6 Ways for Adding More Plants in Your NYC Apartment


Plants in a home or apartment can introduce a ton of freshness. They look outstanding, and can also add a pleasant aroma into any space. And with how affordable and easy-to-find they can be, having them in your home is a no-brainer.

However, what if you have a rather small apartment in somewhere like New York City where there may be limited space and limited natural light into your space? Not only is it easy to get high-quality plants quickly thanks to same-day delivery in New York, but there are many ways to bring plants in and help them thrive.

Without any further ado, let’s go over a few ways to bring more plants into your NYC apartment.

Choose the Right Plants

The first thing to keep in mind when looking to add new plants to your NYC apartment is to think of the plants that will do well there. You generally need plants that are okay with low-light, unless your windows get a lot of sun.

Also, the right plants for someone who tends to their plants daily may be different to the right ones for someone who barely wants to water them more than once in a while. If you fall in the second category, be sure to choose some resilient plants that are easy to care for and keep alive.

Also, if  your apartment feels a little stuffy and the air quality feels poor, you can also pick up some air-purifying plants to help your space not only look better, but also feel better. The right plants for you may differ from the right plants for someone else, so take some time to learn what kinds will thrive within your space and lifestyle.

Give Use to Your Window Sill

One of the best ways to add plants to a home that might be a little short on space is to use the window sill. This space often goes unused and is the perfect place for a few pots or vases with your favorite plants. This can look great and bring some much needed natural elements into the concrete jungle that is New York City.

Of course, ensure that the plant is one that enjoys a lot of light. Some low-light plants may struggle on window sills, unless that area doesn’t get a ton of direct sunlight. Also, if you have children or pets, be careful. Many window sills are quite thin, and it would be very easy for these pots to be knocked off if you’re not careful.

Consider Some Hanging Plants

Another option is to add some hanging plants into your space. This is perfect for those with limited square footage, as the ceiling often goes unused and is completely empty. Hanging a planter can look incredible and several plants actually prefer to be hung up this way. These can help your space be more relaxing, and feel more cozy.

Be sure to secure these well, as the last thing you want is a hanging planter to fall and break something, or damage the ceiling in any way. Of course, make sure these hanging planters aren’t in a high-traffic area, either. Constantly banging your head on a planter when getting up from your table or couch generally isn’t a very good experience.

But if they can be put in a place away from where they may hit you, hanging plants can make for a much more interesting room or space.

Add Them to Your Nightstand or Other Empty Counter Space

While your space might be small, there is a good chance you have at least a bit of free counter space that could make the perfect home for a plant. If you don’t have counter space, your nightstand or dresser can be a lovely place to add some plants into your bedroom.

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, and finding some small and easy-to-care for plants can be simple. Not every plant needs to be giant, and no matter the amount of space you have, finding a plant to be able to fit there should be easy. Not only can these plants look good, but some may even have a wonderful scent that can fill your apartment with a pleasant aroma, all day long.

Mount Some Additional Shelves

One of the best ways to create new space and bring plants into your apartment is to mount some additional shelves. These shelves can make a perfect place for small-to-medium plants to sit, without taking up a ton of usable space. Be sure they are mounted securely, and in a place where pets or children won’t attempt to climb on them and potentially damage your walls.

Of course, you want to avoid having your walls too full of shelves and other things, too. If your walls are full, as well as the rest of your space, it can make your home look a little cramped, cluttered and small. Be sure to keep some wall space open, but adding a few shelves here and there to house the plants you want is never a bad idea.

Think About a Small Herb Garden

A great choice for many New Yorkers is a small herb garden. There are affordable systems you can buy that come with everything you need. They come with lights, places to plant the herbs and often look sleek and modern, too.

These take up only a small amount of space, and outside of watering them and turning on the lights at times, these herbs will grow themselves. Not only will this look good and make your home smell pleasant, but it will provide you with fresh herbs you can eat and then continuously grow more of, which should save you some money at the grocery store.

In conclusion, any of these options can be a great way to add more plants into your NYC apartment, even if your space might be a little bit limited.