Attractive Industrial Bathroom Designs That Will Make Bathrooms Look Different

1478 – Industrial style first appeared in Europe. At that time, many used factories were abandoned. Then the people made the used factory a unique and comfortable place to live. Therefore, the appearance of the industrial style seems unfinished. The distinctive feature of this style is the use of recyclable materials such as iron, glass, metal, and aluminum.

Initially, the industrial style was applied to cafes, offices, and barbershop. However, the development of the times, many people are interested in this style and make it as the interior design of their homes. The impression given by the industrial style is masculine and cold. This is what makes it different from other designs.

One of the strengths of the Industrial style is that it is suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms. Applying the industrial design to the bathroom will make the bathroom look attractive and feel different. And here, we have provided Attractive Industrial Bathroom Designs That Will Make Bathrooms Look Different that can be your references.

Exposed Brick Bathroom

Red bricks are often used in the Industrial style. The exposed brick look will make the bathroom look artsy and modern. In addition, the bathroom will look much more attractive.
Red bricks will also make the bathroom a bit colored and not stiff, but still does not eliminate the masculine and cold impression of this style.

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If you want to give a touch to this style, you can paint the exposed brick in white like the image below. White painted bricks will make the bathroom look a little bright.


Industrial Bathroom with Exposed Pipes

One characteristic of the Industrial style is the appearance of pipes such as water pipes. You don’t need to close it with anything. So that pipes exposed in the bathroom look more manicured, painting the pipe is the right idea. Use black to keep it looking industrial.

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Using Concrete for the Bathroom

Concrete is one of the materials used by factories. So that the industrial style looks thick in the bathroom design, concrete can be used as bathroom material. Concrete material makes the bathroom look stiff but still attractive. Especially if you add a few small lights, making the bathroom a different and comfortable place.

This city house in Minsk, Belarus, is 151m2 of modern loft style. Designed by VAE, the interior is decked out with metal and concrete industrial features, softe

Concrete that is left alone will look very simple, additional floors with simple motifs and colors are the right choice. It is highly recommended to use a floor with a black and white pattern.

Industrial Bathroom with Accentuating The Iron Material

Iron is one of the materials used in industrial design. By accentuating the iron in the bathroom will make the bathroom look masculine and cold. If you have difficulty using materials such as bricks and concrete, accounting for the iron is a very appropriate idea.

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Tricking the walls with tiles to make them look like exposed brick walls is also very interesting. It will look a lot like modern industrial design.

Industrial-style Lamps

Certainty lighting is very necessary for every place, including the bathroom. Aluminum and iron-based lamps can be used to emphasize the industrial look. Using a hanging light bulb can also be used to emphasize the industrial appearance of the bathroom. You can use several hanging bulbs that are left long.

This bold industrial look has lots of style with a warehouse-inspired cage shade in Matte Black and flashy Gold socket. The effect is elevated by the 360 degree adjustability of the lamps. Can be wall or ceiling mounted.