm and warmth in autumn. The colors used are the colors of autumn which are dominant with brown. And, if there are other colors, they are white and beige.

The look of the bedroom is still bright with white as the main color. However, applying brown color to the bedding, which is the main spot in the bedroom, makes it stand out. Other warmth comes in the form of wood and rattan materials for the floor and the pendant lamp. Also, the floor area is filled with carpet which makes the bedroom feel warmer and more comfortable.

6. Neon LED Lights

neon light
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The wall panels actually no longer need to be decorated. The texture of the wall panel itself is quite interesting. However, if you want to make it seem more aesthetic and alive, then hanging a neon LED light is a great idea. This is the next of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors you can choose from. You can customize a neon LED light with the words you want, whether it’s your name, positive sentences, and so on.

For lighting, just follow the color on the wall panel. For example, for the pink wall panel, the lighting for the neon LED light is pink too. It looks very simple but its presence manages to make the appearance aesthetic.

7. Playing with Lighting

bedroom lighting
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For the teenager, the bedroom does not require expensive and difficult decoration. Make your bedroom aesthetic on a budget and easy to do. Like this idea which only plays on lighting. On the side of the room is decorated with string lights with yellow lighting. In several spots, there are candles inside lanterns whose light blends with the string light. From these lights, the appearance of the room not only looks attractive but the atmosphere also becomes warmer and calmer. With this, Gen-Z and millennials can rest and laze around in the room for longer periods of time.

8. Look Minimalist and Natural

minimalist bedroom
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It doesn’t always have to look full, some teenagers also like their room to have a minimalist and natural appearance. And, if you are one of them, then this idea is very suitable for you to choose and implement.

Instead of white, beige is actually a very suitable color choice as the main color of the room. This color can create calm and warmth which can boost your comfort. For decoration, just hang the floating wall shelf and put some displays such as pictures, books, and small plants. Extend the decoration to the bedside table. Also, cover the perpendicular line in one corner of the room with a string light. Rug adalah sentuhan terakhir yang membuat ruangan menjadi perfect. The simple pattern of the rug does not disturb the minimalist impression of the room itself. Instead, it gives a different look and enlivens the room well.

9. The Gaming Area in The Corner of The Room

gaming area
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The teenager cannot be separated from online games. They can play games all day long. And, this can be used as inspiration in making a teenager’s bedroom a comfortable room. An empty corner of the room can be transformed into a comfortable gaming area.

Considering the size of the PC which is quite large, the gaming table must be made wider. You can customize an L-letter table where one space is for gaming and another one is for studying. The black floating wall shelves that are mismatched with the wall can be brightened up by installing LED lights with warm yellow lighting. Having light on the shelves will really help in showing off the displays on there.

10. Bunk Bed Safe More Space

bunk bed
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Using a bunk bed is an alternative way to save space in the bedroom. This is very suitable for the small bedroom. Use the top area of the bunk bed as a bed for you to rest. And, the lower area is used as a storage area or study area. Or, you can also make it a place to relax by placing a sofa. Also, present a bookshelf there. And, done, the area under the bunk bed will be a comfortable place for reading your favorite book (reading nook). This becomes the next of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors.

11. Wall Mural Enlivens The Room

wall mural
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Adults tend to make their bedrooms calm and comfortable with a minimalist concept. However, this is different for teenagers. The minimalist concept can still be applied to their bedroom. However, the ambiance of the room still has to be cloudless. This is why, there must be a special touch that can generate a cloudless atmosphere in the room. However, this touch should not make the room look full.

It’s difficult, but all of this can be resolved very well. Wall murals are the perfect solution for the minimalist teenager’s bedroom. The color of the wall mural must match the interior of the room itself. So there are no additional colors that can disturb the minimalist concept of the room. Also, it really helps in maintaining harmony in the look.

12. White Exposed Brick Wall as Accent

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The accent on the wall can be an additional value that can beautify the appearance of the bedroom. Like this idea which uses white exposed brick walls on a small part of the bedroom wall. It becomes a decorative spot. The white color will blend more easily with the interior of the room so it does not disturb the appearance of the bedroom.

Make the white exposed brick wall look more stunning by hanging neon LED lights with white lighting and other displays that you like. Do it very simply so that the texture and lines on the exposed brick wall are not covered.

13. Modern Industrial Design

modern industrial design
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The modern industrial design already has a smoother surface. The appearance is also much brighter. The impression of cold and warm is more balanced. Also, there is an additional color besides the natural color, which is yellow. The touch of yellow on two sides of the bedroom walls brings a cloudless ambiance. The lighting is focused on the side of the wall to show the yellow color very clearly.

Concrete and exposed brick walls are still present in the room to emphasize the industrial design. The LED light installed at the top of the exposed brick wall makes the texture look clearer and more alive. So, even though the decoration in the bedroom is very minimal, the texture and color of the exposed brick wall itself are enough to beautify the appearance of the bedroom.

14. Save The Books Near The Bed

cozy teenager bedroom decors
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Some teenagers really like reading books before they sleep, ranging from motivational books, philosophy, to romance novels. And, to save energy and time, it would be better to store these books in a place close to the bed area. Like this idea, which installing floating wall shelves at the top of the wall as a place to store books. However, it is not just books, there are also several displays there which make the floating wall shelves also a decorative spot.

