5 Glass Door Issues And How To Resolve Them

Worker fixing the sliding door that sticks

The emergence of glass doors has provided a lot of benefits to buildings. Aside from improving a building’s architectural features, glass doors also improve the atmosphere. For offices, glass doors are an amazing addition to a unique interior design. Designers would often couple these with steel bases or frames. Others would use hard plastics as bases. Either way, these glass doors give a new look when used as dividers or wall designs that replace old ones.

Yet, like other materials, glass doors have their own downsides. So, property owners planning to install their own should anticipate common issues concerning glass. Suppose you’re planning to install these doors. In that case, please read this article to learn the possible problems that may arise, as well as the ways to solve them. Read on!

1. Worn And Torn Track

Bent metal frames are typical problems for glass doors. This issue prevents the doors from sliding. Hence, the doors can’t be opened or closed. If you want to fix this issue, you may need a rubber mallet and a chunk of wood. You could put the piece of wood against the bent frame, then, gently hammer the track toward its original place.

The gentle tapping of the hammer could flatten the bent parts back to their original position. In doing this, make sure that the force doesn’t affect the other portions that are still undamaged. Better yet, remove the doors to avoid more extensive damages.

To ensure successful results, you can also hire a professional and reliable glass repair Perth service provider or one from where you live.

2. Broken Rollers

Aside from bent tracks, the usual problem that prevents the doors from sliding is broken rollers. For this particular issue, the biggest factor is the quality of the rollers. High-quality rollers are more likely to have an extended lifespan. In addition, they’re more durable, hence, they don’t easily bend and break. On the contrary, low-quality rollers either bend or break until the wheels wear off. The typical solution is to replace them with a new set of rollers, not the entire door.

3. Shattered Glass

There’s no other way to fix a broken glass, such as glass pet door, except replacement. Taping each broken part would just create further damages. Furthermore, always remember that neglecting the shattered glass could lead to serious injuries. This can be utterly detrimental not just to pets, but also to humans.

To avoid such an issue in the first place, you can look for a high-quality dog door Perth or anywhere in the world, and, then, have it installed in your home. On the other hand, if you’d replace the glass on your own, you may follow the following steps:

  • First, clean the small broken pieces stuck in the frames and the rollers.
  • Ensure that the new piece fits well. To get the correct measurement, measure the width and height of the opening. Then, deduct ¼ inch from the width and length.
  • Use high-quality weather-stripping adhesive to seal the glass properly.
  • Typically, glass installers would fasten the doors with a clip or staples, and cover them with extra sealant. This way, moisture and gas penetration are blocked.
  • Clean the glass and the excess caulk.

4. Faulty Locking Mechanisms

At first, you may try to oil the mechanism as the latch is usually stuck because of rust buildup. If this solution doesn’t solve it, you’d need to do a whole latch replacement. You’d need to remove the lock. You may just follow the instructions on the new latch’s box or ask a professional installer about their installment hacks. After that, repeatedly try to insert and turn the key, and check the lever. Observe if all the parts are in good working condition.

5. Stripped Sealant

Once you see a stripped sealant on your glass door, you should immediately replace it with a new adhesive. Not doing so may loosen the glass, trigger its breakage, or simply allow elements, such as water and air, to penetrate the interior of the building. To prevent this, apply the new sealant according to its instructions. You may also install a jamb-side strip for better fastening. Clean up the dirt and smudges left.

Wrapping Up

Glass door designs have been some of the most sought styles today. They give a delightful atmosphere and offer better lighting to a building. This way, glass doors help in lowering energy expenses. On the other hand, like any other portion of a building, glass doors may require more maintenance than just glass cleaning. And, like the others, glass doors have typical issues, such as worn tracks, shattered glass, and faulty locks.

If you’re planning to install a glass door, you must know the usual problems it entails. Knowing them would help you prevent further damage and address immediate solutions once the issues take place.