19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing


roohome.com – Create a specific comfortable place in your home that you can use as your main destination when you feel tired or stressed. This is where you will relax, calm your mind, and rest your body. You don’t need a large space, as long as there is enough space to place a small bed or soft sofa to relax on. Also, leave a little space as a decoration area because here comfort is not the only important point but there are also aesthetic values that you have to pay close attention to. A beautiful place will certainly add comfort. So, these are 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing that you can use as a reference.

1. Hidden Spot at Home

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A hidden spot at home is the first of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing. The window bench with the soft mattress makes this place a comfortable relaxing area. There is also a built-in shelf that can be used as a bookshelf. Windows that are left alone allow sunlight to enter freely so you can read comfortably.

Throw pillows with a touch of green give a calm and fresh impression. The yellow-lit sconces add serenity to the window bench. It also provides warm nuances that increase the comfort of this spot.

2. Warm Balcony

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Even though it is small, you can use the balcony as a comfortable place to relax. Enjoying the evening breeze and beautiful views from the balcony will be very enjoyable, making you feel more relaxed.

The balcony is consistent with a fresh feel, it looks like a small garden. You can see the vines on the balcony pillars and also the small plants on the sides. The wooden bench with a gray seat cushion maintains a neutral color tone. Make the bench feel warm with throw pillows and a blanket.

The light on the balcony only relies on candles in lanterns and also string lights. Yellow lighting creates a very calm and warm atmosphere.

3. Cozy Small Backyard

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This idea uses a small garden behind the house as a place to relieve stress and fatigue. The green plants that surround this small backyard create a fresh atmosphere. The natural impression is well maintained by relying on wood material.

The white throw pillows are decorations that add to the aesthetic value of the small garden. But, it also becomes a decoration that increases the comfort of the bench. There is also a blanket to keep your body temperature warm. For lighting, the small garden only relies on outdoor lighting and the candles in the lanterns.

4. Small Working Space

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The next of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing is a small working space. The corner of the room is not left empty, but instead turned into a cute working space. A cozy chair fills the corner of the room well. The soft pink color brings a girly impression there. Another pink color is applied to the walls which makes this color stand out.

The small round coffee table is so flexible. You can move the table as you wish. If you don’t use the table anymore, you can put it back to the side of the room. It’s a smart way to save space so that the corner of the room feels wider.

3-tier trolley as storage and decorative area. The pink flowers add pink color while giving a fresh feel to this corner of the room.

5. Make It Simple with Beanbag

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Having a cozy spot at home doesn’t need to be a hassle. You can make it simple like this idea. This is the next of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing where you only rely on the bean bag.

The concept of the room is neutral which is more calm. So, to maintain this, a light gray bean bag is the right choice. Keep it simple with black striped throw pillows.

There is a round wooden coffee table which adds a soft effect to the corner of the room. And, right above the beanbag, there is a wall lamp. Even though it has a simple design, the black color makes it stand out successfully there.

6. Under The Stairs

under the stairs
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The area under the stairs which is usually used as a small warehouse has been transformed into the most comfortable spot in the house. The simple impression eliminates the cramped impression there. The floating wall shelves are not only used as a place to store books. There are several decorations such as small plants, candles, pictures, and small lamps that decorate the area under the stairs. Yellow lighting is most appropriate. It can increase warmth which adds comfort to the reading nook under the stairs.

7. Get A Freshness from Flowers

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The bed is deliberately moved towards the window so you can relax while enjoying the view outside the house. There is a long floating shelf which is a smart storage area. You can use it to put some of your favorite books so that the bed is not only a place for sleeping but also for reading (reading nook).

The simple decoration creates a calm atmosphere. Several flowers of the same color and type maintain a simple concept in the bedroom. The color of the flower itself is a decoration that beautifies and gives freshness to the bedroom.

8. White Reading Nook

white reading nook
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The next of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing is a white reading nook. Even though it only relies on one color, the reading nook does not seem stiff or boring. The play on texture brings it to a more beautiful and different appearance. Sheer curtains, seat cushions, throw pillows, and the blanket not only beautify the corner of the room but also bring a warm feel.

Throw pillows are the decoration that is relied on in this idea. Different shapes and fabric materials make the corners of the room look attractive.

9. Full of Warmth Living Room

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The rustic indsutrial living room plays on natural materials such as wood and bricks. Large windows are freely exposed showing fresh green trees and lanyards. Freshness is also brought into the interior by presenting several large plants as decoration.

The atmosphere created in this living room is warm. There is a floating fireplace which not only increases the room temperature but also gives more appeal to the living room. For the sofa area itself, playing on a soft seat cushion, several throw pillows, and the blanket is enough to add a warm impression. Apart from that, playing with neutral colors also has an influence.

10. Place to Release Your Stress

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Besides perhaps being your hobby, painting is also a way to relieve stress. Canvas is a medium for expressing your emotions and thoughts. However, doing so requires full concentration. The room should feel calm. Therefore, using the attic as a room for painting is the right idea. It’s the next of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing that you can choose.

