3 Modern Teen Room Designs Decorated With Creative Ideas Looks Funky and Adorable

teen room design ideas
© Svitlana Petelko

Roohome.com – Decorating room design for the teenager is a little bit difficult, moreover if we could not know what kind of design that very suitable to apply in. Usually, among teenager like to decor their room especially for the bedroom also with creative ideas to make it looks funky and adorable. But do not worry if you still could not found the best design for renovating it. We will share modern teen room designs that look charming with a creative design in it. Do you want to know? So, let’s scroll down your mouse then find the best modern teen room decorating ideas below. Check there are!

Black and White Modern Teen Room Decor Combined With Yellow Accent

For the teenager who likes a monochromatic theme, here the designer introduces room designs that look so cool. This design is very suitable for boys to make their room become so trendy. Black and white modern teen room decor that combine with a yellow accent is possible to follow. You may use a black accent decor as the part of your wall, curtains, or you may use for the floor. Adjust a silver modern light which looks like a lantern shaped. Then combined this modern teen room decorating ideas with a yellow accent as the furniture color that you use. Add an appropriate ornament to make your design more perfect.

cool and modern teen room
© Pavel Vetrov
black and white boys room
© Pavel Vetrov
yellow accent for teen room decor
© Pavel Vetrov

Contemporary Teen Room Design Combined With Wooden Accent Decor

Then, the designer also creates modern teen room designs with a neutral design that flexible to apply for boy or girl. Therefore, here we would like to introduce a contemporary teen room design combined with wooden accent decor is very suitable for you to apply. Set a wooden accent as the wall decor and floor in this room design. Adjust a cute and adorable decor to your design on the wall. Use multiple pendant lights to make the perfect lighting in it. For girls, you may use a colorful rug that to discover your floor. To make more creative, using a chalkboard as the wall decoration also very possible. This will make your design looks funky and adorable also.

colorful teen room design
© Alex Katyushin
contemporary teen room design
© Alex Katyushin
chalkboard wall decor
© Alex Katyushin

Trendy Teen Room Design Brings Cheerful and Colorful Impression

The last design, the designer create a cheerful and colorful impression to make you more comfortable while you are in it. This trendy teen room design is possible for you to apply, you may use a white color as the primary color, but you can combine it with a yellow accent to make more energic. To bring a cheerful and colorful impression, you may add wall decoration with a sticker design. Then, you may use a furniture with yellow color also to support your design. For the floor, you may use wooden accent to make your modern teen room decorating ideas more perfect. Adjust cute rugs with red color to your design.

trendy teen room design
© DT Architects
cheerful teen room design
© DT Architects
charming teen room decor
© DT Architects

What do you think about our 3 modern teen room designs above? Let’s change and arrange your bedroom with following steps design above. Hopefully, for you who still looking for teen room decor, you could see and follow our design that can make your design looks funky and adorable.