The Artistic Style For Unique Living Room In The Sloped Ceiling Space For Making Awesome

How to use ceiling space for making a cozy living room
© L4 World – Nowadays, a lot of people who take advantage of the attic is only used for a warehouse or rats nesting. Like the artistic style for unique living room here, the attic is identical with the seedy, dirty and creepy feel. But, Have you ever imagine to transform it into the gorgeous and artistic ceiling space?

Actually, There is nothing impossible in the world if you try. It means that you can change your attic with a little bit of magical creativity into the unexpected room. The sloped ceiling space would make an artistic shade at home.

Some people are very like the aesthetic shade. They believe that art is one of the solutions to make a better feeling and happiness. That is why the L4 World visualize the artistic of a living room in the sloped ceiling space with lots of art element.

Living room design in the ceiling space
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This awesome living room may be favored by the king and her queen. The soft touch and elegant furniture completing this space. Natural atmosphere is never boring. You can apply Some plant and the other nature element to create relaxation feel. You can design unique pot for your plant and decoration also.

Living room design with artistic touch
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Soft and cute sofa design will be very convenient to enjoy your favorite TV show with a cup of tea in your hand. Minimalist coffee table would be enough for your snack and magazine. It is also very suitable for realize the unique living room here.

beautiful living space
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Making a little space for resting with small gallery is possible for you. you can put some interesting art works in this room, such as paintings and unique lanterns. Cozy sofa is perfect for reading a book or listening your favorite music.

Unique chair design
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Using the right carpet can help reinforce the impression of warmth in the room. The pillars are elegantly also really look like a luxury castle.

Attic kitchen design
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Do not worry about lighting in the attic. Using ceiling window is also good for lighting and decoration. Beside the function of lighting, Ceiling window is very interesting and artistic. In the morning you can see the view of a bird and brightening sky. In the night you can see the twinkle little star and the moon light.

Home design with full of artistic
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Is it interesting? Now, The attic is not only to the warehouse and a rat’s nest. But, it may be convenient for cozy castle. You can maximize the function of the attic with a little bit of creativity and skill. So, you can makes a gorgeous and artistic ceiling space.