Tips for Bringing a Cheerful Atmosphere to the Bathroom

616 – The existence of a bathroom is rarely exposed or even almost never. The size of the room is the smallest among the other rooms. Therefore, the existence of this room is rarely considered. Though the bathroom can also affect the comfort of your home.

After doing busy activities, maybe you will choose to rest in the bedroom. But, have you ever imagined relieving fatigue by soaking in the bathroom and enjoying the atmosphere of the room? And of course, you need to make your bathroom feel comfortable and beautiful.

One way to make the bathroom feel comfortable and soothing is to present things that can make the bathroom feel pleasant. Your mood that is damaged by daily activities will come back fresh after soaking in this bathroom.

For those of you who are interested to bring a cheerful atmosphere to the bathroom, here we have provided the tips you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Presenting Quirky Colors

Color selection is indeed fundamental in creating the atmosphere of the room you want. To bring a cheerful atmosphere you can play on colors that are asymmetrical, such as presenting red, yellow, and other colors that are listed in the image below.

Hasil gambar untuk quirky colors palette

Although using quirky colors, in order to make the appearance of the room does not look stiff and pleasing to the eye, still present neutral colors like white or black. Using white or black can unite the quirky colors that you choose so it doesn’t look too collision and tacky.

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You can use one quirky color in one part and another quirky color in another part of the bathroom. For example, using red on the wall and using yellow on items or bathroom furniture.

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This bathroom makeover only cost $130. We love the new shelving, mirror and especially the unique paint color and design. This is proof that you can transform your bathroom on a budget.

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For those of you who want to make your bathroom look cheerful but still simple, you can use one color quirky and combine it with white. Like just using yellow and white, and so on.

Applying Marmoreal to The Bathroom

If you want to use lots of quirky colors and don’t want to make it tacky, marmoreal is a tip that you can apply to your bathroom. Marmoreal will make the bathroom look colorful and of course, bring a cheerful atmosphere to the bathroom.

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Applying marmoreal on the wall is a good choice. You can make the bathroom walls look colorful but still sweet and simple. And of course, the basic color is white. Using white as a base color makes the bathroom look shiny and will emphasize the cheerful atmosphere in the bathroom.

The family bathroom that the kids frequent has striped yellow, green and white decor, with a matching terrazzo floor. Two bathroom sinks reduce sibling squabbles over wash space in the mornings.

Vinyl sticker with terrazzo textures printed to decorate the floor

If the bathroom wall has too much decoration, like a mirror or other items, you can also apply it to the bathroom floor. Applying marmoreal on the bathroom floor is the right choice. Because if you force to use marmoreal on bathroom walls that are full of decoration, this will make the bathroom look tacky and unsightly.

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If your bathroom looks simple, like just using a few important items, you can apply marmoreal to the walls and floor. This will really help your simple bathroom to make it look colorful. In addition, applying marmoreal to the walls and floor will also create a cheerful and sweet atmosphere.

Applying Wall Mural to The Bathroom

Another way you can follow to bring a cheerful atmosphere in the bathroom is to apply a wall mural in the bathroom. There are various pictures and colors that you can choose to make your bathroom look cheerful.

Floral Hand painted Mural in a bathroom by Artist Jill Block

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