24 Decoration Ideas Effectively Make Your Room Attractive


roohome.com – Decorating is an important part of the room. It can fill your room and make it look more attractive. Unfortunately, decorating the room can also be tricky. Decorating mistakes can make a room look strange. It can even disturb the comfort of the room. Therefore, before decorating your room, you have to get some decoration ideas as a reference. With this, you will know what decoration you will choose and whether it matches the interior of your room.

There are lots of decorations that you can choose and apply to your home. Starting from difficult to easy to apply. Starting from those that can be bought everywhere to hard to get. However, this all depends on individual taste. Each person has different characteristics. And, adjust the room to your characteristics so you can feel more comfortable there.

In this article, we have provided 24 decoration ideas that will make your rooms attractive. So, let’s check it out!

1. 3D Mountain Painting for Your Hallway

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Do not leave the hallway in your house empty without decoration. Make the hallway an attractive area that can make you feel more relaxed and calm before entering your room.

Hanging the painting is the easiest decoration that you can apply to the hallway. Make it look fresh and natural with 3D mountain painting. The texture of the painting will give a more attractive appearance to your sleek hallway.

Make the painting stand out by using the black frame. Also, provide lighting that shines directly on the painting. It is great to make the texture and colors of the painting look clearer.

2. Large Arch Mirror

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Gray-painted walls look beautiful with a large arch mirror. Hanging it in the middle of the wall makes it the main spot in the bedroom. It looks so natural with a light wood frame.

Here, mirrors are not alone in beautifying a room. In the mirror area, there is a bench with a white throw pillow and a brown blanket. And, next to it is placed a large plant with a very simple appearance. The green color of the plants alone is enough to freshen up the entire bedroom and make it feel more alive.

3.  Large Plants for Bedroom

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Plants are the safest decorations to use. This decoration can blend with all kinds of concepts and designs. The green color of the plants themselves can also provide freshness which is very helpful in making the room feel more comfortable. Also, with this, plants will be very suitable for rooms with a natural concept.

Large plants are very beautiful to decorate the corners of the room. So that the appearance does not appear stiff and monotonous, several smaller-sized plants are used. Placing plants in one spot makes it look very neat in the bedroom.

4. Two Black Sconces

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Use items that are really needed as a room decoration. Making the item multifunctional is the best way to decorate the minimalist bedroom.

Sconces are additional lights that you can use for the bedroom. It can be a night light too. With this, choose yellow lighting with lighting that is not too bright. Or, you can also use the lighting from the sconces to read a book before bed.

The black sconces are perfect for whitewashed walls. Install these items right above the bedside table or on the right and left of the headboard.

5. Wooden Soap Dish

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The next of 24 decoration ideas to make your rooms attractive is a wooden soap dish. This decoration can add to the aesthetic value of your vanity area. You can use this decoration to fill the corner of your vanity.

With a wooden base, this soap dish is very suitable for white bathroom shades. It can bring a natural look and ambiance into this room. The texture and natural brown color of the wood brings a hint of warmth that can increase the comfort of the bathroom.

You can make the soap dish look attractive by placing a bottle and also a small vase filled with simple green plants.

6. Rattan Storage Present Natural Ambiance

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Bring a natural and warm look into your bathroom with rattan baskets. It is not a decoration that adds to the beauty and aesthetic value of the room but also serves as a storage place. You can store your bathroom stuff here. It will help you to maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the bathroom.

You can place the rattan basket in a prominent area, such as the vanity area. It is good for filling the shelves on the vanity. Or, if there is a special shelf in your bathroom, you can place it there.

7. Greenery Your Bathroom with Small Plants

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Bring freshness to the look and atmosphere of the bathroom with small plants. It becomes the next of 24 decoration ideas to make your rooms attractive you can follow.

Two to four small plants are enough to fill the floating shelves in the bathroom. Adding some decorations to accompany the plants will make the appearance more attractive and aesthetic.