15. Take Advantage of Your Music Equipment

music teenager bedroom decors
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Music can be an inspiration in decorating a bedroom. For those of you who like music, then this idea will be very suitable for you. Start on the wall by sticking a poster of your favorite band or singer. For discs, install floating wall shelves at the top of the wall as a place to store all your discs. Show off your favorite vinyl on one side of the other wall. Also, hang several guitars in the empty space. It can help in enlivening the bedroom. And, for the final touch, if you feel the bedroom still looks stiff and unattractive, install vines on the wall. Green will really help in making all the colors on the walls blend together.

16. Minimalist, Simple, and Up-to-Date

simple teenager bedroom decors
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The bedroom looks minimalist and simple by not using a bed frame. So, the bedroom walls look higher and make it feel more spacious. Also, the bed on the floor style felt much more comfortable. To keep it warm, there is a rug at the bottom. Apart from that, layered bedding is also used which also makes the mattress feel softer. With this, the bed will feel more comfortable. And, its warmth can be a bulwark against cold air when winter arrives.

The small furniture such as a bedside table and clothes rack is more suitable for this one bedroom concept. Because there is no bedframe, the bedside table cannot be too big. The height and width of the bedside table must match the bed.

17. Let’s Chill in Your Room

cozy teenager bedroom decors
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For the teenager, the bedroom is not only a room for sleeping but also a place to rest and chill in your free time by playing social media or watching films. Instead of watching on a laptop or cellphone, it will be much more comfortable to watch on a big screen. With this, the projector becomes a very important item. And, this is the next of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors.

Point the projector at an empty wall. The whitewashed wall is the right background. Next, you only need to adjust the position of the bed. Or, you can also use the carpet as a place to sit. Watching films while enjoying instant noodles will be more fun.

18. LED Light Standing Mirror

standing mirror
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The LED light standing mirror becomes the next of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors. Place this item on the side of the room or in a corner of the room where it can cover straight lines. That way, the bedroom will feel more spacious.

One of the advantages you can get from using an LED light standing mirror is additional light for the bedroom. Or, you can also use it as a light at night (sleeping light). Besides that, in terms of appearance, this item really changes your bedroom to be more aesthetically pleasing.

19. Large Line Painting

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The simple impression can be seen very clearly from the use of only two colors, those are black and white. Also, the minimalist decoration looks very consistent here. The whitewashed wall looks so simple with only a large painting hanging there. To maintain simplicity in appearance, no frame is used for the painting. Even so, the different shade of white still makes it not look like it blends with the wall.

The pattern of the painting is also very well noticed. Black and white are the colors that are focused on here. In fact, the painting used only consists of these two colors. The black line pattern is perfect to fill this minimalist bedroom.

20. Synthetic Vines for The Wall

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The look of the bedroom looks plain and stiff. However, all of this is resolved with a touch of green from synthetic vines. Installing it on the whitewashed wall makes the green color successfully stand out in the room. It brings a freshness that increases the comfort.

The installation is simple and conceptual to maintain a simple impression in this bedroom. That way, calm can be maintained very well. The vines are only installed on the lines on the wall. This is also a trick to cover perpendicular lines which can give a stiff impression to the bedroom. So, the room will remain smooth.

21. Cute Dolls on The Bed

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Cute dolls on the bed are the next of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors. This decoration is very suitable for a woman’s bedroom. The pink bedding is very attractive with three dolls. Even though the dolls have other colors that are not in the room, this does not disturb the concept of the interior itself. In fact, the presence of other colors on the doll brings a cloudless atmosphere.

Even though it is cute and looks attractive, the position or placement of the doll on the bed must be carefully considered. Don’t let the presence of dolls give a messy effect on your bedroom.

22. Save Your Memory on The Wall

aesthetic teenager bedroom decors
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Don’t save your photos on the camera on the memory. Take advantage of these memorable photos as decorations for the bedroom. Print the photos at the same size. Paste all these photos centrally by choosing one spot to use as your memory spot. And, the corner of the room is a very suitable spot.

Don’t just rely on photos to decorate the corners of the room. Use additional items such as standing mirrors. So, attach your photos like they surround a standing mirror. It would be great if you could install additional lights such as LED lights or string lights. The lighting of these lamps can make the photos stand out even at night.

23. Purple LED Light

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White and yellow light is very mainstream for the room. So, for a different look, of course, you have to take bold action. Use lights with other lights such as purple. Currently, there are many purple LED lights sold in online stores at low prices.

Installing purple LED light on the lines where the ceiling and walls meet not only covers the perpendicular lines which make the room stiff but also allows the light to spread very well in the room. And, you can use this light as a lamp to accompany you to sleep.

24. String Light to Hang The Photos

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The last of 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors is a string light to hang the photos. This is another way to bring memories into the bedroom. You do not need to bother pasting your photos. Just hang the photos on the string light. And, let the light from the string lights help these photos stand out at night. Hang the photos neatly. Use this as decoration to add to your aesthetic value.

Final Words

There are many differences between decorating an adult’s bedroom and a teenager’s bedroom. For the teenager bedroom is not only concerned with comfort but also aesthetics and atmosphere. The teenager prefers the atmosphere of their bedroom to be more cloudless. Therefore, there are special decorations required. And, the points above are 24 Teenager Bedroom Decors. All of these decorations depend on the characteristics. A comfortable bedroom is a bedroom that matches its characteristics. So, make sure you choose the right decoration. Good luck everyone!