Tips to Unclog Your Bathroom Sink


Unclogging your bathroom sink can be a huge ordeal, a nightmare if you will. Hopefully, the below-mentioned tips will help you the next time you find yourself in such a situation. There is a usual common tip that you can use baking soda and vinegar, this usually works, however for situations that are more complexed, and you should call an expert. It’s really fun to learn new things in life; usually, we just hire someone and miss an opportunity actually to learn something useful. If you feel that it’s not needed, then that’s a whole different debate. Hopefully, these tips will help you to unclog your bathroom sink, and you will find them useful.


If you are at a friend’s house or at a family member’s house, and something goes wrong with the bathroom sink. It can be a really embarrassing situation to be in. This way, you should be concerned with your bathroom sink, and you should keep a check and maintain it. Usually, it’s a good idea to work on plumbing issues yourself. Get a tool kit and this really a skill which comes in handy. Imagine you just might get to be the hero at your boss’s house when their bathroom sink starts acting up and you save them the embarrassment. It is absolutely no big deal, and a malfunctioned toilet is nothing to be afraid of. With just a bit of curiosity, you can become the best bathroom sink fixer around.


Being calm in a situation where you have no idea what to do can be really difficult. However, if you facing an overflowing sink simply turn off the water supply. This should be the first thing you do. After this, we can work on whatever’s clogging the drain. Another way to stop the water will be to block the water if you are unable to turn off the incoming water. The best thing to use would be the good old plunger. This can be used to unclog the toilet and let the nightmare be over. You should own a plunger. When using the plunger be really clam and don’t rush things, unless you want to get yourself dirty. Also know that you might not be able to unclog it completely, but you should be able to loosen it and should solve your clogged little problem. That being said, in a situation where you do not have the plunger at home, or you are unable to get your hands on one, you can simply use the technique of baking soda and vinegar. Pour some baking soda and after that adding vinegar to it. Once it mixes, the mixture will get the job done without you even touching the plunger or even needing it. All you have to do now is watch and let the problem solve itself. Using soap and hot water can also help you get rid of the ordeal, which is another reason why you should not worry about a situation with the toilet. If you ever end up in one. You can use shampoo as it’s just as effective as soap, just make sure the water is hot.


Just like the plumbing snake, there are tools in the market you can use to unclog your sink even faster and with more ease and flexibility. This particular tool called the plumbing snake or an auger is used for hard to reach places or to unclog areas which a plunger cannot reach easily. However this bad not have such a flex to it that it can easily curve and extend and then you can twist the head of it to unclog. It may sound tricky, but it is actually quite easy to use. You can get these tools on the internet, probably on Instagram as well. What’s even more interesting, you can also use a vacuum to unclog the toilet, all you need to do is first, get the water out and then use a cloth around the nose of the vacuum, this will unclog it right from the gut. There are also many chemicals you can use to unclog your drain, if you rather not play with water and an electrical device at the same time, just like any same person would, you can use company products or liquids to unclog the drain, and however, this may affect your current plumbing and raise plumbing expenses. Another really amazing tool you have is calling the plumber. So basically supervise the plumber while the work is done and this way you will know how to handle the situation the next time you are in one. This will come in handy when you plan to save costs or even to avoid getting ripped off. Another really great unconventional tool you can use is the wire hanger. You can unwire it, and you have a plumbing snake without spending money. There are other household items that can be used to fix a lot of problems with the drain, and the wire hanger is most definitely one of them. Now, this might sound crazy, but you can also use a plastic bottle to unclog your clogged drain. Basically, you need to fill it with warm water and (wear gloves when doing this) shoot shots of water directly at the blockage, this should also loosen the clogged demon in your drain.


The above-mentioned tips are tried and tested, and you can rest assured that these will indeed work for you and your bathroom sink problems.