8. Pampas Grass to Fill The Corner of The Room

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The corner area of the room is used as an interesting spot in the playroom. The use of mirrors successfully covers stiff corners and makes the room feel more spacious. There is also pampas grass, which is another decoration, that enlivens the room and makes the look more attractive. Using a rattan pot as a container for pampas grass makes it appear more natural and harmonious.

This playroom is designed with warm tones, where the colors chosen are brown and white. And this is done consistently. Therefore, pampas grass is a plant that is very suitable for decorating this playroom.

9. String Light Make Mirror More Stand Out

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The mirror in the corner of the bedroom is not only an item to see your outfit of the day. You can also utilize it as a decoration that will increase the aesthetic value of your bedroom. And, decorating it with string lights is a great idea. This becomes the next of 24 decoration ideas to make your rooms attractive.

Simply install the string light on the edge of the mirror. And, let the yellow lighting warm this corner of the room. It will be so great for the night. You can also use the string light as a night light. Yellow lighting can create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom.

10. Aromatherapy Candles on The Cabinet Table

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The cabinet table is the main interesting area in the room. Usually, several displays will be placed on this table to enliven and enhance the look of the room. Among the many displays that you can place on the cabinet table, aromatherapy candles are one that you can choose from. It not only decorates your cabinet table well but also brings warmth and fragrance which can make you feel more relaxed when you are in the room. Not only that, the light from the candles also brings warmth which increases comfort in the room.

11. Kitchen Utensils and Books

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Use kitchen utensils as decoration to make the kitchen area more attractive. Use a container with a neutral color that will look good with the wooden kitchen utensils. Beside it, you can put two to three books with natural color tones.

So that these items look combined to beautify the appearance of the kitchen, use a wooden board as a base. Place these decorations neatly on top. It will look good on the gray kitchen countertop.

12. “H-O-M-E” Pictures

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Switch the function of the floating shelf in the kitchen from storage to decorating area. You can use pictures with the letters H, O, M, and E to place on the floating wall shelf. Choose a natural-colored frame such as black, white, or wooden frame. Or, you can also use a frame in the same color as the floating wall shelf. It will make the look more minimalist and harmonious.

In this idea, pictures do not need to be hung on the wall. You just need to put it on a floating shelf and lean it against the wall. Very easy isn’t it?

13. Black and White Pictures for Dining Room

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Maintain a natural impression in the dining room by using natural colored decorations too. On the light graywashed wall, you can hang some black and white pictures. Using black frames will make the pictures look more stand out on the wall. And, this is the next of 24 decoration ideas to make the rooms attractive you can choose from.

Make the wall a gallery wall. Bring a warm impression of your family with pictures. You can save precious moments there with the pictures you want. 6 – 9 pictures are enough to fill one side of the wall in the dining room.

14. Large Rattan Pendant Light Make It Natural

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The rattan pendant light is very suitable for rooms with natural designs and concepts where wood, wicker, and rattan are the main materials and white is the basic color of the room. Its large size is perfect for filling the upper area of a minimalist dining room. It can enliven your dining room without disturbing the minimalist concept itself. Also, by using rattan pendant light, natural materials are present in the room vertically which makes the appearance look clean and neat.

15. Ladder as Bathroom Storage and Attractive Area

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Don’t use floating wall shelves to fill your bathroom wall. Use something more interesting and can make the bathroom look different, such as a ladder. You only need to replace several wire baskets of different sizes there. And, put some bathroom stuff as well as some decorations such as books, aromatherapy candles, a small plant, etc.

A light wooden ladder could be an option for your white bathroom nuances. The wood color will bring a more natural impression and make the ambiance of your bathroom fresh and warm.

16. Make Your Room Feel Alive with Flower Wallpaper

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If you feel that your bedroom looks very ordinary and boring, then give an interesting touch to the wall area. You can bring several colors there by installing the wallpaper. The pattern of wallpaper is also very important to pay attention to. Choose a pattern that is simple but still looks attractive. That way, the tranquility of your bedroom will not be disturbed.

