Bored with Mediocre Living Room? Make Your Living Room Feel Joyful with These Tips

955 – Being a place to talk with guests and gather with family, the living room must be made as comfortable as possible. One of the things to make a comfortable living room is to make the living room look beautiful. The living room can also affect the mood of the people in it. Therefore, it is important to give a joyful look into the living room so that your guests or family look happy when they are in your house.

A joyful living room will also affect the rest of the room in the house. Because, the position of the living room is at the front, close to the entrance. When you enter the house, you will be connected to a joyful living room. It’s fun, right?

Unfortunately, in making the living room feel joyful is not easy. If you no have references and do not know how to make it, you can make your living room look bad. But do not be worry because here we have provided the great tips to turn your mediocre living room into the joyful living room. So, let’s check it out!

Start with The Ceiling

In arranging or redecorating the room, make sure it is arranged. Here, you can start from the top of the room, which is the ceiling.

In making the living room feel joyful, you can use more than three colors. Choose the colors you like and blend with the design of the living room. Then apply to the ceiling living room.

Colorful living room ceiling
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Unfortunately, there are some things that you should consider in choosing the right colors for the ceiling:

  • For a high ceiling

The ceiling in the living room is often made higher so that the living room feels spacious so that the living room will become a comfortable place. Here you can take advantage of the living room ceiling in presenting bold colors, such as yellow, red, green, etc.

  • For a low ceiling

A low ceiling is usually found in minimalist rooms. But, do not worry. The minimalist room can also still be made into a joyful place. By using several soft colors, such as blue, white, beige, etc., the living room will look colorful without having to worry about making it look even narrower.

Make Use of Lights

Every room will certainly need light to make it look bright. And lights become one of the items that can be used to make a dark living room look bright. However, besides that, lights can also be used as decoration to make the living room feel joyful.

Yellow Pendant make the living room feel joyful
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There are many types of lights that can be used in the living room. The pendant lamp be the right lamp to use. It is because the pendant lamp has a variety of shapes and colors.

To bring a joyful look into the living room, choose a pendant lamp with an attractive shape and bright colors. As in the picture above, the homeowner chooses a yellow pendant lamp to match the curtains in the living room to make it look harmonious.

Note Wall Decorations That Will Be Used

Room decoration is very necessary to sweeten the room so it does not look stiff and boring. In decorating the room, make sure you have chosen the side of the room and the media to be decorated. The wall is a decoration medium that has a great influence on the appearance of the room. Therefore, note the wall decoration that will be used is important.

Colorful wall decoration to make a joyful living room
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And here are wall decorations that you can choose in making a joyful living room:

  • Colorful Painting

Painting is a mainstream wall decoration. Almost everyone chooses painting as a wall decoration to make the room look sweeter.

In making your living room feel joyful, you can choose the colorful painting and hang it on the living room wall. Place this painting above the sofa to make it look more attractive. In addition, the colorful painting will also make the living room look artsy.

  • Mural Wall

If you avoid wall decorations such as paintings, photos, statues, beautiful plates, etc., mural walls can be used as an alternative to making the living room look attractive. A variety of bright colors used on the mural wall will bring a joyful impression into the living room as a whole.

Living Room Furniture

Now it’s time we fill the living room with some furniture. In presenting a joyful living room, you can also use furniture. Choosing furniture with bold colors presents a colorful look that makes the living room look cheerful and fresh.

Joyful Living Room decor tips
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As seen in the picture above, the red-colored rattan table looks so eccentric and makes the living room look colorful and fresh. The lamp behind the sofa also has the same color as the color of the table so it looks harmonious.

Some bright colors that you can also apply on sofa cushions. Blue, red, yellow, and green look so compact in creating joyful nuances into the living room. In addition, your white sofa also looks much more beautiful and attractive.

White and red carpets are optional items that can make the living room look sweeter and less rigid. The red and beige carpet radiates a quirky, bright look but still looks cute and not tacky.