25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive


roohome.com – Small bathrooms are indeed very tricky to decorate. Mistakes in decorating can make a small bathroom feel cramped and stuffy. And, the impact is not only on the beauty of the room but also comfort. This is why small bathrooms are often made minimalist. In fact, if you can decorate a small bathroom very well, it can be turned into something that is alive and fresh. It is just that, indeed, it takes some knowledge or references to decorate this small room. And, to help you in making a beautiful small bathroom, here we have provided 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive. So, let’s check it out!

1. Sconces on The Mirror

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Installing a large mirror for the small bathroom is the right choice. It can make this room look and feel more spacious. And also, you can utilize this large mirror to bring something pretty that can enliven the small bathroom. Installing the sconces on the mirror is an interesting idea that you can try. You can install sconces on the right and left sides of the mirror. And, this is the first of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive you can follow.

2. Ensure Your Privacy with Window Shades

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Windows in the room can provide natural lighting that can beautify and make the room feel comfortable. However, the window in the bathroom can be a threat. This can disturb your privacy in the bathroom. Therefore, to be safe, you need to provide special decorations for the window.

Provide decorations that can maintain your privacy but do not block light from entering the small bathroom. Here, you can install a window shade. Materials from bamboo can give a more natural impression to this small room.

3. Terrazzo for Vanity Area

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Using terrazzo is the simplest way to bring some color into a room without making it seem overwhelming. The terrazzo motif is also still suitable for minimalist designs. So, it will be very safe if applied to a small minimalist bathroom.

Install terrazzo in the vanity area. This is the main area in the bathroom so that the terrazzo motif can be more prominent and dominant in beautifying the appearance of the room. You can also make the terrazzo wall look prettier and fresher by installing LED light behind the mirror. White lighting is the most appropriate because it can make the colors on the terrazzo show their original colors.

4. Greenery Corner Room

fresh small bathroom decors
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This simple bathroom looks very natural with white being the dominant color and black being the accent. Black and white is the most perfect color combination. With maximum natural lighting, this small bathroom looks so bright.

However, because the appearance is too natural and simple, the room looks monotonous. So you need simple decorations in the form of plants to create freshness in the appearance and ambiance of the small bathroom. Choose the large plant and place it in the corner of the room. So, it can decorate the room without taking up the space that will make it cramped.

5. Bring Elegant into It

elegant small bathroom decors
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A touch of gold in a pink bathroom manages to create an elegant impression. Even though the gold color is only an accent in this room, its application is scattered and consistent making it look stand out. Moreover, the gold color is applied to the vanity area which is the main spot in the bathroom.

The gold color is applied vertically to the room starting from pendant lamps, mirrors, hand tower holders, and sinks. On the vanity, there is a plant with red flowers which helps the gold color to change the appearance of the small bathroom into an elegant one.

6. Present Natural Look

natural small bathroom decors
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If there are natural elements in your room, then focus on these elements. However, if you do not have one yet, then you can start anywhere in the small bathroom. Natural elements such as bricks, wood, and natural stone can bring a calmer and warmer atmosphere into the small bathroom.

There is no need to apply it thoroughly. Just choose a spot in the bathroom like a vanity area. Installing natural stone on one side of the wall in the vanity area can be an accent that can provide a more attractive appearance for the room. Even though its application was only in a small area in the bathroom, however, the texture and the color of natural stone managed to stand out.

7. Beautiful Cat Paintings on The Wall

cat paintings
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The next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive is beautiful paint paintings. This one decoration succeeds in changing the appearance of a small bathroom look cute. With a white background, the cat image looks more real and can be seen very clearly in the room. Moreover, there is a light shining on these paintings.

The light wooden frame helps the paintings stand out on the wall. It also matches with the floating wall shelves and vanities that make the appearance of the bathroom harmonious.

8. Pretty and Fresh with Pink Touch

pink decor
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If there is no more space for you to add displays or decorations, then play on the wall area. Take advantage of tiles for the bathroom wall. You can choose two different colors for the tiles like the picture above.

From the bottom area to the middle of the wall, you can use pink oval tiles with different shades to give a more interesting accent. And, in the middle to the top area, choose white oval tiles which can keep this small room bright and fresh.