Place the easel right in front of the window. Looking at the view outside the house can give you inspiration or unexpected ideas. Decorate the sides of the room with a set of painting tools and also some plants that can freshen up the attic.

11. Calm Home Office

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The next of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing is a home office. This is one idea to increase the room by making a home extension. The size is not too big, suitable as an area for working. This room makes good use of the wall area to save space. Built-in shelves are a smart way to create a spacious effect in a small home office. There is also a floating wall shelf that is installed in the window area as a decorative area.

Lighting only relies on candles and table lamps. Candles are deliberately placed scattered so that the light can spread well. Yellow lighting really helps natural nuances in creating calm and warmth in the home office.

12. Soothing Mini-Library

mini library
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A small, unused room in the house can be used as a mini-library that is full of tranquility. A full built-in shelf on one wall saves more space. There is no longer a need for shelves or other floating wall shelves so it will be easier to apply a minimalist or simple concept. That way, peace of mind in the mini-library is maximized.

Playing on partitions is the right idea for a small room. It provides broad effects. Besides that, the shelf partition becomes a decorative area. This is the place to show off some of your awards, displays, and collections.

13. Hammock in The Garden

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The small empty space in the middle of the garden is really not wasted. This space is used as a place to relax to relieve stress and fatigue. Just relying on a hammock, the garden becomes a comfortable place to rest. There are throw pillows and a blanket which add to the aesthetic value and comfort of the hammock.

The plants there are actually quite beautifying the appearance. But, if you want to make it more interesting, hanging white lanterns is an interesting idea that you can try. This provides a dramatic effect at night.

14. Home Theater at Rooftop

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Don’t just focus on using the rooftop as a fresh area in your house. Make your rooftop more interesting by turning it into a home theater. The decking can be a place to relax with three comfortable benches. Don’t forget to throw pillows for added comfort. It also becomes a decoration so be careful in choosing colors and patterns for throw pillows.

It would be good if there was a fireplace to keep the air in the rooftop area warm. That way, you can enjoy the home theater on the rooftop at night after you’ve finished your activities.

15. Home Extension

home extension
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If there is no more room at home, a home extension is the perfect solution. This is the next of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing that you can choose and apply. The short-leg table with seat cushions creates a Japanese-style impression. But, for a more contemporary impression, you can replace the tatami mat with a Turkey carpet.

The red color really lights up in the middle of the home extension. The dining area immediately becomes the center of attention. And, the motif from the Turkey carpet is a decoration that makes it look beautiful. So, decorations are no longer needed so it will be easier to make it simpler. You only need to add a fireplace to the side of the room for heating.

16. Warm Reading Nook

reading nook
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This idea uses the fireplace area to be the most comfortable place in the house to relax. The corner of the room is the area of choice. The natural impression is very consistent here. Besides prioritizing natural materials such as wood and bricks, this idea also chooses natural colors such as grey, brown, and beige. With this, the appearance seems shadier even though the corner of the room gets maximum light from the large window that is simply exposed.

This comfortable corner of the room is also a reading nook. There is a bookshelf in the area above the fireplace so it will be easier for you to get the books you want to read in your relaxing time.

17. Relax in The Swimming Pool Area

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A shady swimming pool is a great place to relax. Right under the shade of the tree, outdoor lounge chairs are placed. The shady leaves will block sunlight so relaxing in the lounge will be more comfortable. There are two round coffee tables as decorations that you can use to place your snacks or drinks. Its curved lines give a soft impression to the outdoor area. The soft white color of the table blends with nature, creating a harmonious appearance.

18. Make Use of a Fireplace

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This idea uses the fireplace area as the most comfortable place in the house when winter arrives. Cold air entering through windows and doors is one of the factors that makes a house uncomfortable. Therefore, keep your body temperature warm by staying near the fireplace. Use the carpet as a place to sit. Pile up the book and make it as an impromptu coffee table. Here, you can put a glass of your coffee. And done! Enjoy a relaxing time in winter by reading your favorite book.

19. Summer Bedroom Design

summer bedroom
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The last of 19 Cozy Spot at Home Ideas for Relaxing is a summer bedroom design. The old wooden walls and windows provide an attractive worn effect. A slight vintage impression is present in the room. The plants on the sides of the windows are not only decorative but also provide freshness. Flowers bring new colors that liven up the interior.

However, bedding is also the key to creating summer vibes in this bedroom. The flower-pattered bedding with a white base color makes the look of the room harmonious. Even though there are lots of patterns and flowers decorating the bedroom, the small quantity of colors makes it balance.

Final Words

It is important to have a reliable place to relax and unwind. Apart from comfort, beauty is also an important point that you really have to pay attention to. This is because a beautiful place will bring comfort. The points above are 19 Cozy Spots at Home Ideas for Relaxing. Create a comfortable place, whether it’s simple or a little difficult. But, having a cozy spot at home doesn’t always mean having to provide a special room. You can have a cozy spot anywhere, such as a corner of a room or a fireplace area. So, good luck!