24 Playroom Ideas: Let’s Make Your Kids Feel Comfy and Happy in Their Rooms


roohome.com – Children do not only have to play in the park, you can also create a comfortable and fun playground in the house. You only need to provide one special room to serve as a playroom. Decorate the playroom properly and correctly. Pay attention to the color selection because this will determine the atmosphere and appearance of the playroom. And also, in decorating this one room, you must first know what your child likes. That way, they will feel more comfortable and happy when playing in their playrooms. And, in this article, we have provided 24 Playroom Ideas that you can use as a reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Make The Room Fun with a Colorful Look

colorful playroom ideas
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The first of 24 Playroom Ideas is a colorful playroom. This idea can bring a cloudless atmosphere that will make your kid feel fun and happy in this room. Besides that, this can also stimulate children’s creativity. And also, they can know some colors which can be their reference in drawing.

Play with bright colors like yellow, blue, green, pink, and so on. Also, present a bit of an eccentric color such as red that can remove the pale impression in the room. And, to make these colors look stand out and live in the room, you have to make white as the main color. Also, illuminate the playroom with natural lighting.

2. Cozy Lower Window Seat

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Make the window area a comfortable spot in the playroom. Here, you can decorate the window area with a few colorful seat cushions. Put the throw pillows on there too. Choose throw pillows with simple motifs to enliven the playroom and make it feel fun. Adding some dolls is also an interesting idea that can add aesthetic value to the playroom.

Leave the window plain without any decoration. That way, natural lighting can enter the room freely. It will really help in making the colors in the room look more alive and light up.

3. Indoor Treehouse Playroom

indoor treehouse
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Train your child’s motor skills by making a treehouse in the playroom. There is a ladder and a slide which can also make children feel happy when playing in the room. No need to make it with a large size. Making it simple is better. Try to choose materials that are safe for children. If you use wood, make sure the surface is finished so it will not hurt your child.

For colors, you can adjust them like are in the real park. Choose white as the main color that will make the appearance bright and neutral. Then, add greens to bring a freshness to the room. This color will blend with the wood color and make the playroom look natural.

4. The Mural Wall Makes The Room Feel More Alive

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If you feel the playroom looks so simple and boring, this is a sign that the room needs a special touch. Here, you can rely on the wall mural. And, this becomes the next of 24 Playroom Ideas you can choose from.

There are many wall murals that you can apply. However, you have to adjust to what your child likes. And, if your kid loves the sea, you can create a sea mural wall for the room. Also, draw some marine animals such as whales or dolphins. It will give a more attractive look to the playroom.

5. Show Off The Result of Your Kids’ Creativity in The Room

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Every kid’s creativity must be appreciated. That way, kids will feel proud and continue to develop their creativity. And, if your kids like drawing, then you can utilize the results of their drawing. You can make it as a decoration to enliven and beautify the playroom.

Hang your kids’ drawings on the wall randomly and messy. That way, it will look more artsy on the wall. And, if your kids have a large pretty painting, show off this by placing it on a small stand. Place it in the corner of the room adjacent to your kids’ drawing table. That way, the painting can stand out and immediately attract the eye.

6. Decorate The Room with Pretty Rugs

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A rug is a mandatory item for the playroom. Children love to run around so much that we do not know when they will fall. And, falling on the rug is much better than falling directly on the floor. The rug has a softer and smoother texture so that when the child falls it will minimize the injuries that will get to the child. Therefore, you can use two or three rugs. Layered it will make the floor surface softer. With this, children will feel comfortable when playing in the playroom. And, this becomes the next of 24 Playroom Ideas you can follow.

Utilize the rug as decoration to increase the beauty of the playroom. Choose a rug with attractive motifs and colors. Using an animal-shaped rug can also bring a cloudless ambiance so that your kid will have fun in this room.

7. Add More Storage to Store The Toys

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There will be lots of toys in the playroom. If not stored properly, it will make the playroom messy and uncomfortable. Therefore, present some storage space. It would be much better to use lower shelves. That way, children can immediately tidy up their toys when they are finished using them. Also, use some wicker baskets to organize the toys. You can utilize it to add the beauty and feel of fun by choosing colorful wicker basket like the picture above. For toys with interesting designs, it would be better to display them in the room. Put these on the shelves as playroom decorations.

8. The Presence of Yellow Brings A Cloudless Ambiance into The Room

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Yellow is the most effective color to bring a cloudless ambiance into the room. Applying it to the playroom interior is a great idea. It becomes the next of 24 Playroom Ideas you can choose from.

