How to Clean High Windows

Young business owner washes windows. Window washing professional. Residential window is cleaned from a ladder with wetting wands, squeegee and cloths. Beautiful sunny day. Reflections show in the windows.

Cleaning high windows is a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many methods for cleaning high windows, some of which work better than others. There are different ways to clean high windows, including;

  1. Using a ladder

This is a dangerous method that requires one person to do all the work. That person has to have a lot of strength and balance, especially on a rickety ladder. This is not an effective way to clean high windows because it creates excess dirt around windows as you clean, and ladders can break easily.

  1. Window washers with telescoping poles

This is another dangerous method as the pole can break or slip out of your hand. The windows washers need plenty of elbow room for washing without bumping into anything nearby; otherwise, they risk tipping over and falling off the window washer machine platform. If they’re on a second story like most high windows, then this could be very dangerous for them and any bystanders below who the window washer machine may hurt. It is not safe to clean high windows as it takes twice as long to clean them and needs two people to do the same job.

Worker is cleaning the roof and rainwater gutter with high pressure.
  1. Reach extension poles

Using telescoping poles, you can attach a reach extender, which will give you an extra foot or so of height. Now you have a bit more wiggle room for washing larger picture windows and tall sliding glass doors without worrying about tipping over. However, this method still requires using ladders, which is difficult work and dangerous if your washing machine slips out of your hand or tips over from leaning too far off the platform. It also doesn’t cover all that much ground because most high windows aren’t larger than the reach extender pole itself.

  1. Cleaning high windows using a pressure washer and squeegee

This method works very well for cleaning high windows, especially when you’re done with the project and can admire your work. Window washing machines attach to the end of the water hose and all you have to do is turn it on and wash away! You don’t need ladders or any other tools, just some basic window washer supplies such as chemical detergents, towels, buckets & scrub brushes. It’s quick and easy because there’s no one else to help you so you don’t waste time waiting on others. This is an effective way to clean high windows without hurting yourself or breaking anything in them.

  1. Cleaning high windows using a pressure washer and cloth

This method is also very effective for cleaning high windows. Just attach a cloth to the end of your water hose instead of adding window washing detergent, then rinse away! This is an excellent way to wash large picture windows, casement windows, or if you’re doing multi-story condos. All you need are some towels and extra buckets for rinsing dirty cloths safely in the laundry. It’s easy to do all on your own with no ladders or help from other family members or friends. Using this method will save you money because it requires fewer window washing supplies than other methods.

  1. Clean high windows with the touch of a button

This method is by far the easiest and least physically-demanding way to wash your windows; it’s especially good for people who are elderly, disabled, or with certain medical conditions. This is an effective solution because you can use it at any time whenever the sun shines on window surfaces that need cleaning. You don’t even need water! It works very well for glass panels, sliding glass doors. Using it doesn’t take much energy besides pushing one button; no more scrubbing with dirty towels. All you need is cleaner supplies such as squeegees, towels, and microfiber cloths.

The above are the best ways we recommend to clean high windows. They’re quick and easy, require little physical effort, are very affordable, and save you more time & energy. This makes it more likely for you to actually do housework, which is especially important if you have a busy schedule or go on vacations often. If nothing else works, we recommend calling the professionals at Cool Glass Windows!