Secrets to Cleaning Your House in Half Time


Believe it or not, everyone is too busy to look after their homes, but at the same time, no one likes coming back to a dirty house. For many people, cleaning a house is nothing less than a herculean task. Perhaps, they have too much on their plate with overwhelming demands of work-lifee while others don’t want to invest a lot of time in cleaning the house.

Vacuuming the floor, dusting tables, squeegeeing windows, and cleaning bathrooms take a lot of time.  How about you look for quicker cleaning methods? It is always possible to get chores out of the way with the blink of an eye through some tips and tricks. So, lets us unwind the secret to cleaning your house in half-time.

1.  Keep Your Tools Ready

Usually, people spend a lot of time finding cleaning brushes, soaps, and other tools. Well, having all the tools and products at your arm’s reach can save you the time searching different cabinets. Therefore, consider making a small cleaning bucket for all the tools you need.

It is impossible to fit big disinfectants inside, but you don’t need those large bottles. Grab some spray bottles and transfer the cleaners into them, making it easy to carry and use. Once you have everything on deck, you can easily move from one place to another. For instance, right after cleaning the kitchen countertops, you can spruce up the bathroom.

2.  Expel the Mold

Mold is a very common problem that haunts the bathroom. Most often, toilets don’t have a proper ventilation system due to which the water remains stagnant on the walls after bathing, leading to mold. It not only makes the place look dirty but, at times, even damages the hardware.

Scrubbing and cleaning the walls is of no use, rather a waste of your efforts. Therefore, consider using hydrogen peroxide spray to battle the mold quickly. However, if you think this is not your cup of tea, then start looking for pressure washing services in Madisonville. High-pressure water pressure spray makes sure there are no signs of mold, dust, mud left behind. Besides, to avoid this problem in the future, wipe off the water from tiles, floors and open the windows after bathing.

3.  Sweep the Kitchen Grease

Don’t you find those greasy black lines on every corner of the cabinets disgusting? Kitchen cabinets are used for storing spices, herbs, and other edible items, while grease can create some serious hygiene concerns. People keep on ignoring this, considering it would be very time-consuming to immaculate cabinets all over again, but all you need is a cleaner with orange oil and some wipes.

If you don’t have this, then don’t mind using the standard grease removing dishwasher soap. It cuts off the grease from cabinets, just like it does from the dishes. The entire procedure would not take any longer than 10 minutes because this mixture works like magic, removing grease quickly.

4.  Wipe of Rust with a Lemon

You might be running after chemicalized cleaning solutions to eliminate the rusty stains. Surprisingly, lemon can work on behalf of many cleaners, while saving you a lot of time and money. Lemon consists of acids that help in removing the rusty stain from porches, hardware, floors, and furniture. It is very simple to use, squeeze the lemon on the surface, and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, wipe off the surface with a clean cloth to witness the rust coming out. However, you don’t need to practice it daily because it would remove all the stains in one go.

5.  Take Charge of Everything Beforehand

Do you know keeping the house clean can stop many problems? For instance, you might complain about slow water pressure from the shower, but if you clean it once in a while, you can bid goodbye to this problem forever. After all, the showerheads have a lot of build-up dirt and debris which need cleaning. You can either use a shower cleaner for quick results or use a toothpick to unclog the pores.

Similarly, instead of piling up dishes in the sink, wash them side by side. Moreover, you can adopt tidy habits like picking up the wrappers right away from beds and sofa, while keeping things where they belong. Clutter lying around every corner even makes the house look dirty. Thus, if you clean your home regularly, it would make cleaning quicker automatically.

6.  Two hands are better than one

Is cleaning the house only one person’s responsibility? If you have a family or you are living with friends, it is essential to share duties. Cleaning could be a piece of cake when everyone is working together. You can assign tasks to everyone; one person is responsible for mopping the floor, and the other cleans the bathroom.

Otherwise, convince everyone to do their own work. For instance, everyone washes their plates, makes their beds, and does laundry. Alongside reducing the burden from one person, it maintains a neat and tidy environment in the house. Unfortunately, if you are living alone, then consider investing in smart appliances for quicker cleaning.

7.  Clean Your Cleaners

Sometimes, it takes forever to vacuum the floor, or cleaners are not making the floor shine. It happens because everyone is in a hurry and ends up making pity mistakes. Firstly, you need to understand that your cleaners also need cleaning. If your vacuum’s dirtbag is already loaded, the brush roller won’t work at all. Also, if you are vacuuming a wooden floor without turning off the brush roller, it would scatter the dust instead of picking it.

At the same time, if dirty clothes and mops are not removing dirt either. So, rather than wasting your efforts and working hard with dirty cleaners, clean them once a week and see how it bolsters your cleaning routine. If you think cleaning them is not helping, then its time to replace them with new ones.

Final Word

Everyone wants to come back to a peaceful house, free from clutter and dirt. After all, a clean house removes hygiene concerns, giving you a healthier place to live. People don’t have enough time to look after the house. You can always hold the bag for some cleaning chores, especially when you can get it done in half time. So, what are you waiting for? Look above for some cleaning secrets and get started.