Make Your Bathroom Feel Fresh with Plants Decors Ideas

1231 – Although this place is rarely exposed and has never been exposed, the beauty of the bathroom must still be considered. The beautiful bathroom makes this room comfortable. However, to create comfort in the bathroom, of course, it is not easy. It takes some effort like adding decorations that are right for the bathroom. Bringing a fresh look to the bathroom you can make as an alternative in making this small room feel comfortable. So, here are the plant decors ideas in making your bathroom feel fresh. So, let’s check it out!

Pink Beautiful and Fresh Bathroom Plant Decors

Applying pink in the bathroom is not bad. Pink is often the color favored by many people, especially women. Pink does not look too girly if you provide decorations that fit your bathroom, such as adding some plants into the pink bathroom.

The combination of green from plants and pink makes the bathroom look so fresh. Sweet appearance as a whole makes the bathroom into an attractive small room.

Pink Bathroom Decoration
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Fresh and Relax Bathroom with Plants and Candles Decors

The use of a bathtub in the bathroom can make this small room a comfortable place. Soaking while enjoying the atmosphere of a fresh bathroom can make yourself relaxed. Some small to medium plants make the bathroom not only fresh but beautiful. The green color of plants is most appropriate for making a soothing place.

Lighting from candles brings a warm overall feel to the bathroom. Aromatic candles are the right item to use in making a relaxing bathroom.

Relax Bathroom Decoration Ideas
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Attractive Fresh Bathroom Decors with Wood Ladders

Utilizing walls and ceilings as an alternative in making the room look attractive without worrying about taking up a lot of space and making the room feel cramped. Especially for minimalist bathrooms, it is highly recommended to provide decoration by using the wall and ceiling. As in the picture below, the short wood ladder can be hung on the ceiling. Then hang some green plants on a wooden ladder. In this way, you will get a fresh and beautiful bedroom without the need to use space in your bathroom.

Interesting Bathroom Decors
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Floating Shelf to Place The Small Plants

Confused on how to bring plants to the bathroom without taking up space in the bathroom? The more decoration in the bathroom makes the bathroom more narrow. With this, the floating shelf is the right item to use in decorating a bathroom to make it look fresh.

Put a few small plants in a beautiful pot and then place it on a floating shelf. You can also put some interesting displays to make it perfect. So that the attractive and fresh bathroom you can get at once.

Warm Bathroom Nuance Decors
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Fresh Small Bathroom Decor by Utilizing Wall Leaning Ladder Shelf

In decorating a small bathroom, it takes several solutions to maintain space in the bathroom. Putting some plants on the floor will take up too much space in this small room. Wall leaning ladder shelf you be utilized to make the bathroom look fresh and still feel relieved.


Small Bathroom Decors Ideas
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