Make yellow as an accent in the room. Applying it to the ceiling can make the room look attractive. Also, in this way, yellow will not overshadow the other colors in the room. So, it will be balanced.

Also, apply yellow on one side of the wall. The wall where the built-in shelves are located is the most appropriate to choose from. The white built-in shelves look prettier with yellow on the wall.

9. Make The Room Bright Naturally

bright playroom ideas
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Lighting is an important aspect of the room. This affects the comfort and also the beauty of the room. And, in having a comfortable room, you have to make it bright. It would be better if you could make the room bright naturally. Natural lighting is much better than lamps. It can make the room warmer and make the colors in the room look more alive.

Select a window with a large size to be installed in the playroom. If this window is still lacking in illuminating the room, you can install a skylight window. Lighting from above would be much better. This will spread across the room and remove any dark shadows from the room. That way, the room not only looks brighter but also feels more spacious.

10. Indoor Kids Rock Climbing Wall

kids rock climbing wall
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Rock climbing walls can train children’s motor skills very well. So, making a rock climbing wall in the playroom is a very appropriate idea. This becomes the next of 24 Playroom Ideas that you can apply.

Try not to install it too high so that it is not dangerous for children. You can also do a mountain mural wall. That way, the child will imagine he is climbing or climbing a mountain. Make the picture of the mountains colorful so it will bring a cloudless ambiance that will boost your kid’s mood and make him feel happier in the room.

11. Create A Cozy Reading Nook in The Room

kids reading nook
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Make reading a fun activity for children. Therefore, you must provide a reading spot that is comfortable and fun for children. As in this one idea where the reading nook is made so attractive with a colorful appearance. The combination of bright colors is very helpful in boosting the kid’s mood. Children will feel happier in this spot.

Make a bright reading nook by installing windows there. That way, natural light will enter and immediately illuminate the reading nook. Also, add some throw pillows and dolls as decorations. And, if you want to make the reading nook feel more comfortable, you can apply upholstered walls.

12. Cute and Tidy Playroom

tidy playroom
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A tidy room will feel much more comfortable. So, if you want to make your child feel comfortable in the playroom, you have to make this room tidy first. Use the lower cubbies for storage. Organize the stuff very well, like the top side for books and the bottom side for children’s toys. It would be better if you use close storage for the toys. That way, it will be free of clutter. Also, pay attention to the decorations in this room such as pictures hanging parallel to the wall or reading books that are neatly placed in their places.

13. A Simple Kids Kitchen Playset

kids kitchen playset
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Children really like playing cooking or just enjoying a cup of tea as if they have a house of their own where they enjoy their free time. So, make this imagination look real by making a simple kitchen in the playroom. You can use a kids’ kitchen playset. Also, present a small dining table along with the benches.

The decoration of this area is more attractive so that children feel happy in their kitchen. You can draw a line so that it looks like a small house. Make this look more realistic by adding some small plants in there. Also, use rugs to provide visual boundaries.

14. Place A Small Tent in The Corner of The Room

kids tent
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Children are indeed very active. Almost all of their time is used for playing, drawing, and so on, so we never know when they are feeling tired. Therefore, present a place for them to rest in the playroom. This becomes the next of 24 Playroom Ideas that you can follow and apply.

Build a small tent right in the corner of the room. Make it comfy by using a soft seat cushion and some throw pillows. That way, they can lie down or just sit down to rest and recharge their energy. Not only that, but this can also build their imagination in camping in the backyard.

15. Bright and Warm Playroom

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The next of 24 Playroom Ideas is a bright and warm playroom. With white as the main color, the room looks naturally bright. Besides that, the white color also makes the appearance neutral so that other colors will stand out in the room.

The use of sheer curtains allows natural light to enter the room properly. This makes white brighter and also more alive. And, the playroom looks so natural with the use of light wooden furniture. The combination of natural white and brown tones of the wood brings out a warmth that makes the room feel cozy and serene.

16. Tidy Small Playroom

small playroom ideas
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It does not matter if you only have a small room to serve as a playroom. Children do not only have to play in the treehouse. You can make a small playroom become fun by placing some toys, reading books, and also a table for children to draw on. That way, the playroom is not just a room for children to play and have fun, but also a room where children can explore and increase their creativity.

Make white the main color to make the small playroom bright and feel more spacious. Light up the room with natural lighting. Choose bright and soft colors to decorate the room. However, also present a touch of darker or quirky colors to eliminate the pale and stiff impression in the room.

