Three Services Offered By Siding Companies


A home’s exterior siding is important for several reasons. First, such material enhances the structure’s aesthetic appeal. Moreover, this component often proves critical to protecting the interior and its residents from harsh conditions, like severe weather phenomena, temperature extremes and infiltration from creatures like insects, birds and rodents.

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Typically, this action is performed by establishments known as siding companies. However, some people might not realize that such establishments often perform other pertinent tasks, including:

Gutter Maintenance

Numerous siding companies play an important mission called gutter remediation. Though often overlooked, a home, complex’s or building’s gutters are relevant components. These structures promote the smooth and expedient flow of water off the roofs of such properties.

That said, gutters are narrow channels that can and often do become obstructed by environmental debris, like leaves, dirt, dust and allergens. Should these blockages grow pronounced, water’s natural flow is inhibited, which could result in roof pooling.

Eventually, excess water will precipitate damage. A tired roof will not only be unsightly but could leak. Leaks could harm interior structures like ceilings and walls that will require costly repairs. Moreover, water damage often stimulates the formation and growth of a fungus known as mold. Mold can precipitate numerous untoward health manifestations, in addition to exacerbating potentially serious underlying lung and heart disorders. Ergo, gutters must always be kept clean and clear.

Window Replacement

Many siding establishments also perform window replacements. Windows are crucial to a home’s exterior appeal and said dwelling’s interior comfort and safety. Said components that are neat, adorned and well-maintained are likely to increase a property’s intrinsic and monetary values.

That said, optimally functioning, properly kept windows are crucial to ensuring a house’s residents live in comfort and are not exposed to temperature extremes and severe weather conditions, like rain, snow, ice and wind. Any of these phenomena can penetrate through weak or damaged windows, precipitating potentially significant problems like leaks and air temperature fluctuations. Such issues could yield health problems, interior damage and increased energy bills.

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Therefore, impaired windows must be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. That said, window repair and installation is a delicate operation where even the slightest mistakes could quickly prove detrimental. For this reason, homeowners are strongly encouraged not to take on this undertaking themselves or retain the services of unqualified entities. Fortunately, many siding establishments employ specially trained staffers well-versed in the window replacement process.

Roof Remediation

Numerous siding companies perform roof remediation. Fewer components are more vital to a home than its roof. A damaged covering can have multiple harmful impacts upon a property, including:

One of a property’s most important value-impacting features is known as curb appeal, which in simple terms, is the way a home is viewed from afar. A dwelling’s roof is a significant aspect of curb appeal. Arguably, the roof is amongst the first features a visitor or prospective buyer will see when viewing the house. Structures with broken shingles or discoloration decrease curb appeal and can render the property much harder to sell.

More importantly, however, a deteriorating roof can precipitate serious internal problems. Amongst the most common manifestation of a failing roof is internal leaks. Over time, water weakens various internal structures, which could result in extensive and expensive repairs. Excessive water and internal moisture can also serve as a breeding ground for mold growth.

Additionally, and much like tiring windows, damaged roofs can allow increased concentrations of air to surge into the home’s interior. Such events can be particularly problematic during the winter and summer months when extreme temperatures are often experienced. Not only can significantly elevated or decreased temperatures prove uncomfortable to live under but place an added strain on heating units and air conditioners, which can result in excessive energy costs.