9. Enliven The Room with Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper
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Enliven the room with wallpaper is the next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive. The colors and motifs of the wallpaper are enough to beautify the bathroom. With this, you no longer need other decorations for the bathroom. So, keep it simple so that it can feel comfortable.

Install wallpaper from the middle of the wall to the top. And, for the other part, fill it with white tiles. The wallpaper with a white background matches perfectly with the white bathroom nuances.

10. Semicircular Bathroom Mirror

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Play with the walls to create an interesting appearance for the visual of the bathroom. You can install semicircular mirrors there. This becomes decoration that can beautify a room without taking up space. With this, the room will be minimalist, calm, and also feel more spacious.

The semicircular mirror without a frame is very suitable for the minimalist bathroom design. However, still provides separation between the mirror and the wall by installing an LED light with yellow lighting. The light surrounding the mirror will emphasize the curved lines on the mirror.

11. Feel Fresh with Plants

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Bring freshness into your small bathroom with plants. Using several small plants is much more effective than using one large plant. Use the wall area as a place to place these plants. Install two wooden floating shelves vertically. And, put some plants neatly there. You can also add other decorations in the form of a simple picture with a wooden frame. It can help to enliven and enhance the small bathroom.

12. Bathroom Rug

bathroom rug
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The next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive is to use the bathroom rug. The peach motif with black accents looks very attractive in the natural small bathroom. It brings a vibrant color that enlivens the bathroom well. And, with the black accent, the rug looks stand out even though it is at the bottom of the room.

The presence of rugs not only provides other colors and motifs that can increase the aesthetic value of the bathroom but also makes the small bathroom feel more spacious.

13. Wooden Ladder Shelf as Storage

ladder shelf
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A light wooden ladder shelf can be both decoration and storage for the small bathroom. Place it in the toilet area to fill the wall in the middle of the room, or next to the mirror. There is a ladder shelf which is specifically for the bathroom with a tissue holder at the bottom.

There are three shelves that can be used to make the ladder shelf become attractive in the room. You can put towels and a box containing bathroom stuff. And on another shelf for the plants that can refresh the room. Also add several other displays to make it more attractive, such as pictures, candles, and so on.

14. Utilize Wall for Your Stuff

wall storage
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There is a lot of stuff in the bathroom starting from towels, blankets, tissues, a few bottles, etc. Organize these bathroom stuff to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

Don’t even think about using shelves. It can be very risky to the beauty and comfort of a small bathroom. Utilizing the wall area is the best way.

Install two or three floating wall shelves vertically. And there, you can put the bathroom stuff. It can also be a decoration that enhances a small bathroom so it does not look empty and monotonous.

15. Give A Natural Accent

natural small bathroom decors
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Giving a natural accent like wood to a small bathroom. It can present a natural ambiance that is warm and calm. You can choose a floating drawer for the bathroom storage and timber for the wall accent. The color and texture of the wood look vivid on the white bathroom nuances.

You can install the timber vertically. Leave a few inches of distance to make it look attractive. Besides that, installing timber vertically also gives the illusion of a taller wall. It really helps to make your small bathroom feel more spacious.

16. Green Wall Panel

green wall panel
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Almost all parts of this small bathroom are covered with light wood to create a room with a warmer and calmer ambiance. However, it will look monotonous if the entire bathroom contains natural brown colors and wood textures. Therefore, a special touch is needed on one of the walls of the room. And, this is the next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive you can follow.

Install the timbers vertically on one side of the wall. Make it attractive by painting it with khaki green so that it only leaves a vertical striped texture on the wall. This color has a softer and warmer appearance so it matches the original color of the wood. Make it feel warmer by installing two sconces.

17. Pretty Simple Shower Niche

shower niche
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The bathroom with a plain appearance really presents a simple impression. To make this small bathroom look attractive, try to play on black as an accent and lighting.

In the middle area of the room, there is something very interesting there. There is a shower niche that is made to connect from the shower area to the toilet area. By installing LED lights, a deeper impression of the shower niche can be seen more clearly. The slightly bright yellow lighting gives a warmer impression to the small bathroom.

