How To Choose The Right Barn


There were a little over two million farms in the USA when we last checked in 2021; that’s a lot of barns or people who need them! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect barn, it’s always a good idea to take a step back and chat about what you actually need.

Are you growing crops that need a cozy home during the off-season? Do you have some critters in need of a stylish stable? Maybe you’re just looking for a reliable spot to stash your tools and equipment when the weather gets a little moody. Whatever the case, let’s make sure you choose the right barn for your patch of paradise!

Have you considered a lofted shed?

Sometimes, a full barn isn’t necessary, which is where the lofted shed, a great storage solution, can come in handy. If your life is feeling a bit too much like an episode of “Storage Wars”, and you’re on a mission to declutter or protect your prized possessions, the lofted shed might just be your savior.

Lifted sheds have a barn-style roof and plenty of storage space indie, and the steps to get this gem into your backyard are so straightforward that you’ll wonder why you haven’t upgraded your storage situation sooner. If you’re ready to kiss clutter goodbye and give your backyard a touch of rustic charm, the lofted shed might just be the barn of your dreams.

Making sure you pick the right size

Let’s talk size – because when it comes to barns, bigger is often better. Go too small, and you might find yourself needing an extension. Why settle for a cramped space when you can go big and bold? Opting for a larger barn isn’t just about having room for your trusty tractor, seasonal crops, or a few four-legged friends. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal – a storage haven, a potential workshop.

So, go as large as possible, and let your property breathe a sigh of relief. Just be sure to leave enough room for the other activities you want outside, like fire pits, gardens, etc.

A barn isn’t just about four walls and a roof

Some crucial considerations must be made to ensure that your barn is a functional and downright comfortable space for all its inhabitants, two-legged and four-legged alike.

First up, ventilation.

Forget the notion of sealing it up like a vault during bad weather. Your barn needs to breathe, especially if you’ve got horses in the mix. Ammonia from urine and feces can play havoc with their respiratory systems. Throw those barn windows wide open, consider the orientation of your barn sides, and let the natural breeze waltz through. In colder climates, dodge the chilly winds, and in warmer spots, embrace the refreshing gusts.

Wood or metal?

If you’re thinking about wood – it’s a smart choice. White pine offers softness and strength – easy to work with and plenty of muscle for framing. This wood can put up a fight against decay and rot, making sure your barn stands the test of time and is durable enough to handle whatever the weather throws its way.

Why choose wood over steel? Well, for starters, wood is Mother Nature’s own insulator. Your barn becomes the place of perfect temperatures, whether it’s a snowstorm or a heatwave outside. Wood’s got those absorption powers, hushing up the outside world.

Let there be abundant natural light

No one wants a gloomy barn – not you, not your animals. Make sure your barn is the type that makes it possible to get a daily dose of sunshine with lots of openings that can be strategically placed.

Roof skylights, cupolas, and clerestory windows are like the kings of barn illumination. Don’t let shadows take over – keep things bright and cheery.

Pro tip: A light-colored interior does wonders for creating that sunshiny vibe even on cloudy days.

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