So that the colors on the wallpaper can be seen more clearly, paint the other walls white. This is an effective way to make the appearance of the room neutral. Also, brighten the bedroom with lighting that can help the colors of the wallpaper look alive.

17. Bath Tray

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A bath tray is a very helpful item in the bathroom. This can be a place for you to put a book, smartphone, or tablet. So, you can soak and relax while reading a book or enjoying your favorite series on Netflix.

Apart from that, the bath tray is also a decoration that can make the bathtub area look more attractive. You can put some displays in the form of a small plant, some small candles, and so on.

18. Use Colorful Shower Curtain

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Using a shower curtain really helps to keep the bathroom clean. However, it can also be a decoration that will make this room look more attractive. There are many shower curtains with various colors and patterns. You can adapt it to your characteristics. But, if you want to bring a cloudless ambiance into your bathroom, then choose a shower curtain that has vibrant colors. And, it becomes the next of 24 decoration ideas to make the rooms attractive you can follow.

19. Floating Wall as Storage and Give Attractive Look to Your Kitchen

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The next of 24 decoration ideas to make the rooms attractive is to utilize the floating wall shelves. In this idea, the kitchen cabinet is replaced by floating wall shelves. So, all the items there will be seen very clearly by the eye. And with this, you can also use floating wall shelves as decoration which can make the kitchen seem prettier.

You can use the plates, mugs, and kitchen utensils as displays. Arrange these items very neatly on there. You can also add a small plant to bring freshness into the kitchen.

20. Put a Sheepskin Rug on Your Sofa

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Putting a sheepskin rug on the sofa is an interesting idea that you can try. This is the easiest way to decorate a sofa and make it look more attractive. The simple design will easily blend in with various designs, including minimalist design.

The sheepskin rug is also the right item to use when winter arrives. It can make your sofa area warmer. Besides that, its soft texture will make you feel more comfortable when sitting on the sofa.

21. Some Candles on The Fireplace

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Do not just decorate the fireplace area with a mirror. This is too mainstream. Make the appearance of the fireplace more attractive by presenting other items. It can also enliven the fireplace so that it does not look very stiff or monotonous. Put some candles there is the most appropriate decoration. This is an easy decoration that everyone can follow. Use candle holders that can make the candles look prettier on the fireplace. And, this is the next of 24 decoration ideas to make your rooms attractive.

22. Throw Pillows with Beautiful Patterns

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Enliven your living room by using throw pillows. Throw pillows in different neutral colors can bring more colors into the room without disturbing the concept of the room itself. For the pattern, adjust it to your wishes. If you want to maintain the minimalist concept in your living room, then you can choose a simple pattern. However, if you want to make your room seem cloudless, choose the throw pillows with vibrant colors and full patterns. Arrange the throw pillows very neatly on the sofa.

23. Digital Clock

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The next of 24 decoration ideas to make your rooms attractive is the digital clock. You can use this item in several rooms such as the bedroom, living room, and home office. With its small size, this item is very practical and easy to move. You can use the digital clock to decorate the bedside table in the bedroom, your workspace in the home office, and the table cabinet in the living room or dining room.

24. Flowers on The Coffee Table

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The last of 24 decoration ideas to make your rooms attractive flowers on the coffee table. There are many types of flowers that you can choose. However, match the color of the flowers to the interior of the room. That way, the appearance of the living room looks harmonious.

For the size of the flower itself, adjust it to the size of your coffee table. However, if you choose a small flower, you can put it in a pile of books to make it stand out in the room. The presence of flowers not only gives an attractive appearance to the room but also makes it seem fresher and sweeter at the same time.

Final Words

Decorations are needed in every room, whether in a large room or a tiny room. Decoration will really help to enliven, enhance, and make the room feel comfortable. However, adjust the decoration to the design and concept of the interior. That way, the appearance of the room will be more harmonious and make the room feel comfortable. In decorating the room, you can play with patterns, colors, shapes, and textures. Just adjust it to your characteristics and also the concept of your room. So, good luck everyone!