17. Make The Room Calm with Soft Colors

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This soft pink sofa is the center of focus in the playroom. With white as the main color, soft pink looks more stand out. It changes the look of the room drastically. It makes the look of the room softer so that the ambiance in the room is calmer. This is really good for increasing the comfort of the room.

To maintain a serene atmosphere, the playroom is decorated very simply. The walls are left plain. There is only a cubby containing storage and some children’s toys. Even so, this room is far from stiff and boring. This is because there is a rug with a very beautiful pattern and a soft color. The use of light wood furniture also decorates the room and also brings more warmth and serenity to the playroom.

18. Utilize The Wall Area for Storage

wall storage
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Using a shelf or cubby will take up the space in the room. Therefore, it is advisable not to use too many shelves in a small room. However, in the playroom, there are lots of items that must be stored properly. That way, the tidiness and comfort in this room will be maintained. And, utilizing the wall as storage is a great idea that you can apply. This becomes the next of 24 Playroom Ideas.

Install floating shelves on the playroom wall. Use a basket or a container to organize the items so that the room will look tidier. And, for the floating bookshelves, you can neatly put the reading books directly there.

19. Small Bean Bag for Cozy Reading Nook

kids bean bag
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The seat determines whether the reading nook feels comfortable or not. And, for those of you who want to make your kids’ reading nooks feel comfortable and also attractive, using small bean bags is a great idea.

Choose the bean bag with a color that blends in with the interior. You can also choose bean bags that have simple but beautiful motifs. It can enliven the room and give a more beautiful effect to the look.

20. The Colorful Wall Enliven The Room

colorful playroom ideas
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If you want to make the playroom look simple but colorful, doing a mural wall is a great idea. You can do a colorful wall mural like in the picture above. Make the image look more abstract for a more interesting result. Combine several colors that can add freshness to the room such as green. Also present are orange and yellow colors to bring a cloudless. That way, the playroom will be perfect.

To make this wall the center of focus, place a cubby on this wall. Take advantage of several colorful baskets filled with toys, books, drawing tools, and more as decorations. It will greatly fill the wall and make it prettier.

21. Comfortable Attic Playroom

attic playroom
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Take advantage of the attic to be a comfortable room for children to play. Due to the limited area and also the short ceiling, it would be better to apply the dominant white color. And also, light up the attic room with maximum natural lighting. This method will be very effective in making the attic playroom feel more spacious.

If you want to bring other colors to make the playroom attractive, then black is the right color. This is the neutral color that will match white. But, you can also give a little touch of yellow to bring a cloudless atmosphere that will make this room feel fun.

Soft seat cushions that are placed parallel and lengthwise are not only a place for children to rest. It also makes the attic look longer and wider. You just need to decorate it with pretty throw pillows to make the attic playroom beautiful.

22. Pretty Pink Reading Nook

pink reading nook
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A pretty pink reading nook is the next of 24 Playroom Ideas. The pink color is perfect for your daughter’s playroom.

The choice of a soft pink color makes the appearance also look soft. When it is juxtaposed with white, it makes the look of the playroom become bright. And, the use of these two colors (white and pink) is enough to make the playroom become pretty. So, you don’t need to present other colors. That way, the reading nook looks simpler, quieter, and more comfortable.

However, if you want to beautify this area, you can utilize the reading book. Place some reading books on the floating bookshelves. So, it will be seen and decorate the pink reading nook well.

23. Animals-Themed Playroom

animals-themed playroom
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If your child really likes animals, then making an animal-themed playroom is an interesting idea to try. With this, children will feel happy and comfortable in their room.

You can choose white to make the look of the room natural. Then, use green as if to make the playroom feel like you are in a forest. From this green color, children can feel freshness directly. Light up the room with natural lighting so it will naturally be bright. Then, make the animal-themed look more real by applying a wall mural with an animal symbol and also presenting a doll in the form of a zebra or something else.

24. Make A Swing in The Playroom

playroom swing
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Make a swing in the playroom is the last of 24 Playroom Ideas. As we know that children love to play with slides, swings, or other things. So, if you bring one of them into the playroom, they will be very happy. In addition, the swing does not really take up space like a slide. So, it will be perfect for small playrooms.

Place a small rug directly under the swing. That way, when the child falls, this will minimize the collision between the child’s body and the floor. It would be better if you could use something thicker and stretchier like a seat cushion or anything else.

Final Words

The points above are 24 Playroom Ideas that can be your reference. In making a playroom, you must first know what your child likes, starting from colors, toys, hobbies, and so on. That way, it will be easier to create a concept for the playroom. You can choose one or combine the ideas above into one. Use your creativity to come up with the best room for your child to play in. So, happy trying and good luck everyone!