Tips on Cleaning & Maintaining Area Rugs in Your Home


Area rugs are a perfect addition to your home. They can accentuate certain parts, making the final outcome creative and appealing. You can combine or divide your space with it, making your rooms looks smaller or bigger. There are tons of tips and tricks related to area rugs, depending on their shape, size, color, and pattern. But, if you want to prolong their lifetime, you need to maintain them the right way.

Area rugs from the Lemieux et Cie collection are great for this cause since they are super easy to be maintained. Best of all, once you invest in a new area rug, you roll and store the old one away in one of your cupboards. The following article will share with you some tips on area rug cleaning and maintenance!


Area rug cleaning and maintenance

Beating your rugs

It sounds absurd, but it’s the first thing that you should do when you’re cleaning your rugs. Take them outside and shake them up a bit to get rid of any bigger crumbs. After that, put them on your clothesline and start beating them with a stick. Make sure you stay away and on the opposite side of the wind. The last thing you want is to breathe every bit of dust that comes out of the rug. Beating the rug is the place to start if you have pets as well since it’ll lift the dirt and hair that fell on the rug.

Proper vacuuming

We normally vacuum at least once every couple of days to collect dust and food crumbs that fell when we were eating in front of the TV. But, do we vacuum properly? To do so, we need to have a high-quality vacuum that lifts any trapped dirt in the carpets and rugs with one swipe. There are several extra parts that come with your vacuum and they all have a different purpose. Make sure you read the manual that comes with the vacuum or at least look up some videos online.

When vacuuming, you want to go in sections. Divide your carpets and rugs with imaginary lines and start vacuuming section by section. Start firmly horizontally, then go over it once again, vertically. This way, you’ll get any trapped dirt and small crumbs that got stuck deep between the fibers.

Clean the stains while they are still fresh

The same is applied to every stain on every material. If you clean the stain as soon as it forms, you have a bigger chance of success. There are a few things to remember when cleaning stains. The first and most important thing is to tap, never rub. Rubbing will only make the stain bigger and harder to get removed.

Always make sure you tap the excess off and gather any crumbs around it. After you’re satisfied with that, it’s time to grab soapy water and start gently rubbing in a circular motion. There are also some specialized solutions made for carpets on the market shelves, so consider investing in some. If you have a wine stain, sparkly water and lemon do wonders, and for oil stains, dish soap and water work miracles. Just make sure you don’t go too hard on your rugs, as you can ruin the material and leave a huge discoloration where once the stain was.

Have your rugs professionally cleaned

At least once a year, you need to have all of your rugs and carpets professionally deep cleaned. This way, you’ll be able to prolong their life and keep them looking crisp and fresh longer. Deep cleaning is only done by professionals, with various different chemicals and high-pressure water. The process lifts even the most stubborn stains, and you’ll once again see the real color of your rugs. Not to mention that they’ll smell amazing.

Deep cleans are done every 12 to 18 months, and you can get that done in the summertime. Your house will be warm without the flooring auditions, and you’ll have them back way quicker because they’ll dry out faster.

Stop dirt at the door

The best way to prolong the life of your carpets is by walking with slippers or barefoot. Outside shoes should stay outside, or at least in your hallway. If you’re used to walking with shoes on, at least prevent the dirt from coming with you by wiping your shoes on the mat right in front of the house, use wet wipes, or invest in those little machines that will give your shoes a nylon cover once you step on them.

Bottom line

Rug cleaning and maintenance are particularly easy if you follow a few steps and principles. You start off by shaking the rug outside and beating it. Regular and proper vacuuming is the second main step. Clean the stains as soon as they form, and if there are some stubborn stains, have your rugs professionally cleaned instead of treating them with a hard brush that can easily ruin them.