What Causes Garbage Disposal Leaks and How to Deal with Them in Alexandria

Open faucet washbasin with low water pressure

Alexandria, VA, has an excellent garbage disposal system of its own. The city provides 64-gallon trash cans to households free of charge. However, trash removal from premises is mainly concerned with items that can be sent for recycling.

The garbage disposal unit below the kitchen sink is far more effective in flushing out daily kitchen wastes. It is a device that grinds kitchen waste into very fine particles so that it can be flushed out through the plumbing. Therefore, a leak in the unit can be frustrating as it can overflow your kitchen and cause water damage as well. You can fix this problem quickly with the help of an expert Alexandria plumber.

Here are some of the most common reasons for garbage disposal leaks.

1. Old Gasket

An old and worn-out gasket could be the reason behind the garbage disposal leak. Check the gasket between the flange and the rubber seal. If it is worn-out, it will likely drip water. If you do not use the disposer enough, it could dry out the gasket, causing it to leak. It is best to employ an expert plumber and replace the gasket with a new one. The plumber will pull out the plug connecting it to the dishwasher, inspect the drain hose and swap the gasket for a new one. They will also check the tightness of mounting grooves for any further leaks.

2. Leaking Flange

The flange is placed at the highest point of the garbage disposal system, where it meets the drain and the sink. The flange prevents dirt from clogging your kitchen drain. If you see water leaking from that spot, then it could be due to a leaking flange. A plumber will unscrew the bolt and replace the putty, tightening the pins. They will also remove the screws that connect the main drain pipe to the unit, taking out the metal clamps and removing the free dishwasher hose and tubing. They will then raise the flange and adjust the mounting components under the sink. Try not to use any DIY methods to replace the flange.

3. Loose Drain Pipes

Loose drain pipes are a significant reason for leaking garbage disposal. It mainly occurs at the spot where the unit meets the drain lines. Check both the lines – the thinner dishwasher disposal line and the thicker sewer disposal line. An expert plumber will be able to check which line is loose.

With frequent drain line inspections, you will be able to avoid these issues as a plumber will change fittings timely before such leaks can occur.

During the inspection, the plumber will also check for loose seals that might have come off because someone might have hit the device too hard while rummaging through the storage space under the sink. The plumber will identify the exact location of the leak and apply a putty sealing ring.

4. Check the Dishwasher Connection

The dishwasher connection to the drainpipe might have come off, resulting in the garbage disposal drip. Or it could have clogged beyond measure, putting pressure on the lines. The dishwasher dumps food waste into this unit as some of them might have hardened over time. There could be cracked hoses as well. Employ a plumber to take care of this issue, or it might end up damaging your dishwasher also.

5. Cracked Body

This could happen with ancient units. Your garbage disposal could be leaking because the unit body has cracked. You should check the unit for cracks, and if you detect one, you should immediately call a plumber to replace it for you. There are many types of dishwasher options available in stores in Alexandria. Choose the one which promises longevity and will prove to be a good investment. You should also place the unit out of range from other heavy items in the kitchen because the knocks and bumps could also damage the body.

6. Leaking Reset Button

The reset button in the unit could start leaking, and if that happens, fixing the button will only provide a temporary solution. Call a plumber to replace the button entirely. They will replace the switch and any other faulty part with it. Always get it serviced by a professional because a faulty button will prevent the unit from functioning correctly when you need it the most and result in clogs with the garbage disposal not grinding the waste properly.

With an expert Alexandria plumber, you will be able to take care of your garbage disposal leaks quite efficiently. Ensure that you schedule regular maintenance of the unit so that you continue to enjoy a mess-free kitchen sink.