7 Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference With Your Trees


Did you know that trees are important to our lives in more ways than one? They provide oxygen, filter water, and help protect wildlife. However, they also have a major impact on our well-being. Trees can lower blood pressure, improve moods and boost energy levels. They are also a big part of the natural world we live in and give us a sense of beauty and safety. Unfortunately, many people neglect their trees by not giving them enough care or not planting them correctly. Here are some little things recommended by a friend working at Tree Trimming Service Oakland CA to keep your trees healthy and thriving year after year.

1) Water your tree

Trees need to be watered regularly. Watering is essential for ensuring the proper growth and health of your trees. For many trees, watering is the only way to keep their leaves from maturing prematurely and becoming needles or twigs. You can use a watering can, watering spout, or hose.

2) Add compost to the soil

Compost is a natural fertilizer that helps your trees’ roots grow bigger and stronger. It’s also an important ingredient because it helps your trees replenish their nutrient reserves on a regular basis. In addition to adding compost, you should also add organic matter such as leaves or shredded paper every year in order to make sure that your trees have all the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

3) Pruning your trees

Pruning is an important way to keep your trees healthy, but it can also be a fun activity that you can do with your kids. You can prune to remove dead branches, shape the tree, and/or control growth. When pruning a flowering tree, you may want to save some of the flowers for indoor display. If you are pruning a fruit tree, make sure that you collect all of the fruit so that it doesn’t go to waste. Fruit that is left on the ground can attract pests, such as ants and slugs.

4) Planting new trees

If you have a large area that you would like to fill with beautiful plants, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them, consider planting some new trees instead. The cost of the plants themselves may be relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of buying an equivalent amount of flowers or other garden plants. You can also use trees to create privacy screens. The trees will grow and eventually be big enough to block out the view of your neighbors.

5) Using mulch

Mulch is a great way to keep your trees healthy and looking beautiful. Mulch provides nutrients that the tree can use, it helps retain moisture so that the soil doesn’t dry out, and it can also help control weeds. There are many different types of mulch available. You can use wood chips or bark chips, shredded bark, grass clippings, or even newspaper. The type of mulch you decide to use will depend on many factors, such as its cost and availability in your area.

6) Treating your tree for pests

Treating your trees for pests is a great way to save money. If you have trees that are infested with bugs, you can buy a pesticide from the store and apply it yourself. You can also use organic pesticides that are safer for people and the environment. The main thing to remember is that it’s important to treat your trees on a regular basis so that they don’t become infested in the first place.

7) Planting flowers around your trees

Planting flowers around your trees will help them look more beautiful and it will also help attract birds and butterflies. It’s important to choose flowers that are native to your area, as they will be more likely to grow well and produce beautiful flowers. You can use flowers that have a similar color scheme to the tree or you can choose different colors that complement each other.


Your tree is an important part of your landscape and an integral part of your landscape design. While it’s true that you can make your tree look great, you can also make it look ugly, sick, or damaged. Do these seven little things for your trees to keep them healthy always.