Tips For Maintaining Oak Furniture


Oak has been a common wood for creating furniture pieces for many centuries because of its beauty, strength, and durability. This wood is popularly identified by its prominent grains that have little dings and spots. Despite these advantages, oak’s porous nature makes it easily stainable if it doesn’t have an ultramodern finish.

It may also get dry and cracked if it lacks moisture. Therefore, oak furniture UK specialists advise that you should maintain your oak furniture to keep them in good condition for a long period.

Here are some ways that you can maintain your oak furniture:

1. Read The Furniture’s Manual For Maintenance Instructions

Any piece of furniture that you purchase is probably treated differently. That’s why it’s vital to read and understand its manual to know how to maintain it. If it doesn’t have special instructions, but has a clear finish, following normal wood care practices would help to maintain it.

2. Air Out New Pieces Of Furniture

If you’ve bought oak furniture whose bark surfaces and interior have just been recently oiled, it’ll have a strong smell. To reduce this, it’s advisable to leave its doors and drawers open. You may also want to open your windows or switch on an air purifier.

Most furniture is oiled before being packaged and shipped. If the smell is too strong, consider placing white vinegar, a bowl of baking soda, and activated charcoal near the furniture to absorb the smell.

3. Sand And Stain Untreated Oak Furniture

If for whatever reasons you’ve bought untreated oak furniture, ensure you sand its surface to smoothen it. You should also wipe off or vacuum the sawdust before staining. You can stain the wood using a cloth dipped in the stain or a brush. Ensure you let the stain to rest for a while before adding more stains, especially if you prefer darker stains.

Some stains that you can use with oak include oil-based stains that penetrate deeply and are permanent, water-based stains that are easy to clean and environmentally friendly, and one-step stains that use a mixture of finish and stain.

4. Strip The Wood

If you intend to change the appearance of your furniture, or if it has severed staining, simply strip the wood. However, you need to consider the protective covering on top of it before stripping. If it’s covered with varnish, you’ll require a varnish stripper to remove the covering.

Fortunately, most manuals have directions on how to perform this procedure. The manual will also give you instructions on how to stain and re-varnish your furniture. During this process, it’s vital to first apply the stripper in a different spot before using it on the whole piece of furniture. Ensure you wear old clothing and gloves on your hands for protection as you conduct the procedure.

5. Clean Your Oak Furniture

If you’ve purchased a piece of furniture that’s been sealed and finished, you can simply clean it by wiping. Ensure you use a clean damp cloth, and a soft dry one, to eliminate any moisture. If it hasn’t been finished, clean it using wood oil and a moisturizing polish.

Final Thought

Furniture, like metallic machinery, needs to be maintained to enable them to stay longer. These are but a few techniques you can use to keep your furniture in shape.