18. Glass Partition Maintain The Cleanliness of The Bathroom

bathroom partition
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The wet area and dry area in the bathroom must be separated. That way, the cleanliness of the bathroom can be maintained properly. And, so that water does not enter the dry area, there must be a barrier between these two areas. Here, you can use a glass partition. Make this item a decoration to add to the beauty of the room by choosing a partition with black frames and lines. This is the next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive you can choose from.

19. Leave The Window Bare

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Leave the window bare is the next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive. Natural lighting is an important factor in the room. This can make the room appear more lively and comfortable.

Window in the bathroom can indeed interfere with privacy. Therefore, choose one of the right size and install it on the upper wall. Leave the windows without any decoration so that light can enter the room freely.

20. Black and Pink Small Bathroom

black and pink small bathroom decors
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The next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive is a black and pink small bathroom. This one idea came from a group from South Korea, that is Blackpink. The combination of pink and black gives a feminine but firm impression.

To keep the brightness in the small bathroom, pink is applied to the bottom. And black at the top of the room. Natural lighting is also maximized so that the bathroom still looks bright.

Give some decorations in the form of small plants in the window area and also the walls. The green color of the plants will not interfere with the concept of blackpink itself. In fact, the presence of plants makes the room feel fresher and alive.

21. Exposed Brick Wall

exposed brick wall
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Bring bright colors into a natural bathroom. The exposed brick wall displays a natural orange color in the bathroom. The texture of the exposed brick wall is enough to decorate the bathroom. With this, you no longer need other decorations to make the look of this room pretty. Just use important items such as mirrors and pendant lights. Or, if you want to make it look more natural, you can present a small plant on the vanity.

22. Bathroom Wall Gallery

wall gallery
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You can make the side of the wall that does not have any decorations as a wall gallery. By displaying some of your favorite paintings, the bathroom will look more artsy. The paintings look stand out on the whitewashed wall. Besides that, the paintings are also given a brown frame which makes them look so natural. Blends with the concept of the small bathroom itself.

Several sizes of the paintings make the wall area look very attractive. Paintings are hung on the walls very neatly so they do not interfere with the comfort and appearance of the small bathroom.

23. Hide Your Bathroom Stuff with Skirted Vanity

skirted vanity
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The area under the vanity can be used as storage. You only need to use one or two baskets, you can organize your bathroom stuff well.

Hide the look of this stuff so that the beauty of the small bathroom is not disturbed. Using a skirted vanity is a very appropriate idea. It can hide your bathroom stuff well while decorating the vanity area so that it looks more stand out and pretty in the bathroom. With the same color as the interior and a simple, beautiful motif, the bathroom manages to appear more aesthetic.

24. Small Wooden Stools

bathroom stools
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The next of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive is to use small wooden stools. You can use this item as a place to store items as well as decoration to add to the aesthetic value of the bathroom. You can place wooden stools right next to the bathtub to use as a place to put shampoo and soap bottles.

Make wooden stools more varied by choosing different designs and heights. It will look more attractive. With wood material, wooden stools can blend into bathroom interiors, especially small bathrooms with a natural concept.

25. Colorful Shower Curtain

colorful shower curtain
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The colorful shower curtain is the last of 25 Small Bathroom Decors to Make Yours Seem Pretty and Alive. With attractive motifs and bright colors, the shower curtain succeeds in bringing a cloudless ambiance into the small bathroom. It also enlivens the bathroom and makes the look more attractive.

With a shower curtain, you can leave a small bathroom without decoration. Leave the small bathroom plain because the shower curtain can work alone to provide beauty and a more comfortable impression to the room.

Final Words

Decorating a small bathroom is very tricky. However, if you succeed, your small bathroom will turn into a beautiful and comfortable room. Use decorations that are multifunctional, such as adding aesthetic value and comfort to the bathroom, such as plants, natural elements, and so on. Or, if you prefer something with a fuller look, you can put up wallpaper or choose a shower curtain with a beautiful pattern and color. Adjust the room decoration with your characteristics. However, also pay attention to the space in the room so it doesn’t get cramped. Keep making the room seem simple but interesting. So, good luck!