Different Types of Tableware and Their Utility


In this modern era of fine dining and using crockeries and cutleries, the word “tableware” is not new to us. Tableware holds a vital position in our lives. All of us use tableware daily. Now, what is tableware? The term “tableware” denotes dishware or dishes that people use to set the table, serve food and dine. Therefore, it is also referred to as “dishware.” It includes various things- like cutlery, plates and bowls, serving dishes, and glassware. The quality, variety, and nature of tableware vary according to religion, specific culture, cuisine, and occasion. One can get all these from the rina menardi shop online.

Now let us see how many kinds of tableware there are!

Different Types Of Tableware:

Though there are various types of tableware, one can categorise them into four types. They are:

  • Serveware- As evident from the name, serveware is primarily used to serve food or drinks. These are also used to bring food to the table. Serving bowls, gravy boats, salad bowls, dessert bowls, and serving spoons.
  • Dinnerware- Dinnerware is the most crucial category of tableware. It is used to serve food to the individual diner during the meal. It includes a variety of plates, from bowels and basic plates to other unique pieces. The arrangement and size of the dinnerware depend on the food that is being served. Dinnerware also includes extensive, medium, and small plates, teacups and plates, and various other kinds of cutlery.
  • Flatware- Flatware is nothing but cutleries. These are also called silverware, as most items belonging to this category are made up of silver. Flatware includes knives, forks, and spoons. Flatware is available in lots of different shapes and sizes.
  • Drinkware- Drinkware is used to serve drinks. It includes different types of glasses, mugs, and cups. That’s why these are also called glassware.

According to rina menardi shop online, these are the four basic types of tableware. 

How Is Different Tableware Used?

So we learned about the different types of tableware. But how are these four different categories of tableware used? Let us find out:

  • Serveware- Serveware means “to serve” things. So naturally, they are used for serving. It serves different food items on the table. One can also bring food to the table using
  • Dinnerware- Dinnerware collectively includes plates, cups, saucers, and bowls. They are used to serve food to the separate diners. They are a vital part of tableware. Dinnerware varies in size and purpose it serves.
  • Flatware- Flatware or silverware consists of cutleries like forks, spoons, and knives. They are used to prepare, eat, or serve food. Flatware comprises a variety of metals like stainless steel, sterling silver, and silver-plated steel.
  • Drinkware- Last but not least, the drinkware or the glassware. Drinkware, sometimes also referred to as beverageware. These are used to contain beverages and other drinks.

Final Words

As chefs and experts believe, the right kinds of tableware help to adjust the mood. So a person needs to know what types of tableware to use and for what purpose. Rina menardi shop online has a variety of tableware in stock. One can choose from their wide range of tableware on the internet.