When Is It Time To Replace That Old Roof?


90 percent of homeowners will without a doubt tell you that the roof is arguably the most important component. Just think about it. This is the component that keeps water and other elements out of the home. In a nutshell, your home not only protects you, but it protects your family along with everything that is stored in the home. That being said, it is probably also one of the most overlooked parts of the home. In fact, most people don’t even know that they have roofing problems until the problem is entirely too big to prevent. When is the last time you looked at your roof? Would you even know what to look for? These are all keys things that homeowners need to know and understand.

Cracked and Curled Shingles

When your shingles start to get a little age on them they will begin to curl. Some areas of the home might start to do this before other areas. This usually happens when one area is more exposed to the elements. Depending on the size of the affected area and the location it is entirely possible that you might spot this from the ground. Cracks are usually pretty noticeable as well. Not only that, but it is incredibly hard to rip shingles. This usually only happens when there is physical damage or the shingles are really old.

Moss And Other Plant Growth

Living in a home that is shaded by beautiful trees might seem appealing. Heck, it might even help save on your energy bills, but it certainly isn’t going to do your roof any favors. Not only will you constantly be brushing leaves off the roof, but you will have to deal with moss. Areas that are constantly shaded by the environment are more prone to grow moss. And, any professional roofer from Universal Roofs Inc will tell you that moss can be extremely hazardous to the life of a roof. It grows underneath the shingles and pushes them up.

This will not only eventually lead to major leaks and potential water damage inside the home, but it could lead to replacing a major portion of the roof. When moss grows so prone in certain areas the only way to stop it is by replacing the shingles. You literally have to pull up the old shingles, clean the area, and replace the shingles.

Gaps And Leaks

A major part of the roof’s job is to keep you and your family warm. It cannot do this if there are gaps and leaks. Every once a year or so you should make it a point to crawl up into your attic and inspect the plywood and roofing materials. If you notice that there are gaps and leaks between the plywood something is wrong. If you can’t physically get into your attic and check then find someone that can. This is not a task that should be overlooked.

Sagging In The Roof

A roof is compromised of more than just your shingles. There is plywood, beams, trusts, and other components. You probably don’t need a professional roofer to tell you that if there is a sag that something is wrong. That being said, if there is sag, you do have the benefit of narrowing down the problem to a few select areas. More than likely it probably has something to do the plywood or other structural components. This is something that your friendly neighborhood roofer could help you discern.