Make Your Bedroom A Cozy Place while Quarantine

1256 – Covid-19 makes us unable to leave the house to have fun or gather with family and friends. To protect yourself and decide on the spread of COVID-19, staying at home is a very appropriate way. However, your boring home makes you feel bored and undergo a period of quarantine so heavy.

So that you feel comfortable staying at your house, you need to pay attention to the comfort of your own home. A comfortable home will keep you happy even if you stay indoors for a long time. Unfortunately, making a comfortable house need some effort. But, before that, you should know how to decor and tips and trick to Make Your Bedroom A Cozy Place while Quarantine.

Pay Attention to The Lighting of The Bedroom

Lighting is very important for every room. Besides making the room look bright in the dark, lighting also affects the comfort of the room itself.

To make your bedroom a comfortable place during quarantine, choose the right lighting. Warm lighting can be the right choice for use in the bedroom. The warm atmosphere will envelop the whole room and make your bedroom a comfortable and soothing place.

warm lighting to make a bedroom feel cozy
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Placing The Bed Next to The Window

The bed is the main item in the bedroom and has a great influence on the comfort of the bedroom itself. To make a cozy bedroom, you can place the bed beside the window. Natural lighting that enters the bedroom will make you feel calm and able to boost your mood so you will still feel happy.

Besides, when you feel bored, you can see the view outside of your bedroom. This will treat the feeling of being cooped up during COVID-19. The evening and night views are the most beautiful scenes you can enjoy.

bed next to the window make the bedroom a cozy place
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Electric Plug Near The Bed

During quarantine, social media is a cure for overcoming loneliness. In addition, social media is the only way for us to stay close to friends and family even though far apart. Of course, you will need electricity to charge your cellphone or laptop. To make your bedroom into a comfortable place, try to plug electricity near the bed.

When you are in the room, all the activities you will do on the bed. Lay back, sit, play social media, and more. With an electric plug near the bed, you don’t need to get out of your bed just to charge your laptop or cellphone.

electric plug near the bed
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Add Some Plants into The Bedroom

Refreshing things are really needed to make your bedroom a comfortable place. Bringing plants into the bedroom is the most effective way you can follow. There are many types of plants that you can choose from. Plants with a fragrant aroma, such as lavender, can make the bedroom a relaxed and soothing place. With this, you will avoid stress.

There are also plants that can make the air fresh and clean, such as tongue-in-law. This plant produces oxygen at night and absorbs carbon dioxide. In addition, tongue-in-law is also able to absorb harmful substances in the bedroom air. In this way, the bedroom will stay healthy and fresh during COVID-19.

cozy plants for comfy the bedroom
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