Presenting The Vintage Look into The Bedroom by Applying Shabby Chic Design

1099 – Want to have a vintage style bedroom but still look modern? Shabby Chic can be the right design to be applied to your bedroom. The combination of vintage and modern style into one makes the appearance of the room look sweet and also attractive. And here are the ideas of Presenting The Vintage Look into The Bedroom by Applying Shabby Chic Design. So, let’s check it out!

A Little Touch of Rustic in The Shabby Chic Design Bedroom

The use of brightly colored wood material brings a bit of a rustic feel to the Shabby Chic bedroom design. Wooden walls, cabinets, and heading beds make the bedroom look much more attractive. The impression of nature is presently enveloping the entire room. The white bed gives a bright appearance to the bedroom makes this place comfortable. Some nuances of nature can also be felt from the presence of beautiful small plants as bedroom decorations.

Rustic Shabby Chic Ideas
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Feminine Shabby Chic-Design Bedroom

The combination of white and gray colors makes Shabby Chic style bedrooms look bright. Coupled with the large window in the room that is not closed with any decoration, making light into the room freely. The atmosphere of the room becomes bright and warm making it feel so comfortable.

Feminine Bedroom Ideas
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Combining the colors of white and gray makes the room look sweet. Some flowers with soft colors give a feminine side to the room. Vintage-style clothes, tables, and heading beds create a classic look in the bedroom.

Luxurious Shabby Chic Bedroom

Crave for a bedroom like a princess? Layered bedding with floral patterns can be an option. Some soft color cushions make the bedroom look cute. Some flower displays with beautiful colors give a fresh impression to the bedroom. The combination of soft pink, white, and floral motifs makes the bedroom look luxurious. The luxurious appearance can also be felt from the presence of crystal chandeliers in this Shabby Chic bedroom. The luxurious appearance feels perfect with the touch of a dark-colored carpet with floral motifs.

Luxurious Shabby Chic Bedroom
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Beautiful White Shabby Chic Bedroom

White is an alternative color to make a room look bright. However, the white color can also make the room look stiff. But you no longer need to worry about this. Shabby Chic can make a bedroom nuanced white look sweet and beautiful. Little vintage ornaments make the bedroom nuanced white look attractive. Some floral cushions bring a vintage feel to your bedroom.

White Shabby Chic Bedroom Decors
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Classic Shabby Chic Bedroom Look

Combining white and gold colors makes Shabby Chic’s bedroom glamorous. Classic style bed frames make this glamor bedroom more likely to be in a classic style. Brown is the right choice to be applied to the bed frame so that this item looks more striking. Some vintage-style white and gold decorations make the classic style even thicker in the bedroom.

Classic Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas
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Beautiful and Comfortable Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom

The bedroom with Shabby Chic design does not always look full. Focusing the bed as a room decoration is enough to make the Shabby Chic room look beautiful.

Vintage-style bed frames with golden brown make the bed stand out more. Layered bedding makes this place more comfortable. The combination of white and purple colors produces a sweet appearance in the room. Plus a few pillows without motives make it look beautiful but still simple.

The use of a wooden bedside table and putting a beautiful bed lamp on it is enough to make the bedroom look beautiful. The beautiful pendant can also be an additional item to make your Shabby Chic bedroom look more attractive.

Simple Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas
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