Where Can You Install Coloured Concrete Floors in Your Home?


Home is where the heart is because it is made to the heart’s content. More than the structure, the finishing touches you add will truly make it your dream home. After picking the paint type and designs, the flooring choices, landscaping, roof tiling, and other decorations complete the picture.

Of the myriad options available to get the look and feel you want, coloured concrete floors are a great way to go. They combine the toughness and durability of concrete with the spectrum of colouring options available to give you the best of both worlds. And they needn’t be just for the outdoors.

Covering Many Bases

Modern techniques allow for concrete floors to be included in many parts of the house, unlike in the past, when they were installed only in the outdoors. Consulting your installer about what parts of the house are viable will help you decide on moving forward with it.

Living Area

The general impression is that concrete flooring does not work for the living room, as it will be too plain for the setting there. This is absolutely a myth. Newer colouring and painting methods make it possible for concrete floors to be made available in any colour, design, and texture desired.

The only limitation is your imagination. With the right setting techniques, the typical drawbacks such as cracks can also be minimised, giving you a polished look that’s sure to make anyone want to step on the floor there.


The bathroom is another area regularly dismissed as unfit for the coloured concrete floors. Since concrete smoothens out and gives a grey, industrial look to the room, people ignore its potential as a bathroom flooring option.

With colour added to the mix, though, it will become apparent that the earlier preconceived notion was wrong. What’s more, texturing allows for blending design and increased grip levels so that slippages won’t occur.

Outdoor Footpath

If you have a lawn between your gate and front door, a concrete walk-path is the go-to choice. It’s easy to construct, especially if laid out in the form of individual tiles. It lasts long against the constant wear and tears associated with the elements.

With colours, you can experiment with what matches your taste and exterior aesthetic of your house. It is easy to maintain, as well.

Swimming Pool Area

A pool area needs to have solid flooring to prevent slipping due to the water spilled over it. It must also be ready to go with any pool party setting.

Coloured concrete floors sit very comfortably here. They have all the qualities needed to make them the perfect fit to be used surrounding a pool.


Concrete flooring is synonymous with driveway creation. It’s the perfect material for handling the constant grinding of car tyres. With colours, now you can add character to the rather pedestrian look that driveways are known for. It can be made to match your vehicle colour, exterior house colour, or both.

Coloured concrete floors are quickly cementing themselves as a favourite for flooring everywhere. This is because they give a firm footing wherever they’re placed, physically and